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So after reading up on this website for the last...

So after reading up on this website for the last few weeks, I've decided to join the community and share my experience. I'm a 28 year old male who lost over 100 pounds about 10 years ago. Since then, fitness has become a huge part of my life and I have lived with/dealt with loose skin on my abdomen and chest that refused to shrink back. After accruing enough sick time at my job and money to have the procedure done, I bit the bullet and decided to finally complete the last step in my body transformation. A friend's wife, who is a doctor, recommended a few different plastic surgeons in the area and I chose Dr. Domanskis in Newport Beach.

Now, a week out, I'm more excited than anything but also am feeling some nervousness, which I hope is normal :) my girlfriend is going to stay with me and nurse me back to health lol... I think I'm ready besides that. I hope to communicate with some of you in the coming days and also during my recovery.

So in about 48 hours I should be waking up from my...

So in about 48 hours I should be waking up from my surgery. Everything is set in place at my house. House is clean, grocery shopping done, and I'm dropping my beagle off at my moms in the morning to dog sit. The only thing that's bugging me is my meds haven't been sent to me yet even though they were ordered a week ago (Typical Kaiser.) If they're not here tomorrow I'm gonna try to get them filled somewhere else.

Heading into work in a bit for my last shift for a month. Just praying I get through it unscathed. I work graveyards so I'm working until 3:30 AM, hoping for a quiet cinco de mayo night.

Thanks for your comments everyone they are very encouraging!

Leaving my house in about a half hour. Have to be...

Leaving my house in about a half hour. Have to be at the surgical center by 10 and surgery at 11. Feeling pretty good today and ready to tackle this! See you on the flat side...

About 10 hours post-op..don't remember anything...

About 10 hours post-op..don't remember anything after laying on the operating table. Feeling pretty good overall, but we'll see how it is to sleep on my reclining couch.. Girlfriend and Mom have both taken care of me so far and have done great.

All I've eaten today is about 5 un-salted crackers, not much of an appetite. I've peed twice and haven't really had a problem with that. The hardest part so far is coughing, which feels like getting stabbed in the stomach.

I get nauseous when I standup but it subsides within a minute or two and I have yet to throw up. Dr. Called me and said the surgery went great, however, he said I bled a little more than normal.

Can't wait to see what I look like under all these bandages and compression garments.

Went in this morning for my post-op appointment....

Went in this morning for my post-op appointment. My nausea is gone and I had a BM this morning. Binder came off for the first time and that was heaven. Dr. put it on just a tad looser than it was before.. Which allows for a little movement. Ate a small bowl of Mac n cheese earlier which is my biggest "meal" in the last 3 days. Also started on Metamucil which should help with the BMs. Girlfriend has taken great care of me, definitely couldn't do this alone. I'll update again soon, happy healing!

I'm about 5 days post-op now, got off the pain...

I'm about 5 days post-op now, got off the pain meds yesterday morning mostly in hopes of getting some regularity, which has worked. Not in any pain, just soreness at incision site when I move after sitting for awhile. Still not standing up straight but getting closer every day. I think my biggest discomfort are my legs and back, which are sore and restless from sitting for so long. I'm used to going to he gym 5+ x a week, so sitting around watching TV is killing me.

My next appt. is on Tuesday 5/14 and that will be the next time I see my results. I feel flatter but its hard to tell with the garment on. Will try to take pics and post them then. Girlfriend and mom have taken great care of me, couldn't do this alone.

17 days post op, one drain down, one to go..

Well I'm 17 days post-op and feeling pretty good. I had two drains in and only one has slowed down enough to be removed. The doctor said I bled a lot during my surgery which is why I'm guessing one of my drains is still producing. I feel like once I get this other drain out I will be able to get back to normal. Not in any pain at all except for the occasional hard cough or sneeze. Planning on going back to work at th beginning of June mostly because I'm going stir crazy sitting around my house all day. Bought my scar away strips and plan on starting those as soon as my last drain comes out and I get the okay from the doctor. Swelling is definitely present and you seem to get bigger as the day continues, however, when the morning comes its back to the new normal. Looking forward to seeing my final results in a few months.

25 days post-op

Got my last drain out on Tuesday, which was the three week mark. Having the drains out is pure freedom, however, I have to keep telling myself that I can't just jump right back into regular activity. Been feeling "fuzzy" the last week and lightheaded towards the end of the night. Supposed to go back to work on Thursday but will see my doc on Tuesday to make sure I'm ready. The worst part right now is definitely swelling. It's hard to look at your stomach and not see what you saw before, nor what you had in your head what it should look like, however, I know I just have swelling and it will subside in time.

32 days post-op

Just over a month post-op and feeling almost normal. I'm still not back to work, and just took another two weeks off to heal. I have an extremely physical job and there is no way I would feel safe working at this point. I feel like my recovery is very slow for a 28 year old male in great athletic shape. This was my first surgery ever though and I now know that I'm a slow healer.

My incision still has some open spots and I've been putting neosporin on it to help it close up. My strength and stamina is shot, but slowly getting better. Swelling is as advertised by everyone else, almost completely flat in the morning and swollen by the end of the day. My swelling is above the incision line and looks like a "pooch" gut.

I'm still on the fence as to if this surgery was "worth it" or not. Time spent off work, muscle mass lost while sitting on my couch, and slow healing has made me feel like this was a selfish decision. I never thought I'd get excited about my "workout" consisting of walking around the block.

When the swelling is gone, I'm back to work, and I can lift weights again, I'm sure this will all be a minor inconvenience, but I'm losing patience lol.

6 weeks, 2 days post op

Still have two small open spots on my incision, putting betadine and gauze on them every day. Doctor says I'm able to return to just about everything, however, I'm hesitant because I don't want to get these spots infected. Still having lots of swelling especially at night. Wearing my compression garment religiously about 20 hours a day. Heading back to work on Saturday so getting all my stuff ready for that. The pictures I'm posting today are first thing in the morning, immediately after taking my garment off. I think I look flat from the front but still have puffiness on the sides. Hope you're all doing well!
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Domanskis and his office manager Rachelle are both very nice and helpful. Dr. Domanskis is well respected in the field and has years of experience, which made me feel very comfortable when selecting him as my surgeon.

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