Consultation Review: I Went in for a Consultation but Came out with Something Unexpected.

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I saw Dr Shamoun for a liposuction consultation on...

I saw Dr Shamoun for a liposuction consultation on my butt, thighs, and inner thigh area. He previously performed breast augmentation surgery on me and I was pleased with the results and care so i decided to try him again.
Dr. asked me about my active lifestyle and goals after surgery. He actually suggested that I NOT proceed with surgery. He said that anything he could do for me wouldn't result in more than a 5% improvement so it was not worth the risk in his opinion. I am very active and follow a strict, balanced eating plan 5 days per week; Dr. advised me to continue with my health/fitness routine and i could still achieve my desired results.
I must admit, this was not the advice I expected but I was pleased. He didn't make me feel like I wasted his time and he gave me something even more valuable than improved body image. He strengthened my belief that I could achieve anything I desire, through hard work and a healthy outlook. I am grateful for the experience and thrilled that good doctors still exist out there.
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