49 Female, No Prior Plastics or Injectables - Newport Beach, CA

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I went for a consultation with Dr. Nichter a few...

I went for a consultation with Dr. Nichter a few weeks ago. I had previously been to the bio spa for consultation regarding the injectables such as Botox, Fillers and Kybella. I wanted to discuss a variety of procedures the lifestyle lift, eyelid and eyebrow lift versus injectables and laser treatments that I could get at the bio spa. Everyone that I encountered at the bios spa and at the doctors office were very helpful very informative and considerate of my time. They all spent plenty of time with me I didn't feel rushed in any way and felt like I left with a great deal of education. I felt that Dr. Nichter was honest about what might be helpful to me what might not, recovery time, and what he would do first. I did not feel any type of a sales pitch or pressure at all, in fact probably more the opposite. I felt that he was very conservative about what I should do and what I was ready for and for that I was very appreciative. He also showed great concern for my general health. ultimately I decided against Kybella and I will wait until I have a little time to recover and do the lifestyle lift. I have since had Botox and intend to have some laser treatments. Fillers and eyelid/brow lifts were not considered necessary for me at this time. I am grateful for all the information and time spent with me and feel that I can now make the best decisions regarding surgical and non surgical procedures.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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