Lumpy Lips After 11 Months - Newport Beach, CA

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After a Newport Beach plastic surgeon attempted to...

After a Newport Beach plastic surgeon attempted to fill the dent in my upper lip with juvederm, I was left with two huge lumps on either sides. He said the dent wouldn't take the juvederm. After enduring two miserable weeks of my disfigured lips I got the enzyme injected to dissolve the juvederm. It's been almost one year and I still have two lumps on either side of the indent.

I've included a photo from 7 months after the initial juvederm injection. At 8 months I had a nurse inject another syringe of juvederm and had good results besides the lumps still being present. And I've included a photo from today, 11 months after the initial injection. The lumps look permanent. I've had one consultation with a facial plastic surgeon who suggests it is stretched skin and can only be removed with surgical excision. I'm having another consultation with a different plastic surgeon next week for a second opinion.

I didn't think skin could be permanently stretched like this from juvederm. It must have been about half a syringe injected in two spots in the upper lip. Also, I did make the mistake of taking advil that week and had really bad bruising.

I want to rid my upper lip of the two lumps. Is surgical excision the best option?
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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