53 Years Old, Genetic Disposition to Jowls and Sagging Neck - Newport Beach, CA

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After 15 years of sagging neckline and 5 years of...

After 15 years of sagging neckline and 5 years of jowl development I decided it was time to get my jawline back! I live in Los Angeles, so the options are limitless. I opted not to choose a Lifestyle lift, due to inconsistentcies in results and comments. I looked for experts in neck specialization and interviewed a Dr in Beverly Hills and one in Newport Beach. Both were dynamic and had done thousands of neck procedures. Each had been published in their respective speciality and offered full patient follow-up. I chose Dr. Sadati because of his recommendations including removal of the buccal fat in my cheeks (chipmunk look) and his recommendation of not using a fat grafting in the ear lobes that have lost fullness as the results might not be positive. His office staff is beyond wonderful and made me feel comfortable during all visits. Ms. Kate, the front office administrator was even a patient of Dr. Sadati's and I could see his work which is excellent.

Day 4 post op

Doing good. Pain management with extra strength Tylenol. Still using compression headgear 24/7. Not sleeping great due to having 2 pillows to keep head above chest for swelling. Lots - I mean LOTS of bruising. As indicated I think it's due to the massive amount of neck fat removed. I expected it, so I am faithfully icing per directions and doing little else than moving some. Skin is hard, also as expected, but sutures look good - tiny amount of bleeding yesterday on left side while cleaning, but good this morning.
Only very soft foods, yogurt, soup, shakes.

Day 5 post op

Again, not sleeping well. I am a stomach sleeper and this has been tough. I set up my couch in living room and have the bed to roam between and today the couch has been the answer. Still really bruised. It is 72 hours since surgery and icing was to stop after that. However with the swelling and bruising I am continuing. I took a warm shower this am and washed hair. It just feels weird. Like my ears are numb, but have more feeling today. I don't want to "scrub" near the stitches which "S" around my ears, but wanted to clean up and put fresh Bactrian ointment on. My hair is medium in length and I know he had to shave into neck hairline to create a clear area for suturing. Hair just feels thin, but I can't really feel my neck so who knows! Just washing hair, putting on top of my head and braiding into a knot. Keeps it out of the way but it's clean. Using Cetaphyl for face cleaning and WaterPik for clean mouth with small toothbrush. Still on soft food like soup, yogurt and shakes.
Hope swelling on left side begins to subside and neck swelling goes down today. So far no luck and my Husband returns home tomorrow. Don't want to shock him too much! Still using Extra strength Tylenol plus one to 2 Vicodin for pain. Still VERY happy with results! Just takes time when body bruises so easily.

Day 6 post op

Feeling great. Swelling down along with bruising. Close ups of sutures show how fantastic Dr. Sadati's work is! Still have pain and numbness, but expect that for a while.

Day 14 post op

Been off posting for 7 days......WHY? Well Realselfies, I had the dreaded "skin flap compromised" diagnosis at my 7 day check. A rare condition caused by not enough blood supply/oxygen getting to the area where both sutures and muscle tightening occur. Please one - this is not due to anything with my Doctor! It is most likely a genetic situation with thin skin. Within 5 minutes of seeing my Doctor at my 7 day appointment, he had a call in to a wound specialist just 3 miles from my home. Within 18 hours I was in a hyperbaric chamber getting the necessary oxygen to my skin. Having a well respected PS is imperative in any situation, but having a well respected PS with platinum contacts when something like this happens is truly a must. Dr. Sadati insured that I was well taken care of. Daily phone calls to Dr. Miller of Long Beach Memorial hospital's wound care facility, to me to make sur I understood what was going on and make sure I was comfortable and double sessions on Saturday and Sunday in the hyperbaric chamber to get ahead of the necropsy of my skin flaps all have made my experience A+. My visit on Tuesday - day 13 post op - to my PS and his concern and dedication to making sure I was getting excellent results is a blessing.
I am still so happy with my results even with the challenges we have faced with my "skin flap" challenges.

Continue day 14 post op

For those of you really looking at pictures. You can see on day 2 post op greater than normal "ruddiness" or "duskiness" near ear area. When you note the day 12 post op pictures after 5 sessions in hyperbaric chamber and see the pattern of really dark area (where necropsy has occurred) and the extreme improvement over the day 7 pics
This very dark area will eventually slough off with new pink skin underneath. I am still in the hyperbaric chamber for another few days to insure this happens.

24 Days Post Op

Loving my results! Feeling great. Still have some swelling, most on left side, but overall looking great. I actually smile when I look at my profile - never have I been able to do that! The hyperbaric chamber was heaven sent, and any scabbing will be gone in the next day or two.
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sadati took almost an hour with me on initial consultation. He was precise in going over his education, office, the procedure, expectations, his personal art background, what my expectations are, what I am happy with, what I would like to change, my questions on procedure, etc. my pre-op was also an opportunity to review the procedure, follow up, comfort, anything I was concerned with. The procedure had no surprises as Dr. Sadati did everything as we had discussed. No pain during procedure, except 1 hour in, and he had asked during the start of the area if no pain, when I indicated it was slightly painful, he immediately injected additional numbing medicine. He communicated with me and staff during procedure, was gentle (as can be during Lipo) and thorough out. I did fall asleep at one point. Next day was follow up and I was thrilled with day after results. Yes, good amount of bruising - as can be expected with the amount of lipo - I hope you can see in my pictures the amount of lipo needed to get the results. It's day 5 post op and I must say....Dr. Kevin Sadati you are an artist!

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