HELP- 28 Year Old 2nd Breast Aug! (Photos Attached) - Newport Beach, CA

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I had my first breast aug when I was 23 years old-...

I had my first breast aug when I was 23 years old- saline implants. Went to a Dr. in Newport beach well known- board plastic certified. I was happy with the size however I always felt they were somewhat too high and too firm. I knew saline was not as “natural” as silicon so I just settled and my Dr would always say they looked great and there were no issues. He said they were high because I’m young and fit and the muscles are tight so I believed him. At age 27 I had my first daughter and after a year of breast feeding my boobs were smaller, not perky, and wide apart. In May of 2012 I had them redone (same dr) for silicone- because I wanted fullness and cleavage. I specifically told my Dr I wanted them to be fuller on bottom all around not just on top like the first time.

There are 4 photos attached. The ones with band aids are days after surgery the other 3 were taken today (2/1/0/13). I haven’t seen my dr in about a month or two but they weren’t too much different than the ones you see. He told me just to wrap an ace bandage around my chest to compress them down.

They look hideous to me! They are way to dam full on top and the side view just doesn’t look right. Is this capsular contracture? Bad Dr? Or will they drop with time? This is depressing! Appreciate any genuine professional feedback as soon as possible.

Thank you

Size of my implants are 450/425. They were not...

Size of my implants are 450/425. They were not hard prior to surgery because of pregnancy and breastfeeding actually helped soften the saline implants up. Now that I have silicon they still have not "dropped".it has been 11 months and as of today my PS advised that because I'm so active and fit the bottom chest muscle is very right and resisting the implant from falling. He stated he could perform surgery to cut/loosen the bottom chest muscle so that the implants will fall into place instead of being so high. What are your thoughts on that?
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