22 Years Old, No Kids - Newport Beach, CA

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I've had plastic surgery before, about 2 years ago...

I've had plastic surgery before, about 2 years ago I had a rhinoplasty, but now am ready for some new boobs. Went to a consultation on april 11th and scheduled for June because I am a college student. Currently a 34B at victorias secret and hoping to be a small D. I am active and do not want them to get in the way

Wish boobs!

Threw out my back today :(

Today while squatting I messed up my back pretty bad.. I went down and my whole lower back just tightened and ceased up and now I can't bend over or stand up without using my hands. My surgery is only a couple weeks away so I really hope my back heals up quickly

Pre-op today!

Had my pre op appointment today, we chose 520ccs moderate plus profile. My chest measured 14.1 but I have a v shaped back so I chose the 14.5 width implant to help fill it out. I am also 5'8"

2 days out

Had my surgery early yesterday and have been resting the past 2 days. For the most part I have been doing ok. I had a few moments where I felt nauseous but was able to get it to go away. My mom has been taking care of me with everything, I can't even get my pants down to pee by myself because my range of motion is limited without pain. I've had a few times where I woke up out of sleep because my chest muscles tensed up but not in much pain while in bed
New York Plastic Surgeon

Have only had consultation so far, but he was nice, helpful, was not rushing me and made me feel comfortable.

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