Active FX for Acne Scars... (29 Year Old Male)

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I am a 29 yr old male and had acne during my teens...

I am a 29 yr old male and had acne during my teens and early 20s and was left with some scarring (mild/moderate) and dark spots over mainly my cheeks and chin. I went to get the active FX laser done to hopefully get some of it cleared up.

I did this procedure exactly 2 weeks ago, and I am rather pleased with the results. Though I had hoped that it would get rid of most of my scarring (maybe too wishful thinking), it did improve my skin drastically.

My only concern that my face is still slightly pink even after 2 weeks (not super noticeable, but still noticeable), sorta like a very mild sunburn.

I am surprised to read that so many people had such painful experiences. Before the procedure all I took was 1 painkiller and 1 anxiety pill provided by the doc, as well as put the numbing cream on my face they had at the office. Yes the procedure did sting a little (maybe like a 5 on a scale of 1-10), but it wasn't unbearable. After the treatment, I had some discomfort of course, but I didn't even need the pain meds provided post-treatment.

Overall I feel my scarring has improved significantly, and I may get a 2nd treatment maybe 5 months down the road. I would recommend this treatment to anyone looking to improve the appearance of acne scarring and texture of the skin.

Updated on Dec 5, 2009
Very good. Still pink from the procedure, but overall pleased with the results. Not as much improvement as I hoped, but still good improvement so I guess I should be happy.

I had an Active FX done 3 weeks ago, and though I have pretty much healed (ie. skin peeled off etc), I am still noticeably pink. I am 28 yr old Asian male, and my skin is pretty fair. Though I am pretty pleased with the results, I still am pretty. I pretty much look like I have a mild sunglasses sunburn (wear the goggles were). Almost raccoon-like you could say lol. Just curious, is this normal? And if so how long will my normal skin color take to return?
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