Rhinoplasty Tomorrow! - Newmarket, ON

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At seventeen years old, appearance is often a...

At seventeen years old, appearance is often a girl's top priority. This is not true for me, as I value intelligence and one's personality above all else. However, since I am currently in a situation that allows me the adequate funding to have this procedure done, I believe it is in my best interests to undergo rhinoplasty.

My nose was boken in grade four, resulting in a deviated septum and large bump on the bridge of my nose. It is something I have never been content with, not only due to the displeasing aesthetics but the breathing problems it causes me.

There are less than 24 hours now until I will have a new profile! The only downside is that I will miss a few days of school, and it will be blatantly obvious to my peers and teachers that I have had work done. But, as much of a cliche as I know it is, I'm not doing this for them, I'm doing it for me. If someone has crooked teeth, they get braces, right? It's not as if they can't chew food properly, they are simply unhappy with how their smile looks and they pay to have it corrected. Rhinoplasty is the exact same principle, but for some reason it's considered socially acceptable to be contemptuous of people who have undergone plastic surgery. I'll be attending the university I've been accepted to in 8 months, so I can deal with whatever judgement falls upon me until then.

Jan. 2nd: Had the surgery today! Recovery is not...

Jan. 2nd:
Had the surgery today! Recovery is not too bad so far, I'm about 14 hours post-op. Just a lot of bleeding, swelling, bruising and dizziness. Not much facial pain though. Waking up I initially felt like I got punched in the face; luckily morphine is a thing. ;) Got prescribed Tylenol 3s but haven't had to use them much. Feeling good about the results so far!

Posting some before and after pictures of my...

Posting some before and after pictures of my profile. Just got the cast off so it's still swollen.
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