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*Treatment results may vary

Session 1 - The day after

So my first session of picosure was in the 11th of July.
I am opting to take a price lock on my sessions which is where I am paying upfront for my treatments and anything past what they initially expected it to take is free treatment.

They have said I will require 4 treatments for my neck (butterfly & star), and 5 treatments for my wrists (both birds) however the red bird will require a different laser part way through the treatment to target these particular colours.

The place where I was treated had a "Zimmer" cooling machine which assisted with comfort during the session. Immediately after ice packs were applied with instruction to keep them there for 4 hours after, this prevents blisters (which concerned me after seeing pics on these reviews previously). I'm happy to say I have 2 small blisters which I drained quiet easily and that was it!

Here are some pics taken the next day. I will update again at the 6 week interval.

6 weeks since session #1

Significant fading on both neck tattoos and the purple was ripped out of my left wrist. Minimal fading on the right wrist which I was told to expect as the pico reacts less with red and yellow which is the entire piece minus outline.

Treatment 2

I've been slack with updates. This was treatment 2 on the 27th of Septeber 2014

Progress shots post treatment 2


Treatment 3

The leg tribal butterfly was very sensitive this time round. Minimal improvements to wrists.

Treatment 4

So today was treatment #4 to the neck and wrists and treatment #3 to my leg.
We tried another laser on the red wrist tat to see if it would help. Will update again in 6 weeks time. My next treatment is in 9 weeks.
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