36 Yr Old, 3 C-sections, Mommy Makeover - West Chester, PA

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Pregnancies: I had my first child when I was only...

I had my first child when I was only 16. That pregnancy is probably where I got the majority of my stretch marks. I was 105 lbs and gained 36-39 lbs. I had a girl so I stretched all over. I never got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. The lowest I got I think was 122. Because of the c-section, I ended up with a kangaroo pouch. 13 years later I decided I wanted to have more children so I had a boy this time, gained 33 lbs and got back down to 130ish (another c-secrion). About 14 months after that, I got pregnant again, another boy...same weight gain same post pregnancy weight and another c-section. I also breastfed both boys...so the already small breasts became even smaller after breast feeding. My breasts were always asymmetrical and because they were small it was very noticeable.

I came to the realization that I was never going to be able to obtain a flat tummy without surgical intervention, plus I really hated all of those stretch marks so I decided to explore plastic surgery. I met Dr. Saunders and I knew right away he was the Dr. for me. During my consultation, he took his time and made sure I understood everything, I never felt rushed.

My husband went with me and he really liked Dr. Saunders. He made sure my husband understood the procedures and what to expect after. He really made him feel comfortable and apart of the process.

I will add additional reviews for day of surgery, and post op along with pictures.


I am sorry for not posting pics sooner. Here are my before pics taken by Dr. Saunders and a few after pics. Extremely happy with my results.

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