26 Years Old, 1 Child - New York

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I gained 35lbs pregnant and lost about 20lbs. My...

I gained 35lbs pregnant and lost about 20lbs. My stomach still has the loose skin and the flab. Hard as ever to get rid of. Not planning on having anymore kids (did not want kids in the first place, but things happen) my stomach was almost where I wanted it to be (flat and toned) and I got pregnant. It's really making me depressed that my body hasn't been back to where it was. I exercise every day, literally, stomach is not going anywhere???? I just want my body and confidence back.

Thinking of this dr

Really like dr fix it Miami ... dr blinski. Like his work so far, but will be doing more research. I need to start saving up lol. I want a TT (since lipo will leave loose skin) really don't want a TT because the scar it leaves looks horrible. I'm trying to lose more weight to slim down my stomach a bit. I want a BBL to make my butt a little more round. I want my waist snatched lol. I never had a completely flat stomach in my life. Almost got there but then I got pregnant. I'm very upset of how my body looks now. But I have no problem being naked in front of my boyfriend, even tho I think he's probably cringing inside. Idk, just my thoughts. Added some photos of what I want my body to look like. I hate that I have "chicken legs". I have huge boobs and my ass is ok but there's not much on the top. I have a lot of hips lol.
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