PIH Discoloration on Neck and Face - New York

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I had a TCA Peel almost more then a month ago and...

I had a TCA Peel almost more then a month ago and I've noticed a blotchy almost black patch form darker and darker under my jaw almost on my neck. When I had the TCA Peel I also had a allergic reaction aswell i have noticed the areas I have gotten blotchy patches of PIH discoloration are areas in which I had used the retanoid epiduo ( i have light brown skin and i am indian).

My question is how long will this PIH last on my neck and the little bit of PIH on my face the PIH on my face is much lighter then the one on my neck which has now turned into a browner and darker spot after 2 to 3 week of the TCA Peel.

Could some one provide several ways to lessen the apperance of the Discoloration (i am already using a SPF of 50 from Cetaphil) and i am as well taking an antibiotic called Solodyn for my acne which has lessened quite alot while at the same time using the epiduo which has left me with PIH discoloration but has dissipated over a week or so.

Please provide any information if you could on how long PIH i have recieved from a TCA Peel will last which is currently a meduim dark brown spot under my jaw between my neck

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The PA that evaluated me wasn't much help in removing my previous PIH discoloration instead he created more.

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