Successful Liposuction of Upper and Lower Abdomen, Completely Changed my Appearance

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I recently had liposuction of the upper and lower...

I recently had liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and lower back to reduce bulk in this area and enhance my appearance. A maximum of 5 liters of fat were removed in one surgery.

I'm 5 weeks post op and could not be happier with the results. Swelling has almost completely subsided which is extremely impressive given the extent of the treated area and the amount of fat removed.

Pros: Sculpts the body and enhances appearance, removes pockets of fat that can not be lost with diet or exercise. Enhanced appearance and compliments

Cons: Pain post op during the first week ranges from moderate to severe at times. Since I had such a large area treated, I was unable to move around on my own for several days and unable to get out of bed without help for 4 days. When swelling progresses, abdomen pulls inward and becomes hard which can be constricting. This makes it difficult to eat large amounts of food (which can be a good thing) for about a week and can make breathing labored at times.

I had several drains after the surgery which were removed during weeks 2 and 3. Diapers were worn for 2.5 weeks to collect the fluid from the surgery.

After 1.5 weeks I was able to get around on my own and resume most daily activities. Swelling reduces a little more each day.

Overall the surgery has had an extreme impact on my life and the first week of moderate to severe pain and immobility was worth it.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. E is one of the most thorough, professional and knowledgeable physicians I've ever met. He explained the surgery and recovery period, told me what to expect and was there to guide me through the process. After surgery, Dr. E called me everyday for two weeks to make sure I was recovering well in addition to the followup appointments and I had his cell number in case of emergencies. His staff is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and kind. When researching different plastic surgeons, Dr. E really stood out for me. He only works with the best people, has invented tools used in the procedure, teaches the various procedures he performs, has written books on liposculpture and has been practicing for over 25 years. He approaches body sculpture as an art form and is very talented. I couldn't be happier with his performance and bedside manner and I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to have this type of surgery.

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