Consultation Review: SmileDirectClub beware: it could have been a medical disaster

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Dear customers, I want to warn you about this...

Dear customers, I want to warn you about this company because I could have been in for a HUGE MEDICAL DISASTER. This company's scan system is FLAWED. ITS MEDICALLY DANGEROUS for a TREATMENT.

So on Nov 5 2016 I went to their scan centers in New york. First let me warn you that there is NO dentist there to answer your medical questions. ONly a Clueless dental assistant. These people are not DENTISTS for a reason. They have no idea. What it did not capture was the upper and lower teeth together bite.

The bite was absolutely incorrect. to explain what actually happened and the level to which i am extremely disappointed by these people and completely scared for the medical disaster is this part:-

Imagine if you got your top teeth mould from one dentist and the bottom teeth mould from another dentist and nobody cared about how the top and the bottom fit together, then that is what their stupid 3d scan looks like.

I suffer from an overbite. the 3d scan captured the my top teeth and bottom teeth as they are but when both those pieces were put together in the image there was abosolutely no sign of the overbite.

Now here comes the worst part of their treatment plan. i specifically mentioned to the dental assistant that i am in to fix my overbite.

The treatment plan showed my upper teeth and lower teeth perfectly sitting on top of each other as my current state. in the future state they actually suggested pushing my upper teeth even further and lower teeth further as a fix!!!

Are u kidding me???? u are going to push my teeth forward when the problem i suffer from is having my teeth forward???? i mean they keep sending me emails that my aligners are ready to ship. if i am an idiot and i were to wear those aligners my teeth would have been destroyed> thank god i am not an idiot .

THE 3D SCAN FLAW - So the 3d scan machine was run on the upper teeth and lower teeth. It captured theimages accurately. 

Dental Assistant

It was a dental assistant doing the scan at their Smile center

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