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I'm literally out if my 2nd surgery and wanted to...

I'm literally out if my 2nd surgery and wanted to share a few points that I didn't even consider myself prior to surgery.

Ladies - this surgery is BIG...and I'm not talking about the incision. The whole procedure is major which means you need to prepare emotionally and physically for this.

First: Again, I'm fresh out of surgery and OUCH. This s*^t huts. He had to cut a bit of my muscle and I feel it ..oh donI?! Thank God for meds as they do relieve the pain.

Second: Post up care is no joke. You go through major surgery. I have no idea how anyone could have this procedure one day and go to a hotel (or even home) the next day. Each body is different but the chances of complications with this one are very high. I'm pretty healthy and yet had complications. My blood presure dropped dangerously and the nurse had to call the hospital's rescue team to come to my room. Frightening situation that would have had a different outcome if I wasn't in the hospital under 24/7 watch. BTW - this incident was related to my reaction to surgery and not for poor care. In fact, because if the proactive post-up care at the Lenox, I believe I'm able to write this review today. Seriously, I wouldn't be here to tell.

Third: Expectations - I truly believe Dr Mir does what he can to avoid deformities. However, you have to be prepared to have them after surgery. The doctor can't perform miracle ladies. I don't know what my end result is going to be as I still have one or two surgeries to go (he's removing over 3,000 CCs out of this trunk). But my butt was flat when I got the shots 12 yrs ago. That plus all the loss of tissue now, what should I expect?! Trust me, I'm scared but I have to be realistic. Unless God does the impossible and drops a few CCs l of fat in there during surgery, I should expect exactly the picture I just painted. Do not lie to yourself.

Fourth: if you received injections at some point, see a qualified doctor. Any doctor with proper license could open you up and scoop some of this stuff out. However, the chances of them not being able to remove this effectively are high. Removal is no joke.

And lastly: if you can work with Dr Mir, please do. That guy is amazing. He treats his patients as family. Also, his work is phenomenal. Although there are limitations as to what he can do, if there's a way...he will find it.

However, if you are concerned about deformities and your looks (who isn't?), and have not reached the point were your health is more important, wait a bit. Silicon removal is for the ones that are ready and not everyone is. Some may want it gone but that doesn't mean they are ready. Please do some soul-searching before making this very big decision.

I'm touching my butt as I type, and it feels great not to touch that poison (yayy)...but the big butt is gone too. Got to get me some butt pads asap - yikes.

I will try to answer questions but may take me a while as I'm still in the hospital.

God bless you all.

Surgery #3

Big day today. Doctor is going to take out the remaining silicon (about 20%) and lift me up with some shape back there. I had a huuuge butt (over 3,000 CCs of silicon) so the change is drastic. Right now I look like I have a bag of potatoes back there. Though I must admit, even though he is not done....I look way better than with the silicon. In fact, I think look pretty good. The doctor did say that he is going to shape things up and that "I'll be surprised as to what he'll be able to do to make it look good. I have no doubt that he will do what he says. Dr Mir is a super star. He is my guardian angel. Love this man!

Ladies, if and when you decide to remove silicon, please only see Dr Mir. No other doctor could take it out while keeping you safe in a hospital setting.

Pray for me today please.

Picture - right out of 3rd surgery.

Butt is small and empty but it doesn't look bad at all. With a few drops of fat, I'll be where I wanted to be before the injections. Dr Mir is truly the best.

6 days post op

Growing a little stronger each day. It is fascinating to see and feel how our bodies heal by the hour. So happy I did this. I go to sleep holding my New butt. Sometimes I think it was only a dream. But it wasn't. I am finally free.

These drains though -- they are angry little bastards.

If you are a víctima of butt shots, dont think about it much. Dr. Mir is the way to go.

Padded Panties

Just ordered these today from If they fit well and look realistic, l will purchase their whole warehouse!

1st Doctor's Visit

Wound Vac is off and 3 drains are out. 2 more drains to go. Doctor said my healing is way ahead of schedule. Only 1% of the flesh is showing dead cells but he thinks it will recover with antibiotic cream. So happy!

Don't believe them when they say that the vac is not going to hurt when they take it out. Both the wound vac and the drains hurt like a $*%#€£. Though it quickly disappears. But ouch!!!


I finally slept 4 consecutive hours last night (frigging yayyy). Not sure why my sleep has been so affected but can't sleep. Perhaps the drains have a lot to do with it.

Healing is coming along. Feeling more flexible. Incision and damaged skin around incision (due to dead skin) are healing with the antibiotic cream he gave me. One day at a time!

Passed Panties are a life saver!

Review Closed for Comments

It is insane! My review has been about the removal of silicon....yet, it was closed for comments as they think I'm promoting butt shots!. Read! Rolling my eyes

Angry Drain Out

Had a follow up visit with Dr Mir. He removed one drain. I still have one that he said may come out next week. He said I'm healing great but that I'm not out of the wood work yet. As a reminder, my incision has 1% of dead skin due to blood flow. Though most of the skin with redness was removed....there was 1% he couldn't take out and do he's trying to treat it to keep it alive. It's around the incision.

Silicon Injections are not worth it!

Found this picture on Instagram and wanted to share. It is not worth it!

Oh man...

In my opinion, the worst part about post op has been the drains. Though they contribute a world of difference to the healing process, I hate them. Comfort is non-existence with them. Angry little bastards!

Lower back pain

So I've developed a strong lower back pain. I've been reading about it and may be an infection, which is a normal complication from this type of surgery. .

Whatever! My butt is feeling good. My incision us feeling good. I'm felling good. Other than the back pain, I have plenty to feel thankful for.

Nevertheless, aghhhh. What a $&@%@

Feeling better

5 weeks since my first surgery and I'm starting to feel back to normal. What a great feeling that is! I was questioning whether or not I was going to be able to return to work at the 6 week mark, and now I know I can. Also, my last drain is hardly draining I know the sucker is coming out at my next visit on Tuesday.

God is sooo good to me.

Things are looking up but...

Feeling great today. Back pain is gone so no infection - thank God. Have a follow up on Tursday which I'm really looking forward to it.

Though I thought I would get rid off the last drain at my next appointment but I'm not sure as I'm collecting fluid again. Not a lot..but I would rather keep the angry, painful, inconvenient, hatful bastard instead of getting a seroma. It will come out soon enough.

Follow up in NY tomorrow

Thanks for all the messages of support. You guys are great.

Keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow. Hoping that the last drain gets removed...but only if it is ready. I've waited long enough...Im sure i can wait one more week. Whatever he thinks is best.

Drain ir no least I'll see Dr Mir. I love to see him as he makes me feel safe regarding this situation. He's God sent ladies. He's the best. I have my butt to prove it! :)

I'll keep you informed.


Before I share the great news, let me just say this; please don't go through TSA wearing padded pantirs. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Now to the good news:
My last drain is out. What can I say?! I feel like I have been in jail and have finally been set free. I wish I could drink a margarita to celebrate but I can't so I'll toast with water instead.

Dr Mir said that I'm looking great. I know I am. My healing continues to be ahead of schedule.

It has been 4 weeks since my last surgery and I can't believe it. I can't believe that this nightmare is finally behind me. I truly feel that a miracle has happened in my life. Hasn't it?

Ladies - it can happen to you. Dr Mir is the answer. If you are ready physically and emotionally, please don't wait. It is sooo worth it. My only regret: Wish I did it sooner.

Butt Contour

It has been less than 24 hours but Now that all the drains are gone and that nothing is sucking the butt tissue in, my butt is fluffing nicely. Another patient told me it works but it was difficult to picture it. Your results right after surgery will improve greatly week by week, especially after drains are remove.

Also, I slept like a baby last night. I knew the drains were a pain in the ass...but didn't realize how much of an impact they had on my sleep. Though ladies, don't rush the drains. Healing is strictly connected with drains and if you force them out too early, you will (yes WILL) have complications. Seromas are not fun. So suck it up and keep your drains until the doctor says is ok to remove it.

Seriously, can't believe how fast time has gone by. I'm almost back to some degree of normal. I even have to struggle to remember the not so great times during the past 5 weeks. The good erases the bad very quickly.

Have a blessed day ladies.


Needed a pedicure badly so I drove myself to the nail salón today. Not bad actually. No discomfort. Just a little tired which is understandable.

I go back to work Monday so my body better get used to of being out and about :)

On the road to normal...

Second day at work and I couldn't be happier. I feel great. My flat butt is pumping (fluffing?) and it actually looks really cute. I haven't thought too much about fat transfers considering that I'm still healing ...but while I was getting dress this AM...I said to myself "a drop of fat here and here and I'll be perfect." Although quite honestly, if I wasn't able to get a BBL due to lack of fat, I'll be fine without it. Dr. Mir did an amazing job with my butt lift. Can't stop touching it (turning into a bad habit).

Quick update

I've been busy with work so i haven't been around much -- but wanted to give a quick update. I'm doing well. Though I did develop 2 seromas and they have to be aspirated once a week by Dr Mir. I feel the needle going in but the process is not painful. Uncomfortable at times perhaps.

My incision is still healing. I think within 2 weeks it will close.

Considering how my butt was pre surgery and the fact that 3,000-4,000 CCs of volume were removed, I look pretty darn good.

I have no pain, no discomfort, no symptoms. Finally was able to wear heels this week without concern. Normal feels good again :)

I will not be able to have a bbl for at least a year since I need more reconstructive surgery. The doctor has to go in to correct the incision, folds, etc. I know it's going to be beautiful when he's done so I'm not worried!

Pre op picture

This is what almost 4,000 CCs of silicon looks like! Great on the outside but a boiling volcano on the inside!

Seromas :(

I had a follow up today and due to the formation of seromas, I opted to get catheters on each butt cheek. I can't feel the right one but the left one hurts like $&@%#. I have to put up with it for as long as I can though.

Otherwise, it was very nice to see the king (Dr, Mir). He's my hero!

Other than the seromas, my healing is coming along nicely. No symptoms, no pain. Silicon injections are a blast from the past. Life is really good again! ;)

Catheter (drains) though :(


Had a follow up visit with Mir. Everything looks good. Seromas are healing. He doesn't recommend further surgery at the moment. Reconstruction will be in another 5 -8 months. Butt's looking great!

Clothing size

Hi - I'm getting s lot of questions with regards to clothing sizing and i wanted to share: i went from a size 12 to a size 2. After gaining a bit of weight, I'm at a size 4. That was my size pre-Silicon shots.

Say no....

There are new cases emerging and I wanted to share some images. Truly disturbing.


Your employer will be mad if you take time off or you use your insurance to pay for your treatment. My only recommendation is to get over it and to put your health first.

Im the #1 performer at work and after surgery hell has broken lose. Do you first. No one cares about you but you! The heck with everyone else!

Seromas are resolved

Yayyy - no more draining. Doctor said that the seromas are resolved. Ready for the 2nd step in the process. So friggin happy!

Removal of seromas...

I'm back! As posted previously, I had removal last year. Everything went well but I developed seromas on both sides. I had a procedure last week to remove the seromas. Surgery is as invasive as the removal but not painful at all. The only thing that I find difficult (almost intolerable) is staying on my stomach 24-. I also don't like hospital beds. They are so uncomfortable. However, the hospital is amazing. The staff, food, service levels --- everything about it is great.

Recovery will be fast - I'm moving around, walking, helping my hospital roommate -- I'm good!

With regards to the seroma, I hope this procedure works. He goes in, removes the seroma (salmon-like skin) and seals it with stitches...sponges...and a wound vac. The incision is left open to drain. Every few days he goes back in to put in a few more stitches in the inside and to change the vac. I will have one more procedure this week and will be sent home with a vac for a few weeks....until the flaps close on their own. Im also getting drains. I'm praying this works.

Once healed, i will be good to get a bbl.

I'm so thankful that this is almost over with. I've come so far. Can't even believe I am where I am.

Please don't think twice about going through this process. It is not as difficult nor painful as you may think. It is not a walk in the park...but it's tolerable. I didn't even take pain meds.

Lastly, this site has been so wonderful. The support is so comforting. I have met so many wonderful ladies in here. Don't know what I would have done without you guys. As I'm typing here... a package comes in from one of you: a gorgeous necklace with a starfish ... and a beautiful card as appreciation for my help and support. I'm so appreciative. J - you made my day. THANK YOU. xo

Oh my


Hi ladies - I had a follow up visit with Dr Mir today. No more seromas! I'm healing well and I'm doing better than expected. So happy to hear that.

I have one last surgery in a few weeks to close the 2 wounds I have (for draining purposes). In the meantime, I have a nurse that comes to my house 3 times per week to change my dressing and wound vac. She's doing a great job. Love her!

Changing the dressing and wound vac is not as painful as I expected. In fact, I look forward to it to see my progress.

I'm very very happy about my progress. To know that I won't have seromas so that I'm able to have reconstruction in a few months is so exciting!

Ladies - make sure you select the right doctor to remove silicone from your body. Not every doctor has experience and this surgery is no joke. You want to do it right the first time so don't just pick any doctor.

Also, make sure that your back is addressed during surgery. I continue to read reviews about doctors targeting the buttock area only. However...more often than not, silicone migrates to the back area. The back needs to be addressed so make sure to mention it to your doctor of preference during your consultation.

Finally, if you haven't yet...I encourage you to go see Dr Mir for removal. Don't wait to get the poison out of your body. You'll feel great not only physically but emotionally as well. Dr Mir gave me my life back and I will forever be thankful.

I'll keep you all informed xo


Picture looks painful but it really isn't. Incision looks nice and heathy. Though the drape (tape) from the wound vac gives me a mild rash. Hope the marks fade away after final surgery in a few weeks.

2 more pics

He cut out my ugly dog ears. My hips look so much nicer now. I'm finally getting my sexy back. :)

So worth it - thank you Dr Mir

Dr Mir told me during my first consultation that I would look good when everything what done. Well - Pictures speak louder than words. I'm sooo thankful. Small, perky and beautiful. Can only imagine what a BBL would do :)

BTW - I still have open incisions and a wound vac. You can't see it but they are there.

No more seromas!!!

The nurse came in today and couldn't believe how fast my incisions are healing. They look pink, healthy, clean...

Two more weeks of dressing and wound vac changes and that's it. I'm almost there. No more seromas yayyy

Wound is healing nicely...

Wounds are healing nicely. The wound vac is no longer collecting fluid which is great news - no more seromas.

I'm on a high protein diet which is helping my body to heal super fast ---I highly recommended.

Final surgery is in 10 days to close incisions. Can't wait to celebrate with a dirty martini. Eating olives until then.

Here are some pictures

Removal of Seromas - the final stretch

Had a follow up with Dr Mir today. Incisions look really good. I'm ready to get stitched up next week so that i can get back to my normal life.

My butts looks amazing. I can't believe how beautiful he made it. I can only imagine what a bbl will do. Though he said that I have to wait at least 6 months to get a bbl. that's ok. I'm not in any rush as my body has gone through a lot in the last 9 months. I need to breath, have fun, enjoy the summer and fall...and then I'll think about my butt again.

This has been so worth it!

Last surgery = done

I had my last surgery yesterday. He closed both incisions (one on each side)...but had to put a rubber drain on my right side as my hip is still producing some fluid. He's not concerned though as I don't require reconstruction on my hips.

The incisions are very tender but overall..not too much discomfort.

Dr Mir was so caring in the OR. It took them a few minutes to put me out so I could hear him asking the nurse to protect my boobs (implants) while I was on my stomach. It is not comfortable to lay on the stomach with implants so I really appreciated his knowledge on this.

I can't believe that this thing is over with. I do have one more procedure (bbl) but that's optional. I can finally put a bathingsuit on...and show off my body naked if the opportunity presents itself ;)

I'm beyond thankful. Very happy

Second Part / DONE

Just a quick update - my drain and stitches were removed today. I'm a finally free of attachments. Released to work finally. I'm not 100% yet... but almost there. I even drove after almost 2 months. No problem sitting down. Life is great again.

Next and last procedure: BBL this coming fall. Yay :)

One week into work

Started working this week with no issues. A little uncomfortable after sitting 4-5 hours but I get up and stretch ..and that seems to do the trick. I'm actually feeling 90-95% normal.

This is just to give an idea of how long it takes to heal. Though all bodies are different.

Bathingsuit Ready

Thanks Dr Mir


Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Tansar Mir is the best

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