Horrendous Pain - New York, NY

Think long and hard before getting the Zoom...

Think long and hard before getting the Zoom Whitening....the 'sensitivity' is much more painful than you may prepare for.

I got the Zoom Whitening for $100 because I work at a dentist office (reception). I did everything as instructed (used Flouridex for over a week prior, took Ibuprofen before and used the Sensitivity gel that comes with the Post Care kit). I don't have sensitive teeth, so even though I knew the sensitivity was going to happen, I had no idea how severe the pain would be. I had experienced a few of the 'zingers' (shockwaves of sharp pain through teeth) with Crest Whitestrips and even though they are a fairly piercing pain, they lasted 2 or 3 seconds at most and at most, I would experience maybe 5 or 6 of them after using the strips.
I didn't have the 'zingers' until the end of the fourth session with Zoom and they felt similar to the zingers I had experienced with crest ws. I finished the treatment at 12:30 in the afternoon. After the procedure, I had a few more of the zingers, but barely felt anything out of the ordinary for a few hours later. Completely tolerable,

Around 4:30, I suddenly started feeling the zingers again, but the intensity of them continually increased and they were very frequent (a few every minute) I did a second round of the Sensitivity relief that comes with the kit, but felt no relief at all. I took Exedrin too. By 7:00, the pain was so excruciating, I could not talk (any air hitting my teeth hurt so bad) and laid down in bed because I couldn't even think straight. All I could focus on was the awful pain. It felt like a zinger never subsided. It's a constant, sharp and piercing pain- NOT a mild or temporary painful sensation.

Although the whitening looks good, I would not recommend this to anyone. The pain is not worth it at all. Trust the reviews you see. Had I paid full price for this, I would be very angry.

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