Zerona Experiment: Trying It Regardless of the Reviews - New York, NY

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I've been trying to lose my belly fat for the past...

I've been trying to lose my belly fat for the past year after having 2 kids back to back. I exercise and eat right, but cannot seem to lose this overburdening weight. So I found a deal to try Zerona. I looked it up and found an article on Dr. Oz talking positively about and that was enough for me to try it. But then dug a little more and found mixed reviews about the procedure. Some saying it's not worth it, it didn't work. Others saying that it was great. Of course, positive reviews are always skeptical because they can simply be sales people posting positive reviews. But, I decided that the only way to find out for sure is to try it myself. I am so tired of having the belly fat and I'm willing to try anything to get my pre-baby body back. Wish me luck. I will post my results in a week by week basis with, God willing, some satisfying results.

2 Zerona treatments down, 4 to go...

I'm supposed to post my 1st week results tomorrow, but I figured I'd note down my progress so far to share my thoughts. The treatments them self are ok. I literally feel nothing which makes me question if they are even working, but from what I read and what I've been told, you're not supposed to anyway, but it still makes me feel skeptical. I can't help it, I'm a New Yorker :/ I do not feel slimmer, per say, but I definitely do feel my pants looser already and it's only 2 treatments in. I can't say I attribute it all to the treatments alone. Ever since I started, I have been going to the gym everyday, with one day to rest, and have completely eliminated alcohol from my diet. I'm not saying that the treatments don't work, but everything together helps. And really, that is what I needed. I have been dieting and exercising anyway, but I needed the Zerona for that extra push because I really wasn't getting results with diet and exercise alone. After starting Zerona, I'm definitely starting to feel like SOMETHING is coming off, so that is definitely good news. I'll be posting my inches tomorrow. Hopefully there'll be some difference :)
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