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I had voluma done on April 2016 and I have been...

I had voluma done on April 2016 and I have been unhappy and miserable since. I was a pretty happy person before then and I often got complimented on my looks. It all chanfed on the day I got voluma. My dr (who was amazing!!!) had moved to another state,so i had to find a new one. I just needed a touch up and i wanted to even out asymmetry on top of a cheekbone. I met this dr who looked confident and trustworthy because he was taking all these pics and spending time talking to me etc. However , despite the hour spent talking to me he did not pay attention to my goals or he totally forgot. He sold me voluma, which he said he would inject off label on a depression i had and to even out some asymmetry. Well, that was the worst mistake of my life!!! On the day I left his office, I noticed immediately something was wrong. My face was asymmetrical, all puffy on one side and lumpy. I had lumps on my chin and jaw where i would NEVER put filler because it is not aesthetically pleasing. One side of the face was completely different from the other one and the lumps all over the facev(and minor irregularities that were not noticeable became inflated). I saw that abherration in the morning and immediately went to see the dr. The dr kept denying he injected voluma where it made me puffy and asymmetrical and said it was swelling. Well, i waited two weeks and at the two week mark i was still deformed. The dr kept denying injecting me under my cheekbone and in my chin and jaw, but i had these two lumps there and one side of my face was extremely full and no cheekbone in sight. The dr kept denying that he had unjected me there and did not know how to dissolve voluma. He tried to dissolve it with 35 then 150 units of diluted hyaluronidase and so on, really? That is voluma, it takes much more than that!!! Most importantly, after seeing that it would not go away, he denied injecting me in the areas of interest. Really? I have before and after pictures!!. In the end he admitted that he had hidden my cheekbone by injecting in the cheek hollow, but before then He blamed it on a surgery i had 3 years ago from which i healed 3 years ago. I spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of voluma: it is unlike jvederm ultra and it will not dissolve easily and never completely. After spent 7k on drs o get rid of voluma, i am left with lumpiness and asymmetry. It went down, but never enough and i do not look the same. i hate having my pictures taken and i do not go out much anymore. do not let anyone talk you into injecting voluma off label: it is unpredictable and. if the injector is not skilled in voluma, it will form lumps . What is worse is that if you do not like, it will take repeated amd massive dosages of hyaluronidase to remove it unlike restylane or juvederm and i doubt it can be dissolved completely. Because of voluma and poor injecting skills and aesthetic vision of my provider, I am left with asymmetry and uneveness. It never went back to baseline. I even had an mri to rule out silicone and it shows i have filler cysts, but it ruled out silicone. please if you use voluma make sure you have worked with your injector before and most importantly do NOT use it off-label! If only i could turn back the clock to 6 months ago....Just be careful about your choice of filler in certain areas as only master injectors with specialized training and a lot of experience can inject voluma off label.

some pics

I figured that i would send some pics to show you what can happen when voluma is injected in the wrong area by the wrong injector. It was not swelling.

before picture

i wanted to post a before picture, taken a few weeks before voluma. I had natural high cheekbones that made me attractive, but on one side they were hidden by voluma. Only one side, which made me extremely asymmetrical. i was so upset that i deleted the pictures of the entire face, but i will see if i can recover them.

some more pics

i am posting more pictures of the aftermath of voluma injected off label. i think the damage is permanent at this point. i may have granulomas, not sure but it won' t go down completely. i do not want to try steroids. Please do NOT inject voluma in areas other than the upper cheeks! And make sure you get a very experienced injector as voluma is extremely unforgiving


i just wanted to update that i just spoke with my dr and ultrasound detected that I do not have granulomas or scar tissue in the area of lumpiness, just cysts filled with hyaluronic acid on my temple and under the cheekbone. All the juvedetm treatments i had in the past disappeared but not the voluma. That is how tough it is to remove.

Discouraged thatI will never get this thing out of my face

The radiologist who did my scans (he deals with dermatological issues) emailed me today and he said that fillers do move and that on one of his clients, the filler dropped from his cheek to his chin in a matter of 6 hours. That is more likely to happen with voluma if not injected properly. As for me, tomorrow I am seeing my dermatologist. I am extremely discouraged because despite all these treatments i still have 40% voluma in my face, which is unbalancing my face and creates on and off swelling throughout the day (again, this is happening because voluma was misplaced and injected improperly and asymmetrically). The ultrasound shows that voluma is still there! I know I am repetitive, but please do not use voluma with a provider you are seeing for the first time or you will be gambling with your face! Use restylane lyft if you have to and make sure your injector is skilled. I have been regretting letting this dr touch my face every day of my life for the last 7 months!!

Seeing the derm today

I am not sure whether i should dissolve more or add some to conceal this mess. i still see voluma lumps and asymmetry (only 60% is dissolved), but i am sick of this. Yet I am very self conscious about the lumps which got better after i did many hyaluronidase treatments, but are still visible esp in my bathroom mirror! The depression i wanted to hide in the first place is back in full force (all the hyaluronic acid i had put there over the years disappeared, all but the bad voluma). I hate to reiterate it, but Do RUN if a dr ever suggests putting voluma in areas other than the cheeks bc it means he has no experience and that he did not get voluma training. You do not want to be a guinea pig! Also beware of any dr who does not use brilliant distinctions because it means they do not order enough filler hence no experience with juvederm products. All things to watch out for...

dermatologist visit : update

Hey everybody. I just wanted to give you an update. Today i went to the dematologist and did some filler (one syrnge of juvederm) to rebalance my face. It looks much much better (although there is still some lingering voluma, but at this juncture, i am just happy to see some improvement) and i hope it is not just the swelling because i like myself much more now. For those who are dealing with filler complications, here are the names of two NYC dermatologists I recommend: Dr Debrah jaliman is very good at dissolving. She is the one who made a major difference after two treatments. She is also reasonably priced. I used Dr Ostad for more detailed work. He seems very meticulous and detail oriented and so far I like what he did with juvederm, but i will give you the definitive verdict in a few days. He took his time and he did not rush to do one syringe. He also is willing to save some filler for touch ups in case you need to even the filler out once it has settled. Some drs do not want to do that, but for me it is important to have that option because if you do too much at once, that is how you get in trouble. So I hope this helps others who may be dealing with a filler nightmare. I will keep you posted on my progress.

I calculated how much i spent on vitrase so far

6,900.00! + 1,500 for ultrasound. Dr Yang refused to refund the money for the voluma so that it could help me pay for this! He ruined my face and ruined me financially (dissolve all the filler i have ever had but his own) ,so this is going to be an expensive mistake. Worst of all the emotional pain he has been putting me through. the thing that bothers me the most is that he has made a profit after ruining my face. Is there anything i could do legally to get this money back? I hear it is almost impossible to sue plastic surgeons. but this is not right.

Had hyaluronidase yesterday

This is what it looks like today. Took many treatments to reach this point and
I hope it does not swell back again bc hyaluronic acid retains water). There is still some lumpiness but less.


so another thing about voluma: never get it when you have not worked with the injector before. for example, mine injected it in the cheek hollows (i never asked him to do that!) like he would do with a 60-70 year old. and even in an older woman it would not look good unless she were extremely gaunt. As i said, be safe and use restylane lyft the first time you work with an injector because you do not whether they have good skills and aesthetic sense.

i found a photo i took in june,2.5 months after voluma

this was taken 2.5 months after voluma and after countless treatments with hyaluronidase. leter that afternoon i went to a derm who improved it a lot, but i had other hyaluronidase treatments and, although it improved, it is still not completely gone.it goes down by 15% with each treatment. This goes to show you that until you get to know your injector, use resylane lyft bc voluma is like a real implant and yiur injector needs toknow exactly where it is in order to dissolve it. Now if you go to an inexperienced voluma injector, he may not even remember where he injected, or worse, deny it. i know i keep reiterating it, but i want to help others out, by sharing my story.

anyone who can recommend any dr who is very very good with fillers in ny?

someone who does not rush and studies your before/after pictures and comes up with a plan? i am having a hard time finding someone i trust with fillers after what happened to me...

filler still there

i cannot believe the filler is still here after all these treatments, it gets better, but the improvements are so small and i am weary. I think it is impossible to get rid of it completely and after reading the story of Dr Yang's patient who had reatylane 15 months later, despite hyaluronidase, i am convinced i will never get rid of the voluma. :-(

ultrasound to find filler

So i went in for an ultrasound today and i am starting to doubt it is a useful diagnosic tool when it comes to locating fillers. The dr said that i only had two cysts of filler on the right side. Just to test it, i did not tell him i put filler on the left side (i have a depression and the results one week later look , alas, a little bumpy, so it is there for sure . He scanned me with a probe and told me he does not see any filler. I was like, " how is it possible? I injected it there last week." He said that if it disperses, i won't be able to see it. This goes to tell you that if you are hoping to find badly injected filler with ultrasound, you are out of luck. Save your time and money. The only thing that helped me was an mri, which ruled out silicone (i was starting to have doubts when it would not dissolve... you never know). I hope this information helps someone. xoxo

questions for ny folks. Where are the good drs?

those who take the time to analyze your skin and discuss all your options? because i find drs who rush, are not thorough, in one out the other in nyc. Not the treqtment I want. Would it be different if i went to queens or brooklyn? or even nj?

voluma still there

i still cannot dissolve dr yang's voluma. vitrase works for a weeka bit then snaps back. I used 250 units once, then 150,175, 75 and so on. I am fed up and wonder whether i should use a massive dosage at once because these "small" units do not work. Amazing how 15 minutes (the time it took to get injected with voluma) can ruin your life. i am considering a biopsy. would derms take a biopsy to see what is inside?

website that liszs top doctors

I found out there is this website https://www.castleconnolly.com that lists top doctors. I am not sure about how valid it is, but it does not hurt to check it before you get anything done, just for insurance.


hi everybody,
it has now been almost 8 months and 20 something vitrase injections later, my cheekbone is still partially hidden by the voluma. The improvement i got so far is 50%. At this juncture i will nolonger be doing any treatments because something does not add up. MRI and ultrasound ruled out scar tissue in that area or granuloma. It also ruled out silicone (i had to make sure). I could do a biopsy to see what i have in the area because, although voluma is hard to dissolve, i cannot think it would be that impossible to get rid of hyaluronic acid after all those treatments. When i gain some of my strength back from all of this trauma and financial losses, I will get a biopsy and let you know what the results are. Does it even make sense that 20 treatments (and several were strong doses and full strength) would be unable to dissolve voluma? i am giving it several months to let all the potential inflammation come down and see what happens (although i took a couple of months breaks here and there and no change, but i am hopeful). i will post updates when i see any changes. Thanks for all your support.


Some ppl contacted me to find out whether vitrase damages the skin. I have not noticed any damage so far and i had full strength 20 times. it will dissolve all the filler you have, so yiu may have the perception your skn is saggy, but that is only because you lost all the "good" filler along with the bad one. Anyway, my voluma is still there, like 50% which is enough to mess up my facial balance. I went as far as thinking it was not real voluma, but i got the product and lot numbers, so it is unlikely. i hope that in time it will go away on its own...

any recommendations for fillers?

i cant find a good injector. :-/

hate postings

i received some horrible hate postings aimed at defending the drs who do botched jobs. Of course, I think they were fake members and I had them removed. This is a support community and it is sad to see members (or fake members) disparaging someone who is still dealing with trauma and suffering and is only trying to help others. I just hope that what goes around comes around. This is a place for peace, love and support.

fake reviews

I was looking at drs' reviews (i am not referring to this particular dr, but to the many drs I was looking up on realself) and i noticed a plethora of fake reviews! It is a shame: many cosmetic drs are crooks and now they added fake reviews to their marketing arsenal. it is disgusting. It is bittersweet: they study medicine to help people, but then they become salespeople and their job is to capitalize on your insecurities to finance their lavish lifestyle. Many people are happy with their cosmetic procedures, but many others are left disfigured and depressed because they were talked into a procedure they did not really need. It is difficult to know who to trust anymore. Definitely not those who astroturf and use fake reviews to deceive customers.

Based on my results, i would not recommend him for voluma. in my opinion, he will treat a 30 or 40 year old's face the way he would treat a 60-70 year old's. I think he lacks aesthetic sense and relies on general guidelines which may not be right in some patients such as me. Moreover, he forgot where he injected it (or denied) ,but i was able to minimize some of the damage thank to another provider. Based on my results, i do not think he has the skills to inject voluma, leave alone off label or to dissolve it. What is worse is that he did not take responsibility for his mistake when he could not solve the issue, which added a lot of stress. His explanation for the bad results made little to no sense: side effects from a surgery i had years ago for which i healed years ago, weight gain, scar tissue, trapped swelling (seriously??). well, in the end i had to get ultrasound and MRI to see whether I had filler in that area and I did! when I contacted him with the imaging reports, he just stopped replying. When I insisted that I get refunded for the original cost of the procedure (after spending over 8k on imaging, second opinions and other drs to dissolve his work) he just ignored me and sent me a certified letter saying that he was nolonger my dr and that things can go wrong and that I signed a consent form, so i would not see a penny. I just wanted him to take responsibility and admit that he had made a mistake, but he never did. This is an update: As I mentioned earlier, I got this letter a few weeks ago in which this dr dropped me as a patient. I had avoided reading the whole thing because i knew it would make me upset, but here is one of the things that I would like to share: I had shown crushing proof that I had hyluronic acid in the areas where my face is asymmetrical. Ultrasound and MRI ruled out scar tissue, fluid, silicone (just in case), pmma and fat (all excuses that up to his point he had made up to explain his mistake) and identified hyaluronic acid. His response was that the filler was from previous procedures (mind you, nobody ever injected hyaluronic acid in my underzygomatic area and i have before and after pictures to prove it). The last time i had juvederm ultra injected on my right lower face on some depression at the right corner of my mouth was in 2014, two years before. According to him it is everybody else's fault but his own. Beng right seemed more important than solving the issue. Not a quality i appreciate in anyone, leave alone a doctor.

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