Ultrasound For Those of You Who Are Dealing with Filler Nightmares That Even Hyaluronidase Cannot Fix - New York, NY

Hello, I am sharing my experience with those who...

I am sharing my experience with those who are dealing with a voluma/juvederm nightmare. Some of you may be too scared to get hyaluronidase, but an even more unfortunate number of you cannot dissolve the filler regardless of the amount of vitrase they have injected. I belong to the latter category. I was a very happy person up until the end of April. I had not done fillers in years, but my quest for perfection led me to seek a ps in Manhattan to tweak what did not need to be tweaked. I felt my cheekbone was uneven and the dr had the brilliant idea of putting voluma under my zygomatic hollow, chin and I am pretty sure on the sides of my face (my face looks lumpier and wider). Results: a lumpy, distorted asymmetrical version of myself. I waited the two canonical 2 weeks because all drs blame it on swelling. However, the two weeks went by and i still looked distorted, lumpy and asymmetrical. I have been getting vitrase regularly probably a total of 14 times for the last 4 months: the changes are barely there and i continue to be unhappy. i went to 4 drs and spent over 4k so far. the last two times i went to see was a new dermatologist who was able to bring forward some positive changes when the others would charge lots of money without results. My last four months have been a rollercoaster: if juvederm or voluma are placed incorrectly or if you are not a candidate for it, or if it is used off label inappropriately, hyaluronic acid will retain water and distort your face completely. If you eat salty food you will blow up like a baloon. Although i got some positive changes from the last two visits with the derm, i am having trouble returning to the way i was and I dont look nearly as good as i did prior to voluma. voluma is still there i can see, i can feel it and im still asymmetrical. I am a former researcher for a university, so i used my experience in the field and conducted research on how to visualize fillers, in particular hyaluronic acid fillers. Yes, you have heard me! According to research hyaluronic acid fillers can be visualized on ultrasound. An ultrasound can also tell the difference between hyaluronic acid fillers and permanent ones. Ask most drs and you will see that they are not aware of it. I contacted one of the researchs who published a lot of literature on the matter and asked her if she could put me in contact with a radiologist who could read fillers. She did, I contacted him and he said he can help me visualize hyaluronic acid fillers throuh ultrasound. My appointment is next week, so I will let you know how that goes. Wish me luck, i want this thing out of my face so badly!!!
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