32yrs old, 5'4" 124lb, 1 child, stretch marks, tummy tuck, 495cc mentor, gel, shaped textured implants, peri areoler breast lift

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I am beginning the journey to get a better body! I...

I am beginning the journey to get a better body! I have been a member of this site for 6 months. I've been interested in a tummy tuck and breast augmentation for years. The time has come to put the plan into action. I've scheduled appoitnments to interview doctors. I have one in May and one in June. I have to travel to see them, they aren't close. I have a trip planned in July, so I would like to have the procedures after that. I do not think I'd have enough time to get the procedure and heal before then. So it would have to wait. Also, I would like to lose 20lbs first. I'm 5'4" 145lbs with one natural birth child and two step children and work in a professional office.

Scheduled 3 Consultations, Completed 1, Two more to go.

I had my first consultation on 10/19 with a Surgeon about 2 hours away from where I live. He was professional and took his time with my consult. He answered all my questions. I would feel comfortable with him as my surgeon. However, he did say I would need a BL with my BA and I'm not sure I want that kind of scarring. Additionally, because now this would be an additional procedure, the total cost was about $5,000 more than I expected. So I will meet with the other Surgeons on 11/2 and 11/9 and see what they have to say. I'm pretty excited to finally be taking the steps! Also, it's been a few months since my very first post and I'm happy to say I'm down another 10lbs!

Met with 3 surgeons, Now choosing one!

I met with three surgeons. Each has excellent qualities. I am excited to finally make the next step! I have to call the Dr. of our choice and ask a couple more questions. Then we plan on paying the down payment and scheduling the pre-op and surgery dates. (Estimating to be the end of December or beginning of January.)

Decided on a Surgeon, Paid in Full & Scheduled my Surgery!

I am very excited! I can't believe it's happening. I have scheduled a benelli breast lift (mastopexy), breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty.) I've wanted surgery for so long; now it's real. I have my surgery planned for the Monday before Christmas. I work at an office and it was the most convenient time to be able to take off two weeks. We will be closed 5 out of the 10 business days. I wont have to stress from being out of the office since I will only miss two and a half days the first week. The second week I can probably get work done from home, if I need to. I've ordered my tegaderm tape and sports bra for post-op. The Doctor will provide the binder after surgery. I am contemplating ordering a automatic chair lift recliner and a shower chair. From what I read, patients have really appreciated these items during recovery. I'm going to call my medical supply rental store in town and see what the cost is and think it might be a wise investment. Also, I my husband and I meal-prep so we will make sure to do extra and freeze lots to make sure to eat healthy during recovery. I have plenty of sweatpants, which is highly recommended. I think I just need to get some zip up shirts/sweatshirts because all my shirts pretty much have to go over my head. I am a little nervous now that it's all real. I am afraid it will hurt and be horrible to look at for the first weeks... but I am hoping I am educated enough and prepared as much as I can. Pray for the best, expect the worst!

Surgery is complete! I am officially 1 week post-op!

I've been very tired and medicated, and real self was having some maintenance, so there wasn't any posting this week. I'll give a run down of the week, as I can remember it. The night before surgery I was very nervous. I also had thought what if they have to cancel for some reason? (Although I followed directions to the T, you just get silly doubts in your mind.) My Surgery was originally scheduled for 10:30am but they called me the Friday before and had moved me up to 7:45. OK by me! Less waiting around. The morning of surgery seemed like the longest wait. Both my husband and I were nervous. The ride to the hospital felt long and awkward. When we got to the hospital to check in the receptionist (not part of my plastic surgeons office) was less than thrilled to be working there. No Hi How are you, we'll take good care of you; no comforting small talk. Just "What's your name? Give me your insurance card and ID" Sign here for Hippa and sign here for surgery. Go sit down now. I'm not even exaggerating her complete dislike of her job (at least that morning!) But after that one small meet and greet everyone else at the hospital was extremely pleasant, caring, friendly and knowledgeable. After a few hours if being there, they asked lots of questions over and over about when I last ate, allergy info, urine sample etc. I met the nursing staff, operating staff, anesthesiologist, my surgeon, who marked me all up for surgery. I was so nervous I probably sounded ridiculous when I asked if I was having a breast lift and tummy tuck. OF COURSE I WAS-THATS WHY I WAS THERE. Finally- the time came... I kissed my husband and waved see you later. They wheeled me around a maze of hospital operating rooms and through lots of doors and people and equipment everywhere. I've never had surgery so it was surreal to be the one in the bed wheeled into the operating room. There were huge circle flat lights over a small operating table and lots of doctors, nurses and others getting ready for MY surgery. They had me move to the operating table. The anesthesiologist said she was giving me something to relax. I felt a little warm and like I had a drink or two. Then she said she was giving me some medicine. I'm not even sure she finished that sentence and the next thing I remember was waking up in a recovery room. I could hear nurses saying I've been taking a while to wake up and my husband could come soon, but I just kept falling asleep on and off. From what my husband tells me the surgeon came in and spoke with him (us) but I don't remember it at all. I remember just being very sleepy and asking to go home. Eventually I had been switched to a recliner and a few hours later I was released. I remember parts of the car ride. Where there were any turns, even tiny, they felt like my insides were melting off my body. We made it home (about 2 hour car ride because of traffic and rain) I slept, or tried to sleep in bed with a thousand and four pillows (really 8) It was not comfortable and I was very frustrated. I couldn't move my own body or sit up on my own. At some point that night or the next I sat down in my living room recliner- it was magical. I had about 8 pillows all around me but I was finally actually comfortable. It was heaven, for the moment. There was a lot of hunchy walking to the bathroom to prevent blood clots. I didn't have much of an appetite and I slept on and off for days. I've heard the swelling was REAL, but I did not realize it wasn't just my belly. It was my hands and feet. I looked like a marshmallow. But after a couple more days that part of the swelling went down. The more practice getting up and walking around the easier it gets. But I will say by the end of each day I am exhausted (no matter how much I felt I slept the day away) and I got frustrated many times because there was only one position to be comfortable to sleep in--and I am/was sick of it, by now. Luckily my husband is a saint and has been very patient with me and has taken care of everything in the house. I tried to help clean up Christmas dinner but got very tired very quick and had to keep sitting to rest. My teenage daughter tried to step in and take over for me. So that was also sweet of her. We kept the explanation to my younger kids simple and they seemed ok with everything. (Ages 9 & 10) I can't remember much else to update... so until next time.... (OH WAIT YES- when your Dr. recommends taking Colace 3 days before surgery just keep taking that stuff twice a day until your pain meds are finished too, because not "going" like everyone else says, its just-UGH!) I'm going to post pictures, I took two days post op. But since I also reviewed Botox and posted my face, I need to edit the X-rated parts. Ta-ta for now and good luck to everyone else out there on their adventure!

Must Have for Post-op

1. Comfortable pajamas 1-2 sizes larger than you normally wear and button up.
2. Recliner
3. 1,004 pillows all shapes and sizes to be wedges and supported in all your books and crannies.

Day 2 post-op photo; pleasantly surprised!

Follow up visit at doctors office. I wasn't going to look at myself, because after all my research I knew I was going to look like a mess. But I was actually surprised my frankenboob was acceptable and I felt I looked good for day 2! (Also I was worried about my bellybutton. I don't have a good picture yet, but I am already happy with the result!)

10 Days Post Op

I haven't taken additional photo's yet; not much has changed. (Picture wise..) I will say each day has been SIGNIFICANTLY better pain and mobility wise. I am much faster walking around. I am more able to get up with ease and find more comfortable sleeping positions. Two nights ago I stopped sleeping in the recliner and moved back to my bed. It was wonderful. I still can't sleep the whole night in bed; it hurts my back. Which is my biggest "complaint." Over all my swelling has gone down a TON. I am actually really surprised by this already. I'm still sitting in a chair to take showers, more as a precaution. (For fear of fainting) My arms get tired washing my hair and brushing it (its longer) but I am definitely sleeping ALOT less during the day. I am much more mobile. Stairs aren't an issue at all anymore. I've gone to the store (husband driving still of course) twice this week. I am tired easily walking around and cant last too long (maybe 20-30 minutes) but I am very pleasantly surprised at how fast my recovery is going. I have been very lucky so far in my recovery. Also, I was initially worried about the very common post op depression people have expressed. (Why did I do this? This was not a good idea etc.) And I cant believe I have not felt that. Only excitement with my results and healing thus far. I'm definitely counting my blessings (and thanking my surgeon and his team for their wonderful work!) Not to mention- again, that my husband has been absolutely amazing during this entire process. His help and patience I am so grateful for and would not have had the success without his support. Oh and also to mention about the post op depression- I did do some pre-surgery hypnosis and meditations in preparation. Its not something I've ever tried before, but anything and everything to help recovery I was/am ALL about. So I do think that helped. There is only one truly tiny disappointment I have had post-op. I had stretch marks above my bellybutton pre-surgery. My surgeon was VERY clear in explaining EXACTLY what he would be able to accomplish and what was just not possible. There was NO miscommunication. But I can't say there was a tiny part of me that hoped for some impossible miracle all my stretch marks would be gone. But I still have them under my bellybutton now (none above anymore!) But again, my surgeon absolutely delivered exactly what he said he would. I am very happy I found and chose him and his team. I can't say that enough. Also two pre-surgery worries I had were having an ugly/gross belly button post surgery and not having extra scarring from a breast lift. (I wanted a benelli/per-areolar vs lollipop or anchor) My Dr. assured me this was possible with great results and he sure came through! (I had 2 other consultations with other surgeons; who actually said they couldn't/wouldn't do that type of lift. Also one had told me that since my breasts were different sizes to begin with, even with surgery they would be different sizes and I would have to accept that. But in my case, that was NOT true. My Dr. did a successful lift as he said AND made them even.) The implants I got were textured Mentor Memory gel moderate plus profile 495cc in left breast and 450cc in right. (aka gummy bear, textured, teardrop shape)

Happy New Year!

I took some more pictures just now, so I could show some updates. But I was thinking about that would be helpful tips for someone else thinking about doing a mommy makeover or actually in the process. This site has had so much helpful information from actual patients and doctors; I'm glad I found it. One HUGE important first step I recommend is-DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure you make several consultations and feel comfortable with the doctor and staff you choose. Make sure you are choosing to do this MAJOR surgery for the right reasons. Because you want it; not someone else. Ask lots of questions, write everything down and make sure you have upfront, clear, communication with your doctor about what you expect/want and exactly what will happen. Consultation, follow-up consult, payments, where scars will be, dates times, medicines to take/stop taking, pain management etc. There is ALOT to know. Take one step at a time and don't feel overwhelmed. Read up on lots of advice and opinions and pick and choose what fits you and your lifestyle. Everyone is different and there are so many variables (individual, doctors etc.) but in the end you have to do what you are comfortable with and fits for you. Also, I've noticed a lot of information on constipation after surgery. I am not sure if I was lucky or I just followed some good advice. My doctor told me to take 100mg Colace 2x daily starting 3 days before surgery. PLUS since April I have been regularly working out (5 days a week, cardio & weights) and eating clean. So I think a combination of those things helped things stay pretty normal for me. I wanted to make sure I had a healthy life style first before having surgery. (Also I wanted to be at a healthy comfortable weight too.) I stopped my pain medication completely (Percocet & valium) 2 days ago. I would really love the comfort of still taking them honestly because I still have discomfort, and back pain is the WORST, but I have to go back to work on Monday (2 days from today!) so I have to be able to drive and work. Yesterday we went to the store to get me a new work chair so I could be more comfortable at my desk. Hopefully I picked the best one and that works! (I still plan on buying a pillow and footstool for work though.) We went to lunch and did some small errands. When we got home I had to sleep for 2 1/2 hours because it exhausted me. (Not to mention I did actually work from home yesterday for about 5 hours! BOO!) Then it was New Years Eve. I only regret I've been eating like garbage and not clean like I was so today I've felt Bleh. But I also did housework for the first time. I unloaded the dishwasher but then my husband took over the kitchen cleaning. So I moved to the bedroom living room... pretty much nothing happened in the bedroom. But I did clean my living room. I have been sleeping in the recliner (off and on, but now mostly on again.) and I decided from NYE and xmas it needed some TLC. My recliner had been in the middle of the living room so I could watch TV and I decided it needed to back in the corner. SO I moved it. My husband caught me in the middle of moving it and was not pleased with me. But I didn't hardly have to do anything to move it. I pushed with my knees/legs like I was walking. Hard to describe but I would NOT chance hurting myself or ruining the work I just got done. Then I vacuumed. I didn't technically get the clearance yet for all this "activity" but I felt up to it and only did things that required not much effort. So all that lasted about 1 hour maybe 1 1/2 hours; and then I was wrong. I was TIRED. SO TIRED. I thought I felt good and had all this energy but suddenly hit a wall and was exhausted. So I've been pretty much a slug the rest of the day. Getting up to walk around to get drinks and bathroom, but that's pretty much it. Next thing I knew I was waking up from a nap on the couch. Oh and PS I totally got off track because I was going to make this post about recommendations. I am all over the place here. Anyways, I recommend a couple post op bra's... Before my surgery my surgeon said to order a bra a band size up for after surgery on the first post op visit. So I ordered Valmont Zip-Front Sports Bra #1611A. ($17 on Amazon) Even though they told me to order a band size up I ordered two. My normal band size and one band size up. That was a good idea on my part. The bigger band is helpful at first when I was more swollen. But I haven't had much swelling and I am at the same pre-surgery weight already. (That happened officially yesterday.) So having the option for the regular band size was more comfortable for me. But that one is zippered front (what my Dr. suggested) but the zipper part was getting caught/stuck and annoying me. Since my chest is still sensitive, I didn't want to keep pulling and tugging etc. So I ordered a snap closer bra: Carole Martin Full-Freedom Cotton Bra (regular band size I wear and about $13 on Amazon) and I LOVE it. It's super comfortable. Just soft, supportive and nothing digs anywhere. I just ordered 3 more so I can have clean bra's everyday. (And I was told I can't wear underwire for a few months so I need some bra's to live in. Right now I have to wear them 24/7 so that's good I found one so good to me.) Also I had a binder from right after surgery, but It was HUGE. I mean very wide and I'm not very large torso or big anymore so it was annoying me. At my post-op appointment my husband mentioned something about the binder and the doctor gave me a smaller one (less wide and smaller) and it was night and day- MADE my day! Also now having two binders since you have to wear those 24/7 too is nice to wash them. And since I still have my drains I've had some spillage- GROSS!!! I'm done with this update... TTYL!

Added more photos from today

I just added these to the ones above... I just edit a little because I've had other things that show my face :-)

2 Week Follow UP & Back to Work-FAIL

People, the back pain is REAL. Throughout this whole thing, the hunching back pain is the WORST. It's been two weeks and it was time to go back to work. (But if I had my way, I would NOT be going back.) I made it barely half way through the day before I was in horrible pain because of my back. Also, I haven't had a ton of swelling that Ive read so many horror stories about. Well I sure found out about that! WHOA! NOT COOL, NOT COOL. Luckily I had a doctors appointment for my 2 week follow up, so I got to leave work and I got to take some stronger than regular Tylenol since I wasn't driving either. By the time I got to the doctor I was much more comfortable.

I got my drains removed- hooray! I was so nervous that it would hurt. It took like 30 seconds and it felt like a pinch with a short burn at the end of the tube. Like seconds of discomfort. WHAT A RELIEF! Glad it didn't hurt and happy to have them out. They are gross and annoying. And I didn't want to keep trying to hide them under my work clothes. There isn't really a way. just pin them under your shirt and that's all you can do. I tried a million ways.

That was all yesterday. Today, I decided I would work from home to rest my back again. That was a great idea because I feel good. I will go in the office tomorrow, but I'm not sure how long I will last. My doctor said I will get tired fast but it will get better, but I'm still early in recovery. She told me I can take the muscle relaxers still before bed to help and keep taking advil. Also I must practice standing straighter and straighter and it will get better and easier and voila!

Too Much too soon & swimsuit shopping!

I've realized since I'm an active person and independent, I've started too much too soon. I have been working 4-6 hour days (normally work 7-10 hours) and doing housework- dishes, general cleaning, vacuuming- I like a very clean house! :) I talked it over with my husband and we agreed I just have to let him help me more. (He always helps with everything on a normal basis; I just like to do things too! Plus I feel bad he's doing it all himself.) But per my plastic surgeon (and on the Q&A board here) it's still pretty early for me to be so "active." Although pre-surgery, everything I'm doing now would be a lazy day. So that's been a frustrating part. Plus I can't sleep through the night. I've been sleeping 2 hours awake 3 and sleep 2-3more. Normal me gets a full great 8 hours a night. Guess it's all part of the recovery deal. My results are still early but since day 2 when I first saw myself I've been happy I did it. Everyday since has had some type of improvement feeling and looking even better! I know it's way early, but I bought some bathing suits because I just couldn't help myself... We are going on vacation in April and With my new and improved self- it's just too EXCITING! I posted pictures... And this is at the end of the day when I am most swollen and I'm still happy with the way I look! Yay!

Follow up on Thursday; but today is offically 4 weeks post-op...

My healing is going well. Although I keep over doing it. Per my plastic surgeon and the ones on this forum... it's hard to sit around and do nothing! I feel better, then try and do more, then regret it. My lower back pain is nearly gone. Buy I am still having more swelling as I get more active. I also still get tired fairly easily; but MUCH improved over the weeks. I mainly take Advil's still throughout the day, because I have upper back pain. (Still taking valium at night because I was having spasms still & it was causing me to wake up.) When I called my PS she said it's my upper shoulder back muscles over compensating for my "damaged front muscles" and I have to keep my posture straight and shoulders back. It seemed to help last night to sleep with only a pillow under my head, my arms slightly bent and no pillows under my back. It seems to help just enough to keep stretching to stand perfectly straight and ease the upper back pain. Although at this point, I'm pretty much over the cycles of pain and "not doing anything" Even though I'm doing more than I should; it's still hardly anything! My breast (I had per areolar mastopexy) incisions are well healed and only a few light scabs along the incision but other than that no scarring is visible. Any "wrinkling or bunching" that was present in previous weeks is completely gone. They are also evening out (dropping) and becoming much softer. I think the nerves are coming back because I intermittently experience "sparky" pain in my breasts. (Doesn't hurt, just can feel it and sometimes it's surprising.) The incision/scar across my abdomen looks healed (no scabbing.) and is considerably lighter than I would have expected. It's also pencil thin and the string thongs I own even cover it up! Which I was NOT expecting. My belly button is slightly dry but over all I love it! It came out perfect! I am over wearing my compression garment and sports bras 24/7. That's getting old :-) I feel like I'm improving but it's taking longer than I expected; even though its exactly what I was told was minimum recovery time, and everyone is different. I'm just impatient! I can't imagine I can be cleared for even light cardio in another 2 weeks. But you bet your butt if I am, I will be at the gym! I don't care if I am walking on the slowest pace and can only do minutes at a time. It will come back; plus I'm going stir crazy! Pre-surgery I was at the gym 5 days a week! I've been eating my same healthy clean diet and I have lost a total of 3lbs since my surgery. (I had gained 9lbs the day after surgery but most of it went away in only a few days, and I was back at my pre-surgery "normal" weight." So who can complain about that?! I still can't wear my regular pants though, the binder is too much in the way. I keep trimming it shorter length wise and height wise as I get less and less swollen so it stays on me.

Had my "4 week" post-op Thursday (2 days ago)

So this visit went WAY better than I even expected! I had lots of questions and got a lot of good news! I was told I can stop wearing my binder- completely!! It's weird not wearing it, but it was so annoying. I will not ween myself off of it; just stop wearing it-LOL! I did buy spanx leggings so I wouldn't totally freakout... plus I'm not sure I will fit in my regular pants yet because I swell by the end of the day. I have vacation coming up in April and I normally start base tanning. Dr. gave me special tape to cover incisions & said I can tan! He also said I can lift more... 10lbs! Next he told me I can wear regular bra's!!!! Regular, underwire, anything! He just recommended only buying 1 or 2 because I might still go down a size. Also he said I can start walking on treadmill for little bits; but still wait 2 more weeks until cleared for going back to gym for regular exercise (but start slow 25% etc.) I just have to ween myself off the pain meds at night and I don't take anything during the day, except a couple advil. And now I'm headed for my tanning sesh and walking sesh :-) YAY!!!!! PS I took my measurements and my band size under my breast went down ALOT.... like 7 inches no joke (and I'm not very big to begin with) but my waist at my bellybutton was 1/2 more, but hips were down 1.5 inches, calves 1 inch and biceps 1/2 inch. (I had BA, BL & TT done) I did my measurements when I was swollen at night-worst time. So I'm hoping my belly will go down big time!!!

5-8 weeks post op update

During week 5 it was improvement all over from surgery. By week 6 I was feeling more like my old self again. I went to the gym for the 1st time this week. I ended up going 3 times during week six. I could only do 30 minutes of cardio (spinning but no holding body weight per dr) but felt really good to get back and finally do something! During week 6 I felt more normal and did gym 3x again. But I also started getting some swelling on the side of my left breast with mild pain. I waited few days because it seemed same not worse. Then by week 7 I had redness patches, raised portions of skin & vein, and pain. I saw my surgeon that Friday and was given cipro antibiotic for 10 days. However by Tuesday of week 8 I was in severe pain; breast, ribs, armpit, shoulder and back (all same side) I am going back to the dr this afternoon. (4 days after first visit for problem) I'm hoping to find relief soon and it's nothing more than a small superficial infection that will go away soon. But the pain is so intense it's the first time I've felt unsure about getting this surgery, for the first time during this whole recovery process.

Breast infection

Went in to dr this afternoon to check on my pain and swelling. I have a breast infection. Now I have to have my left implant removed after 57 days. Definitely a shock and not what I ever expected. It's very rare and unusual it happened so late in my recovery. I am now sitting in he hospital and waiting to be operated on tomorrow. I hope it goes well and I heal fast. This is scary....

Dr & team are great; post op has been a nightmare

I had my left implant removed & the infection scraped out and irrigated with antibiotics. Then a brand new implant exchanged in. After surgery I was supposed to be able to go home. However, the hospital had trouble getting my pain under control. It is the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. I would not wish upon my worst enemy. I didn't even know it wa possible to feel as much pain as I did. I've never been so horrified, scarred, helpless and desperate for relief. Finally when they found something that worked, I became unresponsive and the medication had to be immediately reversed.After trials of medication they found a combination of pain medication and timing of the medication that was able to keep the pain at bay. That made me more thankful than I can express. I had a PICC line put in the next day. The idea was so I could administer my own IV antibiotics (2 of them) 3 times a day for two weeks at home. I was able to go home that evening. My blood work came back from the first day of IV treatment and the second day they had to increase one of my IV dosages. That night I woke up with hives, rashes and swollen lips. I called the Dr and I took Benedryl. The next day they had a new delivery of a completely different IV antibiotic delivered (told me not to take my scheduled dose of drug that gave me reaction) and a nurse was sent over to make sure I would not have another reaction that could potentially be life threatening. About 17 minutes into new IV meds I had itchiness around my ears, chest, neck and sore throat. They stopped IV immediately and gave me more Benedryl. My allergy symptoms subsided. I was instructed to take more Benedryl in a few hours. The next step is I will go to an IV suite (outpatient) so I can be monitored there while other antibiotics are tried. I took my scheduled oral medication and went to bed. I woke up about 2.5 hours later in pain. (Which I haven't been in pain since at the hospital.) I could not take anything because it has been only a few hours since I've taken medication. My dosage is between 4-8 hours (depending on which medication it is) I had so much medication in my system, that makes me incredibly drowsy, I was able to go back to sleep even in pain. (Pain scale 6) I just woke up again 2 more hours later. I took the medicine I could to help. But now I'm in enough pain, I can't sleep. If I stay completely still, pain is tolerable (feels like 4 out of 10 on pain scale) I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow afternoon to remove my bandages, but I'm going to be calling first thing in the morning. I don't think this is s good sign. I pray this pain goes away and I recover soon. Although it was just bad luck that I got an infection, dealing with this has been excruciatingly painful, exhausting and frustrating, to say the least. I regret getting implants because of this infection. I hope I heal and feel better soon....

Bandages off; relief. Not out of the woods; but positive outlook

I was in a moderate amount of pain across both breasts Monday when I woke up. I had a scheduled follow up appointment and was able to get in even a little sooner. Because the pain was bad enough, and now across my whole chest, I was concerned something had gotten worse. By the time I arrived at he doctor in the afternoon, I was crying in pain. I had my bandages removed (5 days post-op) and they were both extremely painful, especially to any touching. However, the Dr said they looked good and it's so far a good outcome. He said I am not out of the woods but at least things are looking positive. Also they were able to identify the specific staph strain I was infected with. They changed my IV prescription. That night a nurse came to my home to make sure I wouldn't have a reaction to this one. All went well. Thank goodness! I was also by then feeling more relief because the bandages were off my chest. Although I had to take some pain meds, I was able to sleep 5 hours in a row. That hasn't happened in 10 days! During the day today was good overall. Some pain, but definitely manageable and I was able to take less narcotic and use more over the counter pain relief, instead. I went for a short walk to get the mail at the end of my driveway. The tiny bit of walking and fresh air helped. It did make me
Pretty tired and I ended up napping; no matter how small the distance was. My husband has been so supportive and taken really good care of me during this entire process, I am so happy and thankful he's been here for me! Crossing my fingers the IV antibiotics treat whatever is left over in me, and everything is all healed up!

Infection took over; left implant is being removed

The worst news I could get yesterday. I was doing seemingly well during the week. Then Friday I had more pain coming back in my chest. Saturday I had very red and yellow sore area on my breast. By the next day it was leaking blood and pus (not from an incision site) my JP drain was cloudy clotty. I called first thing in the Morning to see my surgeon. Poking, then squeezing and agonizing pain, the words I was dreading... We have to take the implant out. So surgery #3 is happening tomorrow morning. My left implant will be removed for 6 months. (I still have a right implant-that appears to have healed healthy) I will have a left breast "a" cup loose skinned and malformed... and right breast that will remain "DD". Per the surgeon the infection should heal quickly and I will finally be out of pain. I will shortly bes me to return to work, working out and normal activities by the next week or two. But my body will need to heal for a while to allow for another implant to be inserted. I had the breasts of my dreams for 72 days. And the Breast of a nightmare for 21 of those days. By day 73 I will have had 3 surgeries on my breast. I don't know how I will handle the next six months. Before my implants I was very self conscious. I can only imagine how I will be now. My family is going on a vacation in 5 weeks. I had been looking forward to going. I bought fun bathing suits (because I should have been healed from my surgery in December by then.) Now, I'll stay covered up in regular clothes & hope no one notices me. Hopefully I feel good and it won't matter what I look like. But I didn't get plastic surgery because I liked what I saw.... While my tummy tuck has went well (knock on wood even at this point) I regret getting implants. It was just bad luck, and could not have been predicted.... But boy do I have regret doing this... I was really loving my new body.... I hope nothing else goes wrong, 6 months passes quick and my next surgery is a success... I'm wondering if I should just have both implants removed and then some sort of reconstruction later... But neither of these are what I want...

Graphic infection photos

This is not to scare anyone. I've had excellent results with my tummy tuck (I've even lost weight- by healthy lifestyle only. Working with trainer and nutritionist for maximum benefits. I started before any surgery to make it a lifestyle. That part of me feels great. I'm at a healthy 118lbs) and that part of me also looks awesome. I feel good about that. And my right breast- perfect! But I want to be honest and share these infection photos because when it was happening to me, I couldn't find anyone relating to my situation. So if youve read my posts and seen the questions I've asked the Drs here, you can have information, that could be related to your situation, if you need it. Maybe you can be even quicker to catch it and be on the mend sooner and get the results you were seeking. I did all the right things but just drew the short straw this time. I have an amazing surgeon, I did the makeover for the right reasons and I do have a lot of positive outcomes and more to come. Just a bit of a set back. (My positive attitude now 8 hours before surgery is all due to my husbands support, comfort, positivity and love.)bill have ups and downs like we all do. My goal is to share my story and we'll all get through this together and look and feel incredible after! And that is exciting. With all this said, please note these photos were taken a few minutes ago and are nauseating and gross. So please do not look if you have a weak stomach or are easily grossed out. My ONLy purpose is to share information; in the hopes of someone is unsure and see/feels something similar they can relate, talk to their ps and make good decisions for their situation.

3rd Surgery Complete. Removed left implant

I only had my surgery yesterday morning to have my infected left implant removed. The good news is I already feel better. Way less pain than when it was in. Wayyyyy less. I have not seen myself with my implant removed and stil have the other one. Even though it's only been 24hours I already ordered a prosthetic and a couple special bras made for these situations. (Since I now only have one implant.) and a pocket that can be sewn in my bathing suit. (I'm supposed to go on vacation in 34 days!) I am trying hard to be positive but I feel like the next 4-6 months will be very hard emotionally. But it's all perspective, right? Things could always be worse, and my situation is now on track to get better. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm freaked out to see myself t the Drs office tomorrow... I'm not even sure I will look. But I'll have to shower and he dressed eventually....

August I can consult to get left breast back

I am happy with my tummy tuck and one breast I have is perfect. After 6 months I should be ok to get an implant in the left side. So in the meantime I'll workout like crazy and get I. The best shape I can. By my next birthday I will look amazing!

Back to running & healing well

I decided to focus on getting into the best shape I can while I wait for my next surgery. If I wear clothes you can't really tell because I wear a prosthetic. I posted a picture 1 year apart... Made good progress so far!

Suregery Scheduled for October!

I'm nervously excited- my surgery is scheduled for October. My left breast is healed and now they can re-implant. I might have been able to get surgery a little sooner, but I signed up for a half marathon. I want to finish that first. I am excited to finally have two breasts the same size again. Especially not one messed up side (left is A cup, right is DDD) It's a little less than a month a way so I'm mostly excited....

Why not add Lipo?

So I had my pre-op & blood work and in 12 day I have surgery. I couldn't stop thinking about adding some liposuction for my flanks\back. So I made a consult with my surgeon to see what he said. So now I'm adding that too. I'm very excited!!! The older I get the better I look!!

Post Op Day 1

Well surgery is over! Now time to heal up. I forgot how painful surgery is. But I am happy to have two same size breasts again! Plus I got some Lipo on my flanks/back. I am very excited to finally have the body I thought I'd never have! My husband took some pictures the other day before surgery. I'll post those and of what I look like under the bandages. But I actually haven't even seen anything. My dr will take off the bandages Thursday night. This post may not make complete sense. I just took pain meds and I think they're working... that and autocorrect- bah!

Going to dr for first follow up.

Well the pain is significantly less today. So I'm happy about that! I am getting up and walking around every so often to prevent clots. I still need a little help getting off the chair or couch. But if my pain keeps going down this much this soon, I will be ecstatic! I how by next week I can go for walks and get back to the gym. (Even if I can only walk the slowest pace.) I don't want to lose the habit of eating right and going to the gym. I am determined to make my body the best I can! I'm still tired pretty easy, but that's expected. When have time to postmore pictures I will. Especially like my tummy tuck scars and stuff. I'm surprised how well it's going away. I've been using the modern overnight cream (globbing it on) and I feel like it's working. Alright, enough of my chatty. I'll post again in the next few days.

No pain meds!

Well I feel even better today. I didn't need to take any pain meds. I'm sore, but not enough to need anything. Honestly the worst part today is I'm crazy itchy! From what I read itchy is pretty normal during healing. I've been able to get up and help myself. Only if I lay flat on my back I couldn't get up. So I'll stick to my recliner for now. I'm pretty swollen and can't see any Lipo results but I didn't expect to yet. This time I can actually lift my arms up to put in clothes. That's a huge plus! The first augmentation I was so sore I couldn't lift my arms. Hopefully I heal up quick and life finally goes back to normal.

Still bruised & swollen but overall very well!

My flanks and lower back are still swollen, bruised and tender. But healing is going along. My surgeon said I don't have to wear the binder anymore but I've been wearing it off and on. It helps provide a cushion between my skin and clothes and is more comfortable. My breast is also healing well. Almost zero pain. Just a little sore if it's squeezed or pressed. I have a band now to wear above to help settle it into the pocket and I am required to wear an underwire bra 24/7 to help the new crease. I was cleared to do upright bike exercise. But nothing else, no standing and I can't use my arms to lean on. I did 1/2 hour one day. Felt good, but boy was I tired that night. But we'll see how today goes. I'm posting a pic, but im still swollen. But still look pretty good for 9 days later (when photo was taken)

6 weeks today!

Today is 6 weeks since surgery. Im pretty much back to 'normal.' I started weight training lightly two weeks ago. And Ive been doing 45-90 minute workouts 5-6 times per week. This week I even started running again. I have to watch my eating better, but I am so happy and love the way I look now! Even though I had to go though a lot, that isn't typical, and at this point-was worth it in the end! Plastic surgery is an amazing thing!

5th Surgery...

I had a black spot on my right breast. It has some blue, like a bruise. But it didn't hurt. Just felt very thin skin. I went to the doctor Monday. He said it was urgent and I needed an acellular dermal matrix to fix it, otherwise my implant would come out through the skin. So I had surgery yesterday Morning. I haven't seen the result. I go back Friday for the post-op. Hopefully that settles that and Im good. No more surgeries! I got my original tummy tuck breast augmentation 1 year ago exactly yesterday. I did them both to only have surgery once. But Ive had very rare complications. I hope this was the last and I can fully enjoy my new body! Even though Ive had such problems, my results are stellar! And I finally love the way I look after having the tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lipo! I don't wish anyone to have to go through what I did. It was horrible. But I still would have gotten it done even knowing what I know now....

I hope today is a good day...

Thursday, two weeks post op of surgery #5, I was supposed to have my stitches out. I thought also I would be cleared for exercise. But the Dr. didn't like the way my wound was looking. They didn't want to pull the stitches out yet because it was a weak area to begin with. Also they asked about the redness I have on the wound. They gave me antibiotics and I was supposed to go back a week later. Well over the weekend my stitches have split and bled... so today I am making another trip to the Dr. I have made at least 24 trips there and it's 1.5 hours away. I should just move there at this point. Just kidding... hopefully this is all over soon and my biggest worry is what cute outfit to wear......

Back to Doc

I went back Monday because my stitches were opening more & bleeding. The doctor took 3 syringes of fluid out and sent to the lab for testing. I'm on my way back today for results and to see if/what we are doing about this wound situation....

Keep on chugging along

I've been to the doctor 2-3 times a week to check & drain over the past 6 weeks. Then I was restitched at one point.... Hopefully I'm getting n the mend and can just enjoy my new body. And get back to the gym! I am not allowed to do anything still. No vacuum, groceries, laundry- NOTHING. So I'm getting a little crazy. And worried all my not working out & over eating will start going bad... But I went tanning for the first time in two years today. It was a glorious 5 minutes. I bought a new suit to keep my scars still covered. I'm still using mederma and I've seen a big difference.
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