Will Be Having Lipo Done to arms (upper & lower) abs (upper & lower) bank (upper & lower) 'bra fat' area & inner thighs for 22k!

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I have a 4 session procedure scheduled for a full...

I have a 4 session procedure scheduled for a full body make over. I recently had a baby and gained 100 lbs! I have been trying to lose the excess weight for the past 6 months with no results, I keep losing and re-gaining the same 10lbs...it's been a horrible journey. I have finally decided to take matters to the next level and have the excess stored fat in my body professional removed via various methods of lipo. The doctor I met with has quoted me 22k (yup! $22,000) for the complete package. He will be starting with my arms (upper & lower, including wrists) and my inner thighs, 2nd session will be abs (upper, with front upper side), 3rd session will be abs (lower with front lower side) & 4th session will be back (upper, lower & sides). I was a bit hesitant at first to have this procedure done, it seems like so much work and the doctor refuses to touch my hips, butt & thighs (I had to insist on my inner thighs or I was going to walk), he thinks I have a lovely shape and doesn't want to do anything to ruin that. (Not to mention he specializes in fat transfer so he basically earns his living transferring fat into the hips/butt/thigh region).

Does anyone feel that I am being taken advantage of? Does anyone know if this price is reasonable for the amount of work I am getting done? I have obtained a second opinion and at first they refused to operate on me at all (being I am 250+lb), the one doctor that would operate said he would only do the upper ab for $4,000 1 session only.

What do you guys think?
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