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Hey Beauties! I have decided to get a...

Hey Beauties!

I have decided to get a dimpleplasty. Fortunately, for me this procedure is pretty popular in my area. Popular enough for me not to have to fly anywhere...Yaaa! I'm so tired of looking up flights, hotels, aftercare etc. This one should be a breeze.

The procedure is 20-30 minutes and you can return to work in one day. I'm super excited. I have narrowed it down tot he best two doctors in NY (in my opinion of course). Dr Amiya Prasad from Prasad Cosmetic Surgery and Dr Robert Goldstein from Bronx Plastic Surgery. I'm leaning toward Amiya Prasad due to his great placement and positioning on the cheeks.

Here come pics, wish pics, and pics of the doctors work!

Dr Amiya Prasad's Work

I love his positioning and balanced placement of the dimples. However, notice how the majority of his patients have a subtle change

Dr Robert Goldstein's Work

I love how his dimples have different shapes, sizes and depths depending on the client's wants.


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