29 Y.o. Food Baby Removal. New York, NY

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I'm young and have had no children. I was always...

I'm young and have had no children. I was always asked if I was pregnant and frankly my sprit couldn't take it anymore.
I had a short screening process, the suppor staff is extremely helpful... I can text the assistant anytime!
The procedure itself was uneventful sans one moment when I was poked really hard and I woke up ... This is actually the exact spot in having trouble with now.

I'm told I'll have a follow up in one month.


I was given an xl garment which was comfortable week one given the bruising.

My sister had traditional lipo fine in Colombia and brought back some size medium garments which I was able to wear week 2 for a good amount of hours before the discomfort was too unbearable.

It's three weeks in and I now find the xl too loose, medium too snug. Also my coworker asked me if I was expecting. I should have just skipped the lipo and made a sign :|

I ordered a size large garment from a Colombian manufacturer... Let's hope this works out.

I finally see change

So the garment from Colombia is super tight. I had to take it off after two hours. Aak

I have a picture of my progress.

Does anyone know where I can get lymphatic massages in ny?

Did I make a huge mistake

Things have gotten lumpy. I'm so worried. I'm completely uneven. I'm going back to my doctor on Thursday to do velashape at the recommendation of my center.


Well, the more time that goes by the more I think that I ruined my body.

I went last week and I was given vela shape which very minimally helped the contour issues I was having. I was only 3 weeks post op and it hurt too much. I hope to go again next week.

the swelling comes and goes. This dent is only getting worse.

Almost done

I will post images soon.

I've done five rounds of velashape which defiantly helped the contour issues I was having. It's nearly gone. Even so, I still feel hard lumps on one side over the other.

I would say this procedure is worth it but results don't show for three months. Be prepared to cut drinking down significantly and to invest in velashape.

I still haven't received a call from the surgeons office fur a follow up. Probably Bc I did consent to marketing images. I still have a bone to pick with them Bc they told me to insertion sites and did like 6!

Over a year later

It's been over a year

1- overall my body shape has changed. Yes I don't look pregnant any more

2- for about a year your body looses its natural elasticity. If you wear tight clothes your body stays indented like clay.

3- I now look like I have cellulite beneith my bra line. Not a huge deal but I see it.

4- I never before had back rolls and now I do. I was always square shaped and now that there's a waist the rolls formed.

5- my hips are uneven. They're just different shapes. It's noticeable if I wear any jersey fabric dresses

6- I gained 10 pounds in the first year but now that I'm exercising the weight is coming down fast and in the right places. I honestly think gaining weight helps fill out other parts like my butt. I'm happy with my over all shape now.
Dr. Allan A. Levin

Too soon to tell but I'm getting nervous. I was specifically told I would have only two incisions and he did like six! I went last week to get my stitches removed and he forgot one. I have a dent in one of my hips that's three fingers wide and so far I'm told it's normal and too soon to tell.

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