34 Year Old with Rosacea - I Finally Found Some Help!!! - New York, NY

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Dr. Harvey Jay treated my rosacea about 1.5 months...

Dr. Harvey Jay treated my rosacea about 1.5 months ago and I'm very happy with the results. I have suffered from Rosacea since I was about 13 years old. Every time I went to a doctor, they would tell me there was no cure for rosacea and prescribe me something that just ended up irritating my skin rather than helping it. After years of research I finally found a dermatologist who actually could help me. I got treated by Dr. Jay with IPL about a month ago and the treatment has already made a difference. I have a decrease in flushing and redness and for the first time in years I'm not embarrassed to leave the gym because of my redness!

I'm going for another treatment in about 3 weeks and will write updates on my progress.
New York Dermatologist

I like the fact that it's always Dr. Jay who treats you. I feel like a lot of dermatologists have PAs or nurses treat you with the doctor there to "supervise" and they end up charging you the same amount.

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