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Hi, hope someone can answer me on this! I want to...

Hi, hope someone can answer me on this! I want to undergo a rhinoplasty, my nose is just fine, I just want to narrow the tip a tiny tiny tinyyyyy bit. I am searching online for good plastic surgeons, but the more I read, the more unsure I get... IT DOESNT MATTER WHERE HE LIVES. USA Europe Asia... As far as I know, nose tip rhinoplasties are the most difficult. I was thinking about Raj Kanodia, but I read some horrible reviews about him on realself, so I don´t know.. Then I thought about Sam Rizk in New York, but I dont know, there were not that many reviews. Then I heard about dr Gregoriants, but the noses he makes looks a bit articificial and too small maybe.. Someone suggested Nazim Cerkes in Turkey, I cannot find any reviews about him. Please tell me if you recommend any? Jason Diamond??? Any surgeon can remove the hump of Your nose. But tip surgery is the most difficult!

Rhinoplasty with Dr Ramtin Kassir

Trying again. I've narrowed it to two plastic surgeons, dr Ramtin Kassir in NYC or dr Vladimir Grigoryants. I think Grigoryants' work look a little bit "done" and unnatural. It seems he removes too much of the nose away! And that scares me. Dr Kassir's work seems impeccable but his before and afters are usually just after 1 week, and they do look good then, but I'm afraid after further reduction of the swelling, the noses may be too small. Please tell me what you think? Also dr Swartout seems good but there are literally NO realself reviews!

Celebrity Rhinoplasty

Does anyone know which plastic surgeon all these celebrities go to? Rihanna has clearly narrowed her nose. Alicia Keys had a ethnic nose and now it's not ethnic anymore. Beyoncé had a wider nose with a more bulbous tip. Kendall Jenner. Kim Kardashian. And the list goes on. I want to know who performed these rhinoplasties because they are well done! Does anyone know? Raj Kanodia? Grigoryants?

I was supposed to undergo a rhinoplasty by dr...

I was supposed to undergo a rhinoplasty by dr Grigoryants, as we all know he is the top nose surgeon! But because of the new law now, I cannot enter the US . So I'm thinking about doing the rhinoplasty in Iran or the Middle East. Some of the before and afters of the Iranian surgeons scare me, because the noses are too small and look artificial. My nose is just fine, I just don't like the bulbous tip. So I am scared but at the same time I want to get this done. Any suggestions?

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