Rhinoplasty and Septum Correction -New York, N

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So I had a septum surgery with tip correction in...

So I had a septum surgery with tip correction in 2008... had a little bump in nose but was afraid to get black eyes so I didn't correct it.... now 2013, I still have breathing problems and hated my bump and felt like my nose was misshapen... went to a few ENTs and they said I needed an open rhinoplasty (where they make an incision between nostrils). I went back to my original surgeon and he said he would fix it... so I had surgery on Feb 26... stitches in between nostrils and a hard plastic cast over nose for a week.. just got everything removed today. So I was lucky had no bruising. Even though. Bone was broken but the congestion and headaches are no joke. I recommend highly. To Ice ice ice your face after surgery... I really think that helped. The third day was horrible with swelling I was panicking and looked awful!!!!! But today a week later I have very little swelling.. still very congested and have headaches that feel like horrible sinus pressure but it was worth it. My nose is not a drastic change but bump is gone and it just looks better.. I have no idea what condition the inside of my nose is but overall I'm happy

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