22 Years Old, a South Indian Male Who Has Been Considering This Surgery for a Long Time - New York, NY

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I've been looking into this surgery for many years...

I've been looking into this surgery for many years now and only am now deciding to take the plunge.

To describe my nose, it's very wide (huge nostril flare) when I smile and it's also not perfectly straight. I have a very bulbous tip and also a dorsal hump which I'm hoping to have shaved down. So a few things- I want my nostril width to be reduced, my front profile to be straightened, my dorsal hump to be shaved down, and also my bulbous tip to be shaved down a bit as well. Does this all sound like too much? I don't know enough about this surgery to really be able to tell you which is why I'm posting this in the hopes that someone can assist me better.

I'm also looking for some people to message with and show my before and after mockups to see if they think I should take the plunge as well. Thank you!


I'm talking with this doctor in the Beverly Hills and he sounded genuine on the phone (was honest that I wouldn't get the perfect results I wanted) but he's pushy. He also hasn't had that much exp in his practice (only 40 rhinos, but 400 rhinos over past years) so I'm not too sure. But the gallery on his site looked very good, and he's done 10 south asian rhinos already. Anybody have suggestions? I will PM you his name if you want.
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