Hollow Eyelids - New York, NY

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As we age we loose fatty tissue especially around...

As we age we loose fatty tissue especially around and above the Eyelid which make the brow bone more visible. most people dont even know you can fill it up with Restylane and think they need surgery but....stop... 

Dr Yang has specialized himself in creating the fullness of your eyelids again and i can tell you i have been treated for it since 4 years with great results. I am happy dr Yang exactly knows what to do he is an artist ! not a miracle because he has taking art classes so he knows everything about the fat loss and where he should inject it. So when he injected me with restylane, which is totally harmless. i regained my youth full eyes and eye lids again and making my strong eye brow not prominent anymore. I have done a full syringe about 1cc in the begining and i come back every other 18 months to touch up wih half a syringe. So even i would move to a different state or country i would fly out to see dr yang for treatments and touch up. of course easy to say for me as i am an airline pilot:) No body else can touch my face except Dr. Yang !

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