28 Yrs Old, 145 Lbs, 5'4", Transaxillary, 350-375cc

I've always been interested in a BA but never had...

I've always been interested in a BA but never had the guts to do it. Finally, I've decided to go for it. I've been to 3 consultations (2 female doctors, 1 male doctor) and they were all great. I am going with the male doctor most likely, as he offers transaxillary surgery option and has done the most BA's and best results in my opinion, based on photos I've seen. I'm going to finalize my surgery date tomorrow.

I'm currently a 34A / B with some asymmetry, so I want that corrected and would like to be a full C/small D. We're most likely going with Natrelle Gel Round Moderate Plus Profile silicone implants 350 - 400cc depending on what will fix the asymmetry. I'm a bit nervous about getting the surgery and the results but know that most likely I'll be happy.

Will keep you all posted on my journey.

Before Photos

Going for my final consultation today to ask some questions, then in going to lock the date in. January!

Reposting Photo of Before

Date is Booked!

Jan 12, can't wait! Here's another before in a bra. So I can put it side by side with my after in Jan! This is in a 34A bra, no padding.

Less than one month to go!

I'm excited! Here's another before, in a VS sports bra. Looking forward to posting an after in this as well :)

One more

Front view before

Front view before

One more

Post Op Day Of / Day One

I did it and am almost officially one day post op. The procedure itself was very quick and I was in and out of the doctors office in less than 3 hours. No nausea from the anesthesia which is great.

First few hours home, I was a little loopy but I had some food and took a nap, felt better after that. Definitely feeling chest pressure which has now moved into sharper pain under my incisions near my lats. Chest tightness is still there but not pain as much as it just feels like pressure.

As a reminder I had a transaxillary BA done, 350cc in the left breast and 400cc in the right breast. Moderate plus profile, cohesive silicone gel. I'm wearing a surgical bra but took a peek and even though they are high and tight I think I made a great choice size wise. Can't wait for them to get softer and drop into place.

I took my painkillers every 4-5 hours yesterday and a muscle relaxer at night. This morning I will start my antibiotics and keep taking pain meds and muscle relaxers. The meds wear off after 4-6 hours so I will start to get sharper pains and feel stiffer at those times but overall, the pain has been tolerable. Just laying on my couch napping and relaxing for the most part and bf is a great caretaker.

I have drains coming out of each incision that I will get removed on Monday, so 4 days following surgery. We emptied them about 4 times yesterday so I'm glad they are draining blood and fluid from the pockets. My left breast is draining faster and the swelling is more reduced on that side. Partly because I think that's that's side your heart is on so more blood pumping through. That implant is smaller too so it will feel less swollen than the larger one at this point. Doctor called to check in last night. And I'm scheduling my Monday follow up today.

Will post some photos later and let you know if anything changes in the next day or two.

Post Op Day 1

Today I started antiobiotics, in addition to pain meds and muscle relaxers. I take them with food and haven't had any nausea. Definitely bloated but it's not too bad. It does suppress my appetite so I need to pay attention to when I eat.

The pain in the front of my chest was pretty noticeable this morning as I hadn't taken a pain med in 5 hours, it went away about 30 mins later though.

My drains are filling pretty regularly, we have emptied them 5 times or so already. The left side is still draining faster so my right dominant side is the more swollen one.

Now it's manageable and I am going to take a snooze since I only slept about 5-6 hours last night.

Here's a photo from the front and side. I think they don't m look that big right now not 350-400cc at least, but once the swelling goes down and they settle I think it will be a great size.

Post op day 3

I had my surgery on Thursday morning, it's been 3 days since then. The pain was probably the worst on Friday night / Saturday morning. I got a much better night's sleep last night and can sleep for 4 hours or more now, though still on my back.

When the painkillers wear off or when I wake up, I am usually stiff and in the most pain. Especially under my right armpit incision, on the side of my breast, where I get shooting pains. That side had a bigger CC implant and my breast was smaller so it makes sense that it hurts more but it really is a bitch sometimes.

I try to walk around the apt or down the street a bit when I'm feeling ok, which has been good.

Bf is a great caretaker, we have mostly been sitting around the couch watching movies or shows. I'm finally getting my drains taken out tomorrow which I think will help me feel a lot better and back on the track to normal.

I've been taking muscle relaxers and antibiotics too, no nausea and while it suppresses my appetite, my stomach is feeling ok overall. I can tell my left breast has dropped a bit more and is softer than the right side (the more painful one). Drains are still being emptied 2-3 times a day though the liquid is less blood and more a mixture of blood and fluids so it's not as red.

I can't wait to shower and take this bra off for a bit longer, hopefully tomorrow!

Post Op Day 5

I went back to work today. I have an office job so it's not too strenuous. I went to the dr yesterday to get the drains removed and for a post op appointment. Doctor said everything is looking great and gave me a band to wear until our next appt in 3 weeks. I find the band to be uncomfortable but I've been wearing it about 50 % of the time.

So so happy my drains are out. I just feel so much more normal and I finally got to see my incisions which look to be healing nicely. I also got to shower which was wonderful. Still sleeping on my back but it's not too bad. Can usually sleep through most of the night.

In the morning. I definitely feel stiffer. My boobs feel a little tingly and muscles are spasming when I do things like open a door or pick something up. It's a weird sensation but not very painful, just odd.

My left side is still slightly higher but it should drop and even soon. No massaging yet, no underwire bras so I have been wearing my surgical or no bra with the strap. Just need to keep wearing the band.

I was told I can start applying scar cream in a week or so too. I have just been taking my antibiotics, muscle relaxers and Advil every 6 hours. Today was the first day without pain meds and it was ok. I didn't miss them much.

10 Days Later

Feeling pretty back to normal now. Find that I am more tired than usual but off the pain meds and finished antibiotics, so I'm working on full arm mobility and regaining my strength.

My breasts are starting to soften, I can squeeze them and push them together now. Excited to continue the D&F process.

Still get numbness and tinglyness in the mornings, throughout the day and as I put on or take off my strap. My surgeon said it's fine to just wear it at night so that's what's I've been doing. I've added one laying down photo for a different angle.
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