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I was quite nervous but my appointment because I...

I was quite nervous but my appointment because I read that for some people, it was really painful. The numbing needles poked me 20-something times and to me, that was the most painful part. But I also have previous experience from Dysport injections (which was mostly ineffective due to probably not enough dysport used, that cost me $800.) Depending on the area of injection, it was either a light tingling or a really sharp pinch. But I survived that part though my eyes teared up a bit.

The procedure itself afterwards were not painful at all, some parts were uncomfortable but it lasted only a few seconds. From this, I think the Dermatologist used the lowest level because my sweating isn't severe and I'm rather small in person. I think that's where she made a mistake.

Because after the procedure, I am still sweating like before and plus I am still slightly swollen/have bumps on my armpits. But I am waiting to hear back from her - it's only been two weeks - and I am hoping that after my second procedure, I will be sweat-free. But since I am still sweating, I want them to move my second appointment up because I have to go to school in the Fall and it's already almost August.

Actually, for me, I wasn't that uncomfortable the days following the procedure which means that it wasn't strong enough? I didn't ask about the levels - I am going to assume it was level 1 because it didn't take a long time and it was very comfortable except for the numbing needles. And afterwards, I was swollen and a little bruised. I was hurting the first day so I iced the area like crazy. But after that first day, I was completely fine. Didn't lose any sleep at all over any aching. And I read that for some people, it could be really painful and really uncomfortable.

I recommend this procedure but make sure to ask for a higher level? Even for me, level 1 should have worked but it didn't and I feel like I went through the discomfort for nothing. I will update soon. :)

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