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So I did a tremendous amount of research for...

So I did a tremendous amount of research for months before I selected Dr. Guida. I was more inclined to travel to LA to get a surgeon who had done a lot of ethnic rhinoplasties, as I have an ethnic nose. Upon meeting Dr. Guida, my consultation was very brief, 30 min max. as he was rushing to meet another client after. He took a few photos on his big camera, uploaded them and we discussed what was wrong with my nose. I had a deviated septum, bulbous tip, and droopy nose. My main objective was to get a symmetrical nose in comparison to my face, not an over-exaggerated nose job, no piggy nose, and to fix my droopy tip and make it more sharp. I've never had breathing problems so the septum I could have cared less for but it seems that was what the Dr. focused on more. I was happy to hear when they told me my insurance would cover half of the amount. Which wasn't true, months after my surgery I realized I ended up paying $8000 not the promised $6000 on the paper Dr. Guida's staff wrote. I always felt rushed during my meetings with Dr. Guida, the staff never responded back to my calls or emails. I would always receive an email the night or day before I had surgery or before a payment was due. It didn't seem professional at all. I still went along with it because of the positive reviews I read online. My biggest regret is not bringing photos with me to show the Dr. what "I actually wanted". I understand Rhinoplasty is part art and part surgery, but Dr. Guida's vision of my art was not the same. Neither did Dr. Guida come prepared into the consultation with photos. I felt rushed always and just another patient. 

The moments leading up to my surgery, I met with Dr. Guida again, as he calmed my nerves, but again not an opportunity to re-discuss what we would be doing or to see photos, as I was lying on a bed with my pre-surgery gown on. Never did I see Dr. Guida after my surgery to let me know it all went well. I was sent home. Normally the doctor greets the family member or guest of the patience to review how the surgery went. My father is a heart surgeon so when he did not see Dr. Guida after my surgery, as he was in the waiting room, he was pretty shocked. The healing of my nose went well, despite the emotional roller-coaster. The cast removal was an easier process than I imagined. I wasn't sent a pre-goodies or post-goodies kits (lotions, creams, pain med) like everyone else I knew getting rhinoplasties for a fraction of mine, so that was kind of a shocker again considering the high cost, but again that was the least of my concerns. I communicated with Dr. Guida throughout the next few months, by visiting him again after 3 months and conveying that I wasn't pleased. Until now, I am not 80% satisfied, as my nose is swaying towards one side, quite obvious, and I still have a bulbous tip. I just wish my goals were attended to properly. I don't have the tip I want, and I understand the tip is the last part...but it has been 6 months. 

I'm not a candidate for revision as I will have to wait the full year. I am totally considering revision but certainly not with Dr. Guida. I will probably look for a doctor who I originally envisioned in LA who deals with ethnic noses and is more skilled with plastic surgeries. Again, I don't care if I have to pay $8k or $12k for my revision, but if Dr. Guida did a good job I would have selected him for my revision. I felt Dr. Guida is great for those typical older, New York, rich, multiple plastic surgery patients, who are looking for a quick nip tuck. But for a young female like myself looking for a natural nose that is symmetrical and probably the ONLY plastic surgery I will never get in my life, he's not the right doctor for me. Again, I am so glad that I can breathe, have no sinus problems, and nothing was botched, I am grateful for that...but the fact that the goal I had envisioned was not met, spent probably the highest amount possible for a rhinoplasty, the quick rush consultations, and the lack of care or attention of the staff, definitely doesn't make me consider going to him for my revision. He's a nice guy but when someone is slicing and dicing your nose, nice doesn't cut it (no pun intended). Again my advice to all the young females, do YOUR RESEARCH, bring photos, look at your doctor's RECENT photos (within the past months), and assess how his staff is, as you will be dealing with them from start to finish. You can get a pretty good judgment after meeting a few times with your doctor. Don't just meet him once, meet him at least 2 times to get a good feel if you think he understands what you want. Good luck!

uneven nostrils - 6 months post

uneven nostrils - post 6 months

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