I'm Back & Ready To Get This Surgery Done!!!!!!!!!! Will Schedule For Aug/Sept. 2015

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So, I recently had a myomectomy because I had a...

So, I recently had a myomectomy because I had a large fibriod the size of a bowling ball removed from my uterus. I'm in my early 30's and is ready to LIVE again after having that large baby removed from my uterus...lol. I have appts @Harlem Hospital on 6/16th and on 3/5th I have appts @Mount Sinai & NYEE. I haven't made appts at Lenox & Jacobi Hospitals. If anyone have any feedback please help!! I'm starting a cleanse for 30 days to lose some weight fast and to kick start my weight loss. I will post b4 and after pics soon.

Yily or Duran for May/June 2014

I'm looking to have BBL, BA, Lipo: Arms, Armpits, Back, Flanks, Stomach & Inner Stomach. I just sent Dr. Yily a message on whatsapp. I'm waiting on a response. I will try to call office tomorrow. I'm looking for other RS Dolls going to DR in May/June.

Got Quote From Yily Same Day!!

I just got quote from Dr. Yily. I'm still waiting on Dr. Duran & Dr. Baez. My quote is $4500: BBL ( I already have a big donk, but why waste my good fat from lipo:-)), BA (Full C with high grade silicone), Lipo: Armpits, Back, Stomach & Flanks. I am planning on adding arms & inner thighs for a total of $600 ($300 for each additional location) bringing my total to $5100.00

I'm planning on going the end of May or beginning of June! I haven't booked as yet I'm still waiting on Dr. Duran & Baez! Are there any Yily Dolls planning to go in May/June 2014?!

Additional Info From Dr. Yily

As per Dr. Yily she will not operate on anyone with BMI over 35 or Hgb levels below 12.0!!!! So if you are planning on going to Dr. Yily this spring or summer.......start with a clean diet. & exercising. Good Luck:-).

I'm still looking for other Yily Dolls!!!!!!

Wish Pics....

In Love With Dr. Almonte Website!!!

I love the fact her website is in both Spanish/English and soooo easy to navigate. Why aren't there more pics and reviews from this dr?

I'm in love with Laura at Dr. Robles office.....so informative!!!!!!!

Ok.....I'm always delighted when I'm giving thorough information from start to finish. Love that my email was responded to immediately with detailed info. Love it:-)

Almonte & Robles Dolls!!!! Where are you!? We need some pics & feedback:-)

Calling all Dr. Almonte & Dr. Robles Dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Baez Quote

So I just got Dr. Baez quote of $4600. BBL/BA with lift, lipo: arms, abdomen, back, flanks & inner thighs. Including surgery meds & one compression outfit. Pick up from airport, evaluation by cardiologist, labs, follow ups, and they offer stage 2 compression garment for $150. Massages are not included. I'm still waiting on a Duran, Almonte & Robles.

Got Quote from Vanity Cosmetics

So I just to Priscilla from Vanity Cosmetics in MIA. I received a quite only for BBL of $4000 for Dr. Fisher. BA is $3k but must be done separately. Idk I think I'm sticking DR.

B4 Pics

Here are some b4 pics:-(


I honestly was not going to add pics but I decided to b/c w/o pics from other RS I would not have made any informative decisions about PS in a foreign country or in US. So thanks to all the RS girls:-)

I will add more later on b/c I know this will be helpful to some1 else.

Dr. Almonte Finally Respond via email!!!!!!

Ok so I finally got a respond from Dr. Almonte via email. I sent my pics so I'm waiting for a quote. I kind of like Dr. Almonte because it seems like she really care for her patients & says "No" to certain procedures. However, Idk how aggressive she is with lipo. I mean if I'm going ALL the way to DR for surgery I want to be snatch!! Lol.......

Hemoglobin and Red Blood Cells are low:-(

I have to start getting my Iron levels up ASAP:-( I'm having surgery tomorrow on my tonsils and my Hgb levels is 10.1. & RBC is 3.78 the normal range is 3.80 - 5.10. Idk if it is this low as a result of my menstrual cycle just ending, I gave a lot of work to do if I want to have surgery in DR in June 2014!!!!

Torn between Dr. Baez & Dr. Yily

I'm just torn between these 2 docs!!!! Idk which one I will choose. I sent Dr. Baez an email to confirm date but still no response:-(. My Hgb & RBC levels r extremely low!!! I have to work on getting these levels up. I'm starting another cleanse soon. Hope to lose 20-30 lbs. also starting JM 90 days revolution to get fit so my Revovery will be quick.

Happy Valentine's Day To All My RS Sisters!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's to all!!!

Yily Has No Dates In August to September 21, 2014!!!!!

So, I got a reply from Yily to confirm my date. FYI: to all future Yily dolls..... There's no dates remaining in August 2014 to September 21st, 2014!!!!!!!!

Yily Multiple Surgeries Daily!!!

Idk but is it possible 4 Dr. Yily to do more than 4 Surgeries daily. Doesn't her hand, arms & fingers hurt??? I mean if each surgery is max 4 hrs starting @6:30am in morning how is this possible? Some1 else must be assisting her!!!!
1st Surgery- 6:30-10am
2nd Surgery - 11am - 3pm
3rd Surgery - 4 - 7pm
4th Surgery - 8 - 11pm .....wtf...lol
As anyone had surgery @8pm @night?????... Lol

Starting JM 90 Days Revolution & 30 -Days on Master Cleanse on 2/24!!!!!

B4 starting I will take some b4 pics to document my journey. I have to get my BMI under 35.0. I'm also going to order all my supplements and start taking them early b/c my Hgb & RBC's are low.

Gd luck 2 all the RS sisters on their journeys!!!!

Only The Truth....So Don't F...w/me.....31 yr old dies from Surgery w/ Cabral !!!

Please don't come on my page w/ur BS. I'm just sharing info after MY research!!!! As per an article in NYPOST.com not recent 31 yr. old Erika Hernandez died 17 Days after having surgery w/ dr. Hector Cabral. They got his pic in the article. There was a trial but he was only fined and sent back to DR to continue his practice. Trust me I was shocked reading this shit!!!!!! BIBLE!!!! Google it yourself.

Sticking w/Vanity Cosmetics: Dr. Fisher

I'm now thinking about getting only liposculpture & BA.

New Bloodwork

I recently had my labs done and my Hgb is now 11.2 which better & Rbc is 4.58. Hopefully by June my Hgb will be over 12 or 13. My BMI is very high. I'm 5'1" and my BMI is 42. I'm presently finally starting my cleanse so I will have an update of my BMI every 7 days. Plan to have liposculpture and BA @Vanity Cosmetics in June just crossing my fat little fingers...lol

Just read....Yily patient died.

Idk the details. But I just read that one of Yilys patient just died. I think she was staying @Armonicas and she had a septic infection and died. So saddddd!!!!

Update: The young lady that recently died her RS name was wantacherrybum.

Her sister shakinah aka sisterless is posting on losetowin page. You can contact her there. The young lady's name is Nadira Ahmad and her surgery was on March 15th. May god rest her soul. My condolences once again to her entire family & friends.

CG Cosmetics

I'm now thinking about CG Cosmetics. I'm doing some research to see these PS work on realself. If there are any RD sisters out there that had surgery at CG Cosmetics. Please hit up my page. Thanks!!!

No More Vanity Cosmetics!!!!!!

Thanks JazeQtNeedzABooty for sharing this info!!!! No more VANITY COSMETICS for me!!!

DR. Ortega will be my new P.S.!!!!
I'm not getting a BBL but this is for all the RS Sisters that are considering BBL!!!!!

Please see quotes below:

Imagenes Cosmetics.... $3,500 including lipo, bbl, consultation, labs, anesthesia, follow-up visits, garment

CG Cosmetics.... $5,000 (4,500 special)
Includes lipo, bbl, anesthesia, consultation, labs, follow-up visits.

Spectrum Aesthetics.... $5,999
Includes lipo, bbl, 5-day stay at recovery house, garment, 2 post-op massages, anesthesia, consultation, labs, follow-up

Happy 4th Of July RS Sisters!!!!!!!

To all my RS Sisters...."Happy 4th Of July"!!!!!!! Enjoy and be safe!!!!!!!!!!!


RS Sisters I need ur assistance! How can you report these solicitors from posting on your page?

More Pics....

I don't know now..I'm thinking about doing a lil bbl...lol not only aggressive lipo. Maybe just a couple of cc's in each cheek (500cc) just for a lil more projection what do u think?

More Projection?

Should I get more projection or just my aggressive lipo. I know I really don't need it but a couple of cc's in each cheek won't hurt anyone? Right..lol:-)

Prices: Ortega Prices = Fisher Prices

All of a sudden CG Cosmetics, Imagenes Cosmetics & Spectrum Aesthetics (Dr. Ortega is affiliated with all 3 Facilities) are all comparable with Vanitys Prices. There prices in April/May was $1k lower than Vanity's. I still love Imagenes Cosmetics customer service. Plus they will do a price match. So, RS Sisters...if you found a cheaper price for BA, BBL or liposculpture...they will do a price match:-)

Help: What other vitamin should I purchase w/Floradix to get my Iron Up????

Please help!!! I just purchased 500ml Floradix liquid Iron from Amazon. Is there anything else I can/should purchase for help increase my iron levels? Thanks and how long does it take to see some improvement? In Feb 2014 my Hgb levels was 10.1!!! I need it up to 12.0 by November for surgery. Thanks:-)

Ordered: sublingual B12 Tablets, Floradix w/ Herbs & 800mcg of Folate

I'm going to use these three vitamins for 30 days & then get a full physical and see if my levels increase. If not, I might get shots & prescriptions from my PCP. Will update in 30 days after arrival. Please I'm still seeking any suggestions thanks:-)

Hgb level is actually 11.2 & RBC 's levels are normal

So I found my old labs from 3/14 and my Hgb levels is 11.2. So I'm not far from 12.0 for surgery in November. Yes!!! I just received my floradix w/herbs from amazon. Damn amazon is quick. I just placed the order this Sunday.

Out of Shape!!! Insanity Fit Test Almost Killed Me!!!!!

Damn......This is my 2nd attempt @insanity last time was in 2013. Damn being overweight & out of shape is no joke:-(. On tomorrow is day 2. Oh...I ordered is damn waist cincher. How the hell you get this shit on?????

Back On Track With My Surgery Journey!!!!

Hello My Honey Bunches????

A lot of occurred since on last post on RS. I became extremely ill with blood clots and unfortunately gained an additional 18 lbs. increasing the amount I need to loss prior to surgery. I have been in recent contact with Luz a coordinator from Imagenes Surgery Center in MIA, FL. Dr. Ortega is still the surgeon in currently considering. They are a bit confuse at this facility in terms of their pricing and Dr. Ortega's availability. I have been off of RS for awhile....so, if anyone of you lovely ladies can assist with me the current facilities Dr. Ortega is performing surgeries at...I would greatly appreciate it????. Right now I'm only considering aggressive liposculpture in 12-areas including entire back, stomach, flanks and arms. The quote I was given was $3200. No BBL at the moment. I will see how my body looks as the lbs. fall off.

Current Body Shots

Since my last post in Aug. 2014, I have lost a total of 45 lbs. I'm presently doing T25 workout. I'm 42 lbs. away from getting BMI to 32.0 the requirement for surgery. Will provide photo updates weekly On Sunday's. Good luck to all my RS honey bunches on their weightloss journey.

Vanity Cosmetics Special - 12 Areas with BBL => $3500.00!!!!!!!!!!!

Brazilian Butt Lift plus 12 liposuction areas. From $ 3500. Offer ends: 05/31/2015. Get 12 areas of liposuction (right and left side, lower and upper abdomen, right and left waist,upper & lower back side) and Brazilian Butt Lift from $3500. Special offer for limited time. Offer valid now through May 31. Prices may vary by doctor.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega at Imagenes Cosmetics

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