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I had the sciton microlaser all over my face with...

I had the sciton microlaser all over my face with additional deeper profractional laser to treat acne scarring on my cheeks and lines around my mouth. The dermatologist indicated at least a 50% improvement for the scarring. The procedure itself was managed with pain medication etc. so was not too uncomfortable however the heat that developed in my face for about 20 minutes at the end of the procedure was very difficult to tolerate and I remember promising myself I would never again do something like this to myself. The next day I could not believe how blown up and swollen my face was. I looked like a burn victim and there was oozing for 2 days. I had done a lot of research about sciton laser online, including watching online diaries of folks that have had sciton laser, and nothing prepared me for how bad my face would look and how messy the recovery would be. It all healed in five days with some redness for the following week. I can honestly say that apart from some improvement in the skin tone there has been no improvement at all in scarring etc. I've had the same result from a TCA peel in the past at much lower cost. My husband agrees that the scars have not improved. It actually looks like there is some new scarring that I'm hoping is temporary. I don't regret doing it as I had hoped it would work but am disappointed with the result.

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