Laser Lipo 23 Yr Old - New York

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I have always been active. I like working out. My...

I have always been active. I like working out. My arms and legs are easily toned but I have a problem with my stomach. I wanted to be able to get that very lean look so I decided to do laser lipo. I stopped working out 3 months prior to and I gained some weight. At the time of my procedure I was about 176lbs. I am still waiting to see some results however it has only been a week. My expectations were to be curvier and flat. I haven't seen that as yet l, I actually look bigger than before

23 Year Old

I am worried my laser lipo didn't work. I do not look like the pics
I've seen with results. I was never fat so my results should be seen by
now. I just had some stubborn fat. I'm upset at my lack of results or
very slow results if any. It's depressing knowing I spent so much money
and nothing worked

7 weeks post laser lipo very little to no results

Here is my update. I generally look smaller in the morning so I took it as soon as I got up. I have very little to no results. I'm almost two months in so I know I'll probably need revision
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