New to Invisalign, Could Use Some Advice - New York, NY

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I just started my invisalign two weeks ago, and so...

I just started my invisalign two weeks ago, and so far I am pretty happy. I would agree that they are almost completely invisible, no one has noticed them unless i've told them. My biggest concern once I started wearing them was the lisp I had developed, but it seems to have pretty much gone away at this point (Although it did take almost two weeks)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if you develop a lisp with each new set, is this something to look forward to? haha. Does each new set also cause the discomfort the first set did? (With sharp edges causing little cuts in my mouth?)

Also, can someone please explain these buttons or attachments to me. I like my orthodontist but he did not explain to me that anything would be attached to my actual teeth. Are the buttons just on the aligners or on your teeth?

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