Invisalign 32 Year Old - New York, NY

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I started Invisalign on 12th April, which will be...

I started Invisalign on 12th April, which will be 18 trays in total roughly 9 months. I mainly wanted my lower teeth straightened but soon felt my upper teeth could do with aligning too. First 3 days were a little sore and I felt like I had cut my tongue. They can have rough edges which feel awkward but after a while it started to feel better and I can't feel the pressure anymore. Currently feel very loose and I can't wait to move onto tray 2. Will post every so often with progress.

Tray 2

Onto tray 2 and so much better, don't feel any pain, no cuts in my tongue and I'm getting used to the daily routine.

Tray 4 done.

I have only seen very little movement, each tray that I wear now I only feel small amount of pressure which lasts for about 5 days and then the tray feels loose. So my dentist has shorten my time and said I can wear them for 10 days only which will speed the process up. I'm happy about this. Will keep posting when the changes become obvious.

Tray 13

Starting to notice the changes now, tray 13, only 5 more to go.
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