23 Years Young X Mediteranean Dark Circles X Skin Lightening - New York, NY

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Hi everyone, I have always had dark circles and...

Hi everyone,

I have always had dark circles and want to chronicle my quest to get rid (or at least, minimize) of them.

I am Mediteranean and got these from good old wonderful paternal genetics (:P). They are the bane of my existence, vainly speaking. They are so bad that I cannot leave the house without concealer because I look like I got punched, got no sleep and pretty much would prefer to not make any eye contact. They are truly horrible and not only are they super pigmented from the rest of my face (it sucks to be pale like this and have it contrast even more), but I also have an indentation bc I have deep set eyes.

Utterly unattractive is how I feel without concealer. Otheriwse, I would not wear makeup. And I know all girls say that eveyone has eye bags but the bags aren't my concern. I am concerned by the crazy thin skin and the even insaner amount of brown pigement.

I've tried Restylane (click here to read my review) but that only addresses volume. I want to work on the pigmentation. I have purchased a product which is assembled at a compound pharmacy and it has Vitamin C + Hydroquinone

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