EMATRIX - Did Anyone Have Really UNEVEN SPLOTCHY Grid Marks on Only Small Parts of the Face? - New York, NY

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Hoping to post pics soon but wanted to share my...

Hoping to post pics soon but wanted to share my experience so far. I had my first session in October. I haven't been able to tell a difference just yet but my term did say it takes about 5 treatments. At over $1000 per session, I am really hoping that it will take me just one more session.

First session: the downtime was much better than Fraxel. The grid marks go away in a few days. Procedure was painless thanks to some numbing cream. The entire procedure takes about 120 seconds.

Second session: I had numbing cream on for about 45 minutes and then was asked to wash it off my face. Problem was, there was only ice cold water running from the sink so it was hard to take off the numbing cream. I have blotchy grid marks (meaning, there are very defined areas on my face that have NO grid marks) so I"m wondering if some of the remaining numbing cream prevented the waves/laser from penetrating my skin.

I'll be able to better share my experience / results in about a week.
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

I like the office staff here. This woman Kate was especially nice. Overall the office is run nicely and I've been going to Dr. Day for many many years. She's very personable and doesn't rush appointments. She helped me w/ some acne issues in the past and now I'm looking to doing something about my scars and wrinkles. This Ematrix is quite expensive and I just finished my 2nd session so I'm hoping there's a return on investment even if it's small.

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