My Chin Impant Experience -1 Month Post Op (Jury Still Out) New York, NY

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I am almost a month out from a chin implant and...

I am almost a month out from a chin implant and neck lipo. I promised myself that I would post something here to help others. I am a 47 year old male with a slightly recessed chin - I had a medium 4.6mm silicone implant inserted under the chin. For anyone considering this, it is a big deal and you need to have a solid 2 weeks to recover. It can make a huge positive difference but there is a ton of swelling and numbness. I am only now considering keeping it but for the 1st 2 - 3 weeks, it was hell. Numbness in ear (due to the lipo and the great auricular nerve), lower lip and under the chin. Its getting better but still looks too large. Everything I read says 3 months to see the final result so I am still hopeful. Happy to answer any questions - I have lived on these boards for the last month. Overall happy with my doctor as I think he did what I asked. Its just a matter of if I like it or not. I will say that I had 3 consults with different doctors and they all downplayed the recovery on this. I am told that since it is silicone, its an easy removal if I want (doc said 10 minutes under local) but I know there is more to it. Anytime you disturb nerves, they are resilient bate take a ton of time to heal. My numbness is just starting go away but at this rate, it will take months and I am hopeful it will be 100%. Shaving is hell as you can imagine. Happy to answer any questions from anyone.
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