Breast Augmentation and Scoliosis; Cavity. New York, NY

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Hello, I am 24 yrs old and I am very interested...


I am 24 yrs old and I am very interested in getting my breast larger than an A cup more like a C. However I have scoliosis, per my spinal surgeon and doctor he OK'd it saying it should not be a problem. Although my concern is more my chest interms of my ribcage since it more slanted if I may and my left side of my ribcage sticks out more than my right which causes my stomach to stick out a bit (nothing crazy) as well as inbetween my fairly small small breast my crevice is a bit steep/ deep, but you can see the diffrence if you really look at it. So my questions would be if I get breast augmentation would you say that it would help or would i have to fix that steepness inbetween my breast where it would be more straight?

Sleeping after breast augmentation

So I just very recently had my breast augmentation done, yesterday Aug 9, 2016. I am so sore and in discomfort especially when I sleep on my back. Due to my scoliosis I can sleep on one side for to long because then I will start to feel very uncomfortable. I try to add pillows to my sides to make it a bit better but that only helps but so much. I'm open to hearing any ideas any expert or person going through something similar as I am. Thank you

3 months later...

Dr. Yager did an amazing job on my breast. I was an A cup and now I am C cup (485cc) I am very happy with his approach, his comments and his honesty. He asked what I wanted and was very open to see my vision and my concerns. He gave me something I never had and boosted my confidence to a place I never thought it could be. The staff from reception to his assistants, to the esthetician who gives INCREDIBLE facials, and the breast massages which I purchased a package of 6 for $250 well worth the money because it helped relive the pain and tightness I felt. Dr. Yager thank you so much! Below are some pictures from after surgery and current! If you are in Washington heights or anywhere Dr. Yager is the man for this! Xoxo
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