19 Years Old, No Kids, Hoping for a Br in NYC - New York, NY

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Hello all! I've been a member on RealSelf for a...

Hello all! I've been a member on RealSelf for a while now just reading reviews and searching for surgeons. I think I'm gonna go with one Dr, Urman Desai because he has nothing but good reviews and his background is solid. I'm not sure exactly what size I am, but as you can see from the pictures, they're big as hell for my body lol!! I'm hoping for a full b or small c-cup. I suffer from the usual large breast symptoms: bad posture, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and chest pain. I'm an extremely active person (I like to do mma, parkour, yoga.. stuff like that) and my boobs really make it hard to participate in these activities efficiently. My breasts are also negatively affecting my self-esteem. I can't look in the mirror without insulting them... I can't dramatically AND comfortably run up to a friend. I'd have to pick one. Dramatic and uncomfortable or un-dramatic and comfortable lol.. They just bounce around everywhere and try to slap me in the face and I feel like everyone notices!! I am currently awaiting my consultation appointment with Dr. Desai (he does free consultations if you mention RealSelf for anyone interested) and I will definitely be keeping you guys posted with lots of updates and pictures on my journey to the IBTC!!

More before pictures

Hey guys I actually forgot to mention that I've started a GoFundMe account in order to help pay for my breast reduction. Unfortunately, they deleted my pictures because of sensitive content. ???? But still, the link is gofundme.com/2t9pp5g

Anything would help! Thank you guys!!

Wanted to thank you guys

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for your support!! I'm. It really getting any support from friends or family. As it seems, I'm the only one who thinks they're too big for my body. Everyone has a "you can deal with it, you're over exaggerating" or "Whatever makes you happy" attidute with complete disregard to my physical and mental well-being. But I feel really connected to the other ladies on this website and it gives me such a sense of comfort, so thank you guys!!

One more thing, I think I'm gonna ask to be a full b cup. My consultation is in 8 days!!

Consultation went well...

Not much to say... The doctor took pictures and said he'll "definitely be able to help me" so that made me feel good. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful as well. I was told that they were gonna contact my insurance company and whatnot and that they'll be getting back to me ASAP, so I'll update again when I have another appointment or when I get a surgery date!
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