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I'm 29, 5'3", 108 lbs, a serious athlete (run/work...

I'm 29, 5'3", 108 lbs, a serious athlete (run/work out 6 days a week), and have always had a work hard/play hard/win at life mentality. I've felt the only thing I couldn't achieve through hard work was great boobs! So after 3 years of serious consideration, and with support from my amazing boyfriend, I decided to do it.

After reading tons of websites and reviews and talking to friends who have done BA, I realized I'm different from many people on this website: my goal is to look like I have natural breasts proportional to my athletic butt - not to elicit unnecessary attention (I work in banking) or skepticism of whether they're real. I consulted with some of the top BA surgeons in NYC who perform procedures on women with similar longterm goals and did not hesitate to pay a premium for their experience and expertise. Mr dr. and I decided on silicone round implants, 200cc on left and 225 cc on right (my slightly smaller breast).

As a person who has had previous injuries and surgeries, I wouldn't consider myself a wuss by any means but BA surgery recovery was MUCH more painful and uncomfortable than I'd imagined. My doctor explained that, due to my low volume of natural breast tissue, small frame, and tight chest muscles (thanks, SoulCycle pushups) my recovery may be more uncomfortable than for his average patient. Here's a recount of my recovery so far:

Day of surgery: woke up immobilized from pain, and begged for more pain meds (the nurse strictly told my boyfriend not to give in to my demands). Felt every single bump on the road in the car ride home from surgery center. No nausea.

Days 1-3: The first day I couldn't sit comfortably and my best friend fed me because I couldn't raise my arms. My boobs swelled enormously and I felt like someone had filled my rib cage with cement. It was hard to breathe, and the weight of my new breasts caused my shoulders to hunch forward. I had pain in my back, neck, shoulders, and butt from sleeping sitting upright in a massive wall of pillows - resulting in fatigue and grouchiness during the day. I took the max dose of Vicodin that my doctor allowed.

Days 4-7: On Day 4 I saw my doctor again, who took off the detested surgical bra (what I refer to affectionately as the straightjacket). I could finally shower and breathe again! He instructed me to wear a wireless, minimal support bra/cami going forward. Gradually the swelling went down and pain/discomfort eased... I could take short walks without feeling like I was having a mild heart attack. Pushing doors and going upstairs and in subways was a daily challenge to get to work. I have a desk job and can also work from home so it was manageable. My friends joked that my odd shuffle (upper body rigid, short quick steps) made me look like a creeper. My right breast consistently felt tighter/more swollen as it is smaller but had the larger implant.

Days 8-12: On Day 8 I noticed dark blood dripping from my right breast incision site and called my doctor immediately. I taped myself daily with gauze to stop the leakage until I saw him again (Day 9). He explained that there must have been internal bleeding post-surgery that was trapped inside my breast. At his office he manually squeezed some old blood out (after giving me local anesthetic - possibly the most painful experience I've ever had!). He told me to monitor it, and that more leakage would require him to re-open the incision site to fully clean out and drain the residual blood to prevent infection and lessen risk of capsular contracture. I was given antibiotics.

Day 13: I went back to the surgery center to have both breasts' incision sites opened to be rinsed clean of old blood. This time the recovery was much easier as there was no impact on my muscle or implant - in fact the swelling went down after releasing pressure from the trapped blood.

Days 14+: I'm wearing the surgical bra and sleeping upright again (argh) until I see my doctor on Day 17. Fingers crossed for normal recovery this time!

5 weeks out: feeling and looking great!

In retrospect, after reading my first post, I realize it sounds like BA was the worst experience of my life. (In fact, I really wish I could revise it to sound like less of a whiny drama queen, but RealSelf does not allow this.) While not everything happened according to plan, I conclude that

1. Every person's recovery will be unique and unpredictable
2. I credit my doctor with taking every possible precaution and responsible, safe, and thoughtful steps to ensure I received best quality care
3. My results certainly overcompensate for the initial recovery discomfort and I am very happy with my results at 5 weeks!

Day 17: My doctor said I looked a million times better - like a normal recovery should. The pain, swelling, and pressure in my right breast was largely gone. There was barely any pain in the incision sites. I was given antibiotics as a preventative measure against any complications and capsular contracture. I continued taking arnica to reduce swelling.

4 weeks: I got my stitches removed without a hitch. My breasts were dramatically less sore and swollen; I could move with much more ease. I'm still wearing mesh (non-underwire) bras that feel like mini hammocks. As an impromptu adventure, I accompanied my boyfriend on his business trip to South Beach Miami, where I felt like the least-showy BA specimen at the pool/beach! If you want a real confidence booster, do this after your surgery :)

5 weeks: Taking off tomorrow for an extended vacation abroad and happy to be healthy, confident, and looking awesome. My breasts have largely settled to their ultimate positions and size, which I'm very content with. My boyfriend has stopped being scared of my new boobs and now loves them. I'm going back to my doctor in 2 weeks for another check in.

I can't thank Dr. Newman enough for all the intensive care, follow up, and advice he provided throughout my journey. I understand that my situation occurs extremely rarely in his practice. I hope that potential patients reading this view my experience not as a flawed procedure (since it wasn't), but as an example of what a truly remarkable practitioner and person would do to provide the utmost in compassionate care and treatment of his patients.

Dr. Newman is extremely experienced and it is evident through his thorough patient education efforts, past and current positions he holds, and the detail of explanations he provides. I am an extremely detail oriented and diligent patient (probably a pain to most physicians). Dr. Newman answered all of my questions and concerns with patient examples, research citations, and physical demos (of implants and actual patients who told me their experiences). While I recognize that Dr. Newman is effective at selling his services, I fully trust that his accolades, confidence, and knowledge are worth the price I paid. Most importantly, Dr. Newman treats his patients like his own family - with a deep level of care, patience, and paternalism. His staff is compassionate, accessible 24/7, and super responsive - they know me by name. Dr. Newman's practice is one of the best I have ever worked with and I would recommend him to anyone. I will update this review periodically to comment on my BA results.

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