BBL Reloaded: Pretty Hurts! - New York/ 12/4/14!!!! Vets, when did your butt start to jiggle?

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Ladies I have pretty much made up my mine that I...

To first read my BBL Part 1 review, please click here.

Ladies I have pretty much made up my mine that I am going for a second round of BBL! I can't believe that I am actually doing this AGAIN! I think I have also pretty much made up my about which PS I am going to...Dr. Schulman in New York. I have always admired his work and I considered him for my first BBL. I ended up ruling him out because for some reason I thought that he used drains...he doesn't!

So I had my phone consultation ($100) on Monday and I discussed the areas that I wanted to improve. As I mentioned in my first review I am interested in slimming down and smoothing out my hips and also filling in so flat areas on my cheeks. He looked at my 4.5 month post op pics and agreed that my shape could be improved. He said that he thinks that some of the fat was added a little too high this giving me a squarish look. I will note that he stated that Dr. Perry is a great surgeon. After discussing what I wanted we came to the conclusion that he will likely not be able to make my butt bigger (I don't want it bigger) but he can improve the overall shape of my butt and hips!

I spoke with one of his assistants to discuss costs and possible surgery dates. The BBL price covers lipo of the back, flanks, and inner and outer thighs. I asked about auctioning my mons pubis not "auctioning!" SUCTIONING my mons pubis and she said it would be $2000 extra! What...for that little triangle?!! Lol, I was like Nevermind I just keep my fat cat. She explained that it costs so much extra because the staff have to flip me while I am under anesthesia and use all new sterile equipment. The BBL doesn't include stomach lipo so there wouldn't be a need for flipping without that additional area.

I am currently looking at 2/26/15 for my surgery date...that's exactly one year after my first round. Initially I was thinking about late October, early November but I decided to wait. I won't be able to show my body off too much during the winter anyway so I might as well give my body and my pockets a little more time. I haven't reserved my date yet since I have to put down a 10% deposit before doing so. I don't think the deposit is refundable so I just want to really make sure that it's what I want before I commit to it. I am posting pics of what I currently look like some pictures will be flattering others not so much. Feel free to visit my first BBL review for details on that experience. Smooches

Big booty tiny waist solution

I found this website that sells customized jeans. I haven't ordered any from here as I have been able to fit back into some of my old jeans. This website seems cool because they can copy old jeans that you have and customize them to fit your big booty and tiny waist :-)

Pics! No garments...

Earlier Surgery Date

So I stated before that I wanted to have surgery in late February at my one year month. However I am excited and want to have this surgery earlier. I plan to call the office tomorrow and see if they have anything available in November. I would consider late October but I think Her Royal Thickness B4R said that they are booked for October. I guess I better get started on my iron pills! I keep you guys posted. I'm posting some recent pics. I'm actually a couple of pounds lighter than in the pics since I have been doing heated yoga everyday and watching what I eat for the past 1.5 weeks. I know that's not that long lol but my body responds pretty well to diet and exercise. Well at least til I get to those last 10 or so pounds. I will say that I feel like I gain more weight in my upper arms now although I had my arms lipo...that sucks...maybe it's my imagine. Anyway I'm guess ready to get this revision over with so that I can get back to living life. I have been feeling so great since I've started back working out consistently and I am dreading having to take a break from that again. At least this time I should be in better shape. Last time I had surgery I hadn't been working out for several months beforehand so I was really out of shape after the surgery although my waist was small. Anyway I'm rambling as I often do. Here are some pics. Almost 6.5 months post op 1st BBL.

I'm officially booked! Can I get a room.

So I have officially booked my surgery for December 4th! I paid my non refundable deposit of $1,050 on Wednesday. My preop is scheduled for 4p on Tuesday, December 3rd. Now that I have that taken care of I am working on booking my flight and hotel. If I book the flight with Southwest right now I will pay $260 total including fees and taxes. The great news is that SW has free baggage :-) The hotel on the other hand may not be so affordable. I called a couple of the hotels that were suggested by Rachel, Dr. Schulman's patient coordinator. The first place I called was the Marriott. The cheapest rate for my 7 day stay was the non cancellation rate totaling $2,478! The regular rate is $2,655. I asked about the Mt. Sinai rate and it's the same as the non cancellation prepay rate. Next I called the Franklin and that was even more expensive. The Mt. Sinai rate for a smaller room is $2,699.34! After I declined to book the rep informed me that the prices may not be the same if I call back later. Sheez I was thinking to myself I hope I call back and the rates are cheaper. Gosh, for the price of my room I can just about get a whole nother Bbl in the DR! Anyway, I didn't call the other three hotels, The Wales, The Mark, and The Surrey but I did check them out online last night and it's pretty much the same price range. Actually they might be more expensive. I might call them later. I guess I'm leaning toward the Marriott right now since it is the most convenient and closest to the surgical center. I also plan to look into Airbnd to see if anything is available. I wish I was more familiar with NYC. I can't find any Schulman dolls that really talk about their lodging and travel in NY. Most but not all of the reviews that I have read seem to be from the area. Anyway, if any of you have any ideas for affordable lodging holla at your girl!

Stylishly furnished NYC Apartment!

Ladies I have booked my flight from Chicago to NY for $129. I didn't book my return flight yet but I plan to soon. I have also booked my lodging! Through I rented a stylish apartment in Washington Heights for $1069/10 days! I decided to stay for a few more days than planned since I'm only paying $100/night. I will have the complete 1 BR apartment to myself. My boyfriend will stay with me from Dec 3-Dec 8 which is 4 days post op so I hope I won't have to pay for a nurse. I'm I'll be good since this round 2 shouldn't be as bad as round 1. I was actually pretty good a couple days after my first surgery I just needed someone to drive me around really. Omg! I just thought about massages! I had forgotten about that. Well I'll look into that later.

I have included my correspondence with the hosts below. It answers questions concerning estimated travel times and taxi fare to/from the airport and the surgical centered. I'm still deciding if I will rent a car while my bf is there. I numbered the messages since they are in reverse order.

5. Thanks so much for booking with us! As we get closer to the arrival date we'll follow up with check-in details.

Thank you!
-Chie and Kay

4. The taxi expense from LGA to the apt would be about $50 - $60, at the most which should include tip. I would add an extra 15 min to be safe in terms of traffic.

The cost for a cab to the apartment to Park would be about $30 one way. I would add in another 15 min. to be safe to consider any potential traffic.

Take your time with the research! Let us know if you have any other questions.

-Chie and Kay

3. Thanks for your quick response. I am still very interested. I just want to do little more research before booking since you have a strict cancellation policy. I have a couple more questions. Do the estimated travel times take traffic into consideration? Do you know about how much a 30 m cab ride costs. Sorry for all of the questions I just want make sure I take all expenses into consideration so that I can plan accordingly.

2. Thanks so much for your interest in our place! If you're still interested, please go ahead and book the apartment. Unfortunately I can't give you the exact address of the apartment because Airbnb only allows us to disclose this to guests who have booked. Overall it should take about 30 - 45 min to get to LGA and perhaps 20 - 30 min to get to your appointment via cab.

Let us know if you have any questions.

-Chie and Kay

1. Hi Chie and Kay!

I live in Chicago and I will be having outpatient surgery at 950 Park Avenue New York, NY 10028. I am very interested in staying at your beautiful place during my recovery. You have great reviews and it seems to be a good location (I don't know much about NY) My boyfriend will accompany me for the first few days but he plans to leave on the Monday after we check-in. I will most likely catch a cab to the surgery facility and also to the La Guardia airport so I look forward to receiving the apartment address so that I can mapquest the distance between the locations.

Pics and Hosts' Description of Apartment

The Space

Hi everyone! Thank you for considering our apartment as your home-away from home as you explore everything that NYC has to offer! If you'd like to know the availability of the apartment, please review our calendar on the dates that you're interested in. It's always up-to date. If the dates that you're looking for are booked with this apartment, please check out our other location!

Please, please, please, also take the time to review the listing photos, apt description, and our reviews - they may help to answer any questions you might have, otherwise feel free to contact us. We try to respond as quickly as we can. :-)

About The Apartment:
-This listing is for an entire apartment rental (This means you have the ENTIRE apartment to yourself you will not share the space with anyone)
-The apartment is a one bedroom with a Queen bed
-There's a blow-up bed for a third guest, if needed
-Linens and towels are provided
-The apartment is on the 2nd floor of a Pre-War elevator building
-Internet access, cable, and video streaming (netflix, hulu, crackle, etc) are available for FREE
-Plates, glasses, utensils, and pots/pans are all available as well
-We do have a cat in the apartment. if that will be an issue please let us know prior to booking!
-For bookings over a $700, we do offer the option of paying in installments if it makes things easier for you!
-We do not charge any additional fees (i.e. cleaning fee, security deposit and etc.)
-There's street parking but that's fairly difficult to get close to the building. We would recommend using a parking garage which is just 2 blocks away from the apt. The daily rates are really cheap.

-The A express train is on the corner, a couple of feet from the apartment! You can get to Time Square in 20 minutes with this subway line from the apartment!

Check-in Check-out:
-Check-in and Check-out times are flexible based on the apartment's availability.

The neighborhood:
-The area is located in Upper Manhattan, it's called Fort George.
-The area has TONS of great restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and markets, all within walking distance.
-The area has a wonderful park called Fort Tryon Park, also within walking distance.
-The area is definitely safe (We wouldn't live here if we felt otherwise)

Thanks for your time and we hope that you choose our place! :-)

Chie (pronounced "Chay") and Kay
Yes we rhyme :)

Medical clearance

So ladies I know I haven't updated in a while so I'll kinda catch you guys up on my situation. I went to see my doctor last Wednesday and things did not go as smoothly as I planned. This was my first time seeing this doctor since my old primary care provider went to a different facility. My doctor wasn't aware of the purpose of my appointment beforehand. Once I told her about the surgery she asked me several questions that sounded more like she was curious than concerned, as if she was considering getting "lipo" herself. But once she looked at the last set of labs that were taken in June she became concerned. My old provider had me tested for anemia after I mentioned to her that I am always cold. While the results did not label me as anemic my iron was still quite low. She said my hemo was low as well so she decided to have me do another "iron" test. She said that she would not recommend surgery for me if my iron levels had not improved so I might as well wait to do the EKG and other blood work. I was supposed to have my lab work submitted to Dr. Schulman by November 13th so I called Rachel, the patient coordinator and explained the situation. Dr. Schulman asked me to send him my labs from June so that he can determine if I still might have a chance for surgery on my scheduled date. Rachel told me to hold off on making my final payment until I got my test results back. Dr. Schulman reviewed my labs from June and said that I should be okay but I will probably need to start an iron supplement pending my new lab results. Anyway my doctor called me on Friday and told me that my iron was still pretty low but my hemoglobin is 12.2 so I should be ok but I should start a iron supplement. She ordered my EKG and the rest of my lab work and I went to get those today. My EKG came back fine and I'm hoping that I can see my doctor on Wed to review the rest of my labs and give me my final clearance. I don't have an appointment with her but I plan to stop by her office since I will be at the facility for another appointment anyway. If things go as planned I will pay off the rest of my balance on Thursday. That's my current situation. Toddles

My Slow Heart

I went to see my doctor today and unfortunately she did not clear me for surgery. She reviewed my EKG results from Monday and said that my heart rate is too slow. She also stated that there were some abnormalities as well. She ordered another EKG for me and the results were pretty much the same so she want to wait for the cardiologist to review them. My EKG heart rate readings were in the lower 40s. The normal range for heart rate is 60-100 bpm. Usually very fit athletes have lower heart rates. I looked at my EKG from last year and that was in the lower 50s. I actually have a history of low blood pressure and heart rate. Anyway she told me to call her on Monday. I faxed my lab work and EKG results over to Dr. Schulman's office then I called Rachel and explained the situation. She said she would have Dr. S review my labs then call me back. It was already after 5pm there when I called so hopefully I will hear back tomorrow. I also decided to send my preop paperwork from earlier this year so that Dr. Schulman can see my medical history and have a reference for my current results. I hope everything works out!

Surgery Tomorrow!

Quick update. Everything worked out and I am here in NY in the lovely apartment that I rented. I went to my preop this afternoon and my surgery is scheduled for 8a tomorrow!

Surgery complete

Hi luvs. Surgery went well. I'm about to eat and go to sleep for a bit. I already walked a little. Im about to pop a tylenol 3 as well. Dr. S prescribed percocet but I informed him that I would just take my Tylenol 3 from last surgery. They are a bit milder plus I had over 20 left over. Thank you ladies so much for the well wishes. Smooches. Ttyl


So there's not really much for me to say about the surgery. Everything went smoothly. The nurse was so so sweet and the anesthesiologist was nice too and the PA and of course Dr. Schulman. I didn't even end up showing him any wish pics since he seemed to understand exactly what I wanted. The surgery took a couple of hours and I stayed in recovery for another couple of hours. When I first heard the nurse calling me I acted like I didn't hear her because I wasn't ready to get up lol. She left back out and I fell back asleep for another 10 minutes to a hour I'm not really sure. Anyway I finally got up got dressed and my boyfriend pulled the car around and I climbed into the back seat. I got home and ate some pineapple and took a Tylenol 3 and went to sleep. I got up several times to pee. Each time I got up to pee I drank more water. My boyfriend bought grilled tilapia and plain gains and I drank that with ginger drink a little later. I'm not in too much pain but I am very sore I have less flexible than I did after my first procedure although I got less areas lipoed. My butt doesn't feel extremely heavy or hard but it is quite firm. I forgot to back my measuring tape so I don't have any measurements for you all. Sorry. I took some picks but it's hard to really see what's what because I have on this foam. Btw I brought my own lining and blanket so that I won't ruin my hosts' things. I also brought like eleven white towels (2/ea at Walmart) and I brought an old bathroom rug set that was heading for the dumpster anyway. I didn't really plan on bring these items back with me I'll make that call later. I'm not bloody or anything yet but I don't know what will happen once in remove my garment for the first time. My garment actually doesn't feel that tight. It's not digging into my shoulders but I'm starting to feel it in my crack a bit tmi. Anyway here are some pics my Luvs. As I stated I have on a lot of foam plus I'm bloated but I like it so far. Thank you for your support!


I'm feeling some type of way because my bf is leaving me tomorrow and I will still be here for another week. He is stocking me up with food but I am going to be so lonely. I've been getting around by myself but it's still nice having him here although he pissed me off the day of surgery. He actually had a nerve to slap me on my butt with a towel! Are you freakin kidding me? I straight cursed him out. He said I was overreacting but I definitely went on a rant. Anyway he later apologized and we are ok. I will use Uber to get to and from my post op appointment on Friday and to the airport on Saturday. I have yet to poop but I have been tooting up a storm lol. I get dizzy when I get full of gas but I feel better once I release it. I took two colace earlier today so hopefully something will happen by tomorrow. I've also been eating prunes thanks to Prettierbutt. In fact I started eating prunes a couple of days preop and when I went for surgery on Thursday I had to handle my business so I guess I'm not too backed up. I haven't had any headaches yet but my back is super super sore. I am supposed to shower tomorrow but I'm kinda scared since I'll be alone. I'm also worried about trying to take my foam off by myself. I'll take more pics once I remove my garment.

I did it. Yay!

Hi babes. I'm feeling pretty good today. My bf left and I unexpectantly burst into tears when he left lol but I'm ok now. I finally was able to poop after taking more Colace and drinking warm water and tea. It went pretty well. I tried to sit on the toilet with a towel under my thighs but that was not happening. I ended up pulling a bar stool into the bathroom so that I could lean on it while I squatted and pushed TMI! I was using the towel rack at first but then I pictured myself pulling it off the wall and that would be tragic but sooo me. Anyway I feel so much better now. I took some pics with my garment off since I got undressed to poop. I didn't get dizzy when I removed it so that was nice. I like what I see so far. The pics are still blurry, the lighting in the bedroom sucks. I think I may still end up with a slight dent in my right hip but it is much better. I can also still feel my flat spots but that is perfectly ok. That's what my body wants and most butts aren't perfect anyway. I don't even think it's that noticeable. Dr. S said he would try to fill them in I don't know if he tried and it didn't take or if he just didn't have enough fat. I'm most excited that I no longer feel like my ass is on my back lol. I really hope my hips stay pretty consistent as the swelling goes down that was the most important thing to me. Toodles:-)


This video was too long to big to upload to the site. Lol I have a skirt on my head.

I uploaded it!

5 days post op!

Post shower, pre lotion pics lol

Today has been going pretty well. I woke up feeling less stiff but a little more sore than yesterday. I probable feel more sore since I haven't had any pain pills since yesterday morning. I was able to take another much needed poop using the stoop lean method lol. That was my third and most successful one yet! I was able to remove my foams in the shower fairly easily. Once I got them completely saturated with water (thanks lo43) I squeezed Vitamin E oil (I didn't have adhesive remover) around the edges then on top of the foams. It didn't hurt at all! I feel so free without the foams on. I was feeling like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with the foam on my back...maybe that's why I've been craving pizza lmao! I'm really liking my results. I do look forward to the drop and I'm hoping for a little bit less shelf. I know it's going to smooth out more once the swelling goes down and it drops. Thank you for all your support! This is random but I just noticed that I should have used "mind" instead of "mine" in my very first post. Also, sometimes I try to click the buttons and links on screenshots lol. I forget that they are screenshots. I do this almost every time I go through my pics and sometimes when I'm looking at other people's pics online smh

Follow up appointment

Hi babes. Recovery is still going pretty well. I haven't taken any pain pills since my 3rd or 4th day PO. I think I mentioned it in a previous post. I'm glad that I decided to go with the Tylenol 3, I didn't experience any of loopiness. I was appreciating how incident free this experience has been compared to last chasing little dogs, no pooping on the toilet and floor, no breaking patio tables, etc lol! So I have been using the bathroom regularly however I still was feeling a bit constipated. Well yesterday I decided to try some warm prune juice. Surprisingly it didn't taste bad. About four hours after I drank it I felt the urge to use the bathroom. I got undressed and got into my barstool lean position. Let's just say the prune juice worked a little better than I expected and my aim was slightly off. Thank God for Lysol lol. Needless to say that took a lot out of me but I felt much better afterwards. My post op appointment was today and that went well. I used Uber service to get to and from the Office and it was $30 each way. When I first saw my before pics I thought that Dr. Schulman had grabbed the wrong chart! Those Doctor-Cams be brutal Lol. Anyway he said that he put about 800 cc in each side that's including the hips. In fact he said that he put more into my hips than butt but (double butt yay!!!) most of the projection came from him cleaning up the upper hips and carving out the lower back more. He was surprised that he was able to get as much fat as he did. He says that my shelf will smooth out and my arch will flow more naturally once the swelling settles and it drops a bit. I told him how happy I am with my results and he is happy as well. I asked about my Schulman panties and he said I will give them to you but I don't know if you can fit them teehee! I will model the panties for you ladies at 1 month post op. Oh he told me that it is ok for me to wear my butt in garment for stage two. Anywho, we finished up the consult and then we did a kinda awkward hug since I was naked...I wanted to hug him more closely but that probably would have been inappropriate! I heart him. He told me to stop by if I planned on coming back to NY if not he told me to send follow up email and pics. I played with the breast implants a little after I got dressed then I picked out my panties and said my goodbyes. My flight leaves in the morning so I'm about to turn it in. I'm posting pics from yesterday which was 8 days PO. Smooches...I'm not proof reading.

Back home

I made back safely yesterday obviously. My flight was not at all pleasant. I ended getting stuck in a row with two fat guys (newly weds!) and we were squeezed (I have the urge to say squoze lol) pretty tightly in the seat. I was sitting by the window and I felt like my left hip was smushed under the arm rest that didn't raise. My right side was being smush by the fat that was spilling over from my neighbor...I could barely move. I had a blow up neck pillow behind my back and two folded towels under my thighs but I'm not sure how effective they were. I felt like I needed to adjust the towels but I couldn't lift myself up because I was stuck under the arm rest lol. I had a similar experience on the way to NY. This time I was in the middle seat and the guy in the window seat was rather large and I swear he was in half of my seat. I felt like he should have reimbursed me for half of my ticket lol. Luckily the girl in the aisle seat was quite slim. Btw I wore my butt in garment during my travel. When I got home I looked in the mirror and I thought my hips looked distorted and my butt looked smaller and more cellulite ridden. I calmly changed back into my butt out garment and added lipo foam to it. I got a little rest and when I woke up and removed my garment I felt better. I do think that butt is a bit smaller but mainly because the swelling is still going down. I think the butt in garment helped to decrease the swelling in my butt. The cellulite is showing more as the swelling subsides and that's ok with me. I had cellulite before and after round 1 and I knew that my cellulite would likely come back after round 2. It's not's natural. I will address that issue after I am further along in recovery. My hips/flanks looked better when I checked again. I think they were just swollen from all of the walking and stuff during my travel plus my garment wasn't super tight and I didn't have my foam with me. Anyway I took some pics this morning. I'm back to my dark hallway so the pics aren't that great. Toodles! Oh I took my measurements.

Lower Hips/butt 45
Waist 26.5

I think it's reasonable that I can get my waist back to a 25 (measurement PO Perry) once I start back working out. I'm not looking for a specific number with my hips and butt. I just want my lower hips to be wider than my flanks and I want a nice shape to my butt. Ttyl

Quick comparisons!

Recovery Ish

Recovery is still going well. I've been experiencing a little indigestion especially when I'm lying on my stomach. I'm a little stiff when I wake up in the morning and my legs and back start swelling up and my back stiffens if I am doing too much (shopping for hours lol). I had a massage on Wednesday, Dec 17th and it hardly hurt. She worked on my back and legs, breaking up scar tissue then she finished off with a very light lymphatic massage. I went to the same lady at Massage Envy that I went with before and she was shocked and amazed that I did the surgery again! She said that I am so brave and said maybe I'm just a little vain or foolish lol.

It feels like it has been one big experience instead of two. It's funny because I completed two rounds during the time that some Dolls were still planning and preparing for round 1. Anyway, I'm glad that I finally have the "attainable" results that I wanted and I'm done with BBLs, at least for several years lol. I feel like I can really get back in the gym now and get my body into shape. My hips were really discouraging before because they sometimes made me feel fat and less than sexy. My waist is actually bigger now than it was after my round 1 yet my midsection overall is leaner. I can actually fit my waist cincher vest that I bought many years ago but could never wear properly. I still couldn't wear it after my round 1 because of my upper hips but now it fits perfectly! I had actually tried cutting it before so it would be shorter but the boning got in the way. I sewed it back up and it's as good as new now! I'm already on the tightest set of hooks and to be honest I'm not in a rush to get anything tighter. As long as I have enough compression to keep me from swelling up too much I'm alright. I will tell people that I am waist training as a justification for my body changes but I don't really plan on doing it. For one I have stomach issues and I don't want to aggravate them any further with too much compression. Two, I don't like the way it can chop the shape up when the waist cincher or corset is really tight and fat is bulging out above and below lol. Well ladies I need to get ready for work. Yesterday was my first day back. I will briefly talk about that in another post. I'm posting picture from a couple of days ago. I was playing a little dress up! I can pretty much still fit all of the clothes that I could fit post round 1 and I am happy about that. I'm a bit swollen in some of these pics because I had been dancing around naked for awhile before I started taking pics lol some of the panty pics are not flattering to me but I wanted to show them. I think it's important to show how our bodies can look in different clothes. Not everything will be flattering, not even on the baddest bish lol. Toodles

Pics didn't post

Back to work...Partying

Hi Lovlies. This post will be long, random and probably grammatically incorrect. So I went back to work last week on Thursday and Friday. I also stopped pass my job for a few hours on Wednesday. I rushed up their Wed because my supervisor called to ask me about some paperwork that she needed that was in my desk. The department secretary has an extra key to my desk but then I realize that I had left some of my medical paperwork in my desk since I was scanning and faxing things at work. I live about 15 minutes away so I rushed up their to make sure my supervisor didn't stumble upon my personal folder. I ended up staying for a few hours and catching up on some emails but I wore sweats and I never removed my coat. Thursday was my first official day back and I decided to wear leggings with a turtleneck and a super long cardigan. I will post pics. I share an office with one person and he is a gay married man but he has been obsesses with my butt since the first surgery. I told him about the lipo in the first surgery but that's it. I didn't say anything about this surgery but he definitely noticed lol. I was standing up and he just gave me a look with his mouth opened and I told him that I had on a garment that was lifting my but and sucking in my stomach. I have showed him my garments before after round 1. I can't just tell him to mind his business because we are actually "work" friends. Anyway he made references to my booty for the rest of the day and continued to do so on Friday. I told one of my friends at work (she has a naturally huge butt, she's like a big sister to me, she only knows about lipo from round 1) about what he was saying and she said well what does he want to do with your butt. Hmmm...I decided to ask him. The next time he mentioned my butt I asked him if he wanted to touch it and he got all embarrassed. We were walking up some stairs at the time and he was walking behind me saying that it was bigger then he asked if it was fake. He then asked if I had on the garment again and I said yes. He said sit really does push your butt out! A little later we were in our office and I pulled my sweater dress up and told him to touch my butt (I knew he wasn't going to do it lol). My big booty friend stopped by our office later and I told her what I did and we laughed. I then proceeded to lift my dress and pull down my tights to reveal my butt in garment, I poked my butt out and she slapped it three times lol. I wasn't expected that but she didn't slap too hard and it didn't hurt. We both giggled and he shook his had lmbo. Hopefully that will calm him down. My friend said that she didn't think my butt looked bigger but I do have a nice body. We'll see what happens on Monday. Btw I have been sitting at work. I have a mesh chair that isn't too hard and I put most of the pressure on my thighs and lean forward on my desk but I have also been to a couple of meetings and retirement teas at work were I had to sit on different chairs and I didn't have a desk to lean on. I know it has only been two weeks but I'm not that concerned with losing volume. I'm more fearful of my upper hips somehow coming back. The fat that I am a it concerned about is more on the lateral and top part of my butt so it shouldn't really be effected by my sitting.

So yesterday I did quite a. It of sitting. I went to a funeral, I went out for breakfast, then I went to two back to back house gatherings. At the first gathering I was actually sitting on a wooden bench! I spent about 8 hours sitting yesterday. I would get up occasionally but I sat a lot! Then again I guess that's not that big of a deal since I've been sitting at work for two days anyway. It seems like the booty is holding up pretty well. I did look a little smaller and slightly less round yesterday but I'm not sure. I'll take some pictures later. Oh I also have spent a couple of hours (total not straight) laying on my back with my knees bent to relieve some of the pressure in my back. I am not recommended my post op actions to anyone I am just trying to be as honest as possible with my journey. If I post a picture and it seems like I've lost volume it could be because swelling has gone down or it could be because I've been sitting on my behind so early. Some things to take into consideration: My butt is bigger than what I need to avoid booty greed right now. This is my second round and the fat tends to be more resilient.

I didn't take any pictures yesterday but I wore the black the tye dye pants that I posted picture of before. I wore my butt in faja with my squeem vest on top. I wore something different to the funeral of course! My boyfriend said some of the girls at the party were talking about how nice my body is and how my butt is is big and perfect as if someone worked on it. They asked if I worked out and he said yes. When one of the girls said that she wished she could have a body like mine he told her to work out lol. I wasn't aware that they were having that conversation because I was bust sitting on my wooden bench lol plus they were speaking in French anyway. I don't know if I mentioned this before but my boyfriend is a black Ivorian and French is his first language. I'm only mentioning that because I know I read things and when I don't have an image to support I make assumptions and create my own vivid pictures of what I think people look like...You do it too lol. I'm rambling...smooches.

Pictures from above

The black set with the cardigan was my first day back. Underneath I work my black non-faja shapewear with my squeem vest o
n top. Friday i wore the burgundy sweater dress and tights with my butt in faja with lipo foam underneath. The foam helped to add bulk to waist and I was hoping it would camo my butt but I'm not so sure it did.

My Garment Game

Lately I have been alternating between my Miracle brand shape wear and my faja with my compression vest on top. I also wear my abdominal binder sometimes with the garment with and without the vest. The binder is more comfortable than the vest.

3 weeks Post Op video

3 wks PO after day of light compression
Hi ladies. I am uploading a video that I took yesterday after a full day of work with not so great compression. I wore my faja without any foams or a vest so I ended up swelling up a bit. I was originally taking this video just as a reference for myself but I decided to post it as well. Sometimes pictures don't quite give the complete picture. I do recommend taking plenty of pics and videos if possible even if you don't share them. It's nice to have something to which you can go back and compare. I noticed some slight unevenness in my hips and I wondered if it was because my regimen has not been so strict but when iPod back at my pics I noticed that it was already apparent in my earlier pics. It's not anything major but I was just making note. Merry Christmas! #videodoesntevendothisthanjustice

Almost 6 weeks post op!

Hiyah hunnies! I just wanted to do a quick update. I don't feel like writing so this will be straight to the point. Recovery is still going pretty smoothly. I am pretty happy with my shape and I am definitely bootilicious! I'm still looking forward to my butt dropping a little which will hopefully help me slope out a bit more. If that doesn't happen I will still be satisfied with my shape. I think I mentioned before that my flat spots have resurfaced along with some cellulite but I'm not overly concerned with that. I do hope that I can improve the appearance of my cellulite once I start back working out which I plan to in another couple of weeks or so. My butt has softened up a lot but the top is still kinda firm. I have put my stage 1 garment back into rotation and I have been using lipo foam on my back and sides. All of my garments are only moderately compressive but they seem to be getting the job done especially with the foam. My inner thighs are still slightly sore as well as the top of my butt and hips. I am still sleeping on my stomach and sometimes on my left side. Oh yea, my left hip is slightly curvier than my right. I'm still sitting a lot at work with nothing under my thighs but I do try to put most of the pressure on my thighs. I use my yoga mat in the car still except when I occasionally have a passenger. I am posting some pics! Oh and I haven't been eating that great but I'm about to get it together. Enjoy!

6.5 weeks post op.

Hi babes. I thought I'd share some pics of me trying on some clothes. FYI, the red dress is pretty loose in the waist. I took these pics earlier today after having been out of my garment for almost two days except for a fairly loose waist cincher. I decided to take some naked pics too. Am I being paranoid about my right hip or is the indentation more prominent? I'm not sure. It could be that I haven't had any compression on my upper hips so they could be a bit more swollen. It still looks way better than it was looking but I'm hoping I don't lose anymore fat there. I also hope that once I work out and tighten up my hips it will be less apparent. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn't. It's important to remember that probably not all things will look good on you before or after your surgery or even after you polish your look with diet and exercise. I have to remind myself of this when I'm trying on things sometimes. I went to the mall and I found myself getting a little upset after I tried on a couple of items. I had to remind myself of just that plus I'm not even at my final results yet. As it has mentioned so many times before..This is an emotional roller coaster. Anyway, at this point I am about 90% satisfied with my surgery results and 80% satisfied with my body overall. I think that with diet and exercise I can get to about 90 % satisfaction with my body because somethings such as my broad shoulders and relatively slim lower legs and ankles cannot be reasonably changed. I will have to learn to accept that 100%. So why 90%...I have more upper back fat remaining than I would expect. I plan to get a garment that provides more compression in that area...maybe it's still some swelling...garment was never that tight from the beginning. I also feel that I have more of a shelf look than I desired. The area above my butt had a very defined scoop after surgery but I'm hoping that it will continue to fill in a little in time to provide a smoother transition to my butt. I hope that combined with my butt dropping will provide me with the seamless slope that I desire. I think that I could get up to 95% satisfaction if that happens. I know some of you love my results and I love my results too...I think Dr. Schulman did a great job! However this is a review and not an ad so I am trying to be as honest and transparent as possible. I hope you enjoy the pics. Oh, Vets can you please tell me when your butt started jiggling. I don't think my butt really jiggled much after round 1 but it's much juicier now lol. Muuah!

He Finally Did It!

I think I'm closest to number 2 in the hip chart. What do you ladies think? I would love to be closer to number 4 or even 6. I'm curious to see what my physique will look like after I drop 10-12 pounds. I never really got back into shape after my first BBL. I was discouraged because of knee problems plus once I decided to do a Rd 2 I was really slacking. I hope to start back working out in a couple of weeks. I was a little concerned about losing the fat in my right hip but unfortunately it looks like that has already happened. I think I'm having a hard time with fat survival there because the indentation is right where my hip naturally creases when I sit down or even when I am on my knees and leaning forward to rest on something when I'm trying to avoid sitting. Oddly enough I still avoid sitting when I am at home yet I sit at work for most of the day. My reasoning is the chairs at home or too low and they force me to sit back on my butt. I do occasionally sit on my dining chairs though.

So those of you that have read through my review have heard me mention my gay co-worker that is fascinated with my butt. Well he finally did it! He smacked me on the butt lol. I was wearing the pants in this post. I had on a medium length sweater but it's no denying this juicy...she WILL be seen lol. He always tells me how rude she is. I agree ;-)

Juju BAD!!!

So Cameron's girlfriend JuJu has hip dents and asymmetric hips/thighs but she still bad! I think she's all natural too.

First Day at the Gym!

7 wks post op.
Today was my first day back at the gym! I didn't do too much...25 minutes on the elliptical and about 20 minutes of strength training followed by some stretching. I felt kinda weird walking through the gym and I definitely got noticed but it wasn't anything out of control. I was dressed pretty conservative. I did have a guy come up to me and tell me that he was mesmerized and that I helped him up his RPMs when he was cycling lol. Anyway, I'm posting more pics and a video in which I am in dire need of some lotion. Don't judge me...I have dry skin and I had been scratching!

I recently bought some compression leggings with the butt covered by a mesh material. I ordered them on I wore these under my workout clothes and I think I will wear them under my regular clothes sometimes too. I ordered two different kind but the other pair haven't arrived yet. Once I decide which pair I like best, I will order a few more pair. I like the way they hold me in. Oh yea, I went to a cardio party on Thursday hosted by Flirty Girl Fitness...that was actually my first time "working out." It was like an hour long Zumba style class held at a nightclub. Well I didn't wear any type of compression garment because I was rushing and I definitely experienced some discomfort. I was glad that I got there late and didn't have to do the whole hour. I also took a few breaks. Enjoy the pics. #NoProofReading #aintnobodygottimeforthat

2 months PO pics

Hey ladies. I don't have much to say. Recovery is still going well. I have been working out regularly and I am not taking any measures to preserve the booty...I have more than I need! I experience some discomfort when bouncing or when lying on a hard surface.I get sharp pains in my hips and outer thighs. I've been experiencing this for awhile now but I forgot to mention it. I haven't really been wearing a faja but I have been wearing compression bottoms. I'm really looking forward to slimming down I hope I can stay disciplined. Enjoy the pics

pics continued from above

3 months post op!

Hey ladies. Things are still going pretty well. I think I still have some swelling in my lower back. I hardly ever wear a garment. I do have a hard mass on my right outer thigh/ hurts when I massage it. I hope that it eventually dissolves. I've been working out regularly and eating pretty healthy most of the time. I'm about 10 I lbs lighter than I was after the initial swelling went down but I'm sure I have put on a few lbs of muscle in addition to losing some fat. My thighs are still pretty massive and my ass is still phat...I'm actually hoping it goes down a little bit more but I don't think that's going to happen lol. Anyway, enjoy the pics hunties :-)

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