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To all the ladies here that answered all of my...

To all the ladies here that answered all of my questions thank you. I had my consultation today with Dr. schulman, and I'm booked for Aug 19, I didn't even have to show him the pictures that I researched what I wanted to look like. He knew where my problem areas were and what I can expect to look like. He took his time explaining everything and doesn't pressure you at all. His staff is very friendly. I paid my 10% deposit, and have to get my blood work done ASAP.

Wish pics

Couldn't sleep last night

This morning got out of bed extra early without a fight, which is not me. At 7:20 am I was at quest lab waiting to get my blood work done. I'm so happy to have that out the way now, and I paid for the rest of my surgery toady also. Hopefully all is well and I can look forward to aug /19 I'm anxious and nervous at the same time.

Soon to be in the past

Tried taking pics myself sorry definitely not a good one. But here it is.

The countdown

I can't believe tomorrow is the big day. Now I'm really nervous, hoping for the best. The word surgery alone is scary, and I pray that god watches over me. Ladies pray for me, as I do the same for all of you. Off to getting my bag pack, don't wat to forget my meds and the other stuff I need in the morning. TTYL

The moment I finally waited for

Wanted to take pics for u ladies as soon as I got home, but then I started feeling crappy. So far I've walked around fine, ate crackers, have been drinking diluted juice and water melon. The watermelon made me feel good, knocked the funny feeling of the medication right out of me. Urinated 3 times no problem with that. Used a McDonald's cup like the other ladies suggested, worked like a charm. The most uncomfortable area of my body is around my breast area, I got addition lipo to my whole abdominal. I'm really sore on my right breast. The garment is tight around that area also, so I used some maxi pads to relieve some of the pressure. I took some pics myself, lol sorry if they look horrible in advance.

More pics

Under my garment

Under the garment, I'm padded up so I can't see the size of my stomach or my lower back.

Thank you

Thank you, to all the ladies that showed me so much support, and praying for me thank you, it calmed me down this morning.
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