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Hi All After contemplating plastic surgery for the...

Hi All
After contemplating plastic surgery for the last 12-years, I am finally going to have my consultation with Dr. Schulman on 2/8/16. My hope is to have BBL and I am on the fence about a breast lift. I nursed 3 children and over the last year I lost 30lbs trying to get a sexier me... Who knew I would loose the plump in my booty and boobs.... UGGGH I am just sick with my small saggy flab of a butt and pendulous deflated boobs.
I live in NY and even though my youngest is a junior in high school, traveling to another city or out the country just did not seem reasonable even if the price was better. So after stalking all the reviews, I am going to see what Dr. Shulman can possibly do for what's left of me. I am nervous because I have read so many different journey's and outcomes... You ladies are real troupers. I have a huge fear of pain, and I really do not have the support from those around me. Although oldest and youngest are somewhat supportive and will certainly see me through this, other family and friends are very negative about this decision.
I am 5'6 and 155ish... lol.
I would like to have a smaller waist, rid myself of my love handles, round out my hips and plump up my backside so that it is no longer a back SLIDE!
I'll post pictures over the weekend...
I typed a list of questions to ask Dr. Shulman on Monday, please let me know if there is something specific you ladies think I should ask.





I had my consult with Dr. Shulman this morning and I think it went rather well. He is very nice and thorough just as most comments have stated. He took a lot of time with me, answered all of my questions and I feel pretty comfortable that I would be happy with his work. He was honest with what he felt he could do and that is important to me. I do not want anyone telling me what I want to hear, I need to hear what the real deal is.
So we will do BBL with lipo to the upper back, lower back, flanks, inner thigh and abdomen. EEEK!
He recommended waiting until after the BBL to do BA and TT.
I am looking at early April, just waiting on the approval from HR then I will make my deposit to lock in my date.
I am so excited and terrified at the same time.
YIPPIE - Yikes.....

Getting Clearance

Hello Ladies
I had my appt with my primary today and I think everything will be ok...... I have been on blood pressure medication for a few years and today he said we needed to change it if I am going to have surgery. Interestingly enough when I had my consultation with Dr. S, he said now is the time to tweek meds that are just helping borderline. So we changed my medication today, he did the labs but he wants to do an Echo in 2 weeks. That is why I hate going to the doctor, always another test. He said he would clear me so I guess he will. In 2 weeks is the deadline for my clearance to be sent to Dr. S. so I need this to happen....
I am hoping for a great outcome, I lost 25-35 lbs the beginning of last year and when I had my consult Dr. S was like do not lose anymore weight. I am like a crazy person now trying to eat more fattening foods and even stopped going to my Barre classes. A month and a week from now I guess I will be on the other side.... kinda scary....


Hello Ladies
Has anyone had issues with adhesives? I saw on a couple of profiles where the women complained about adhesives when it was time to take a shower. One person practically had their entire body covered with a solvent prior to her 1st shower because she heard that the bandages/foam will stick to you something awful. I ordered some Uni sol adhesive remover, but now I am wondering if I need like a case of it... Yikes.

CLEARANCE!!! 26 Days and counting.....

YIPPIE!!!! I am cleared by my primary MD. I have my pre-op apt on Friday with Dr. S. and then in a few more weeks I will be crossing over....
26 days and counting.

Have my supplies!

Ok, I had my pre-surgical exam and photos with Dr. S this am and all systems are a go. I purchased the recovery kit he has at the office, it just seemed easier for me to have what my doctor recommended. I was a nervous nelly writing my check, but Dr. S is very sweet. And WHY does all the women in that office look so good. After my booty they are going to be doing my face.... GeesssHH.


I have my surgery time. 12-Noon. I hope I do not eat my finger nails down to nubs by the time I go in. I was hoping for the 1st case of the morning, but I guess we all cannot be 1st.

It's My Turn

Tomorrow is the day. I will update you ladies when I am on the other side. Good Luck to anyone else who is going under, I will pray for us all to have a safe procedure and speedy recovery. Thanks to all you ladies keeping me grounded going into this.
Until I reach the round side. lata..... :)


Hey Dolls
I made it to the other side. I must say this is rough. My procedure was Monday, we got started a little after 1pm and I was home before 7. The ride home was horrible and the nausea was unbearable. I knew that would happen because when I had my gallbladder removed, the nausea was terrible. The pain is now is more of a very bad discomfort, I take the Percocet mostly at bedtime and try to use extra-strength tylenol. I am still trying to get back my appetite, so eating is hard. I have been trying to drink plenty of fluids, pineapple juice , coconut water, water and the tea. It is hard keeping things down, but I will press on. I have sat in my kneeling chair a bit and walk around the house. The 1st night I was up about every 2 hours. Last night it was not as frequent. I keep bringing up the prune juice, so I am not sure how the BM is going to happen. Shower day is Friday and I cannot wait. I will take pics on Friday when I shower.
Thanks for all of your well wishes.

Day 4

Hey ladies
Shower day. It was very rough, I am swollen so much today. He really aggressively did lipo to my lower abdomen and the area below my bra line, as he told me he would. I am very sore. I do see a nice booty emerging and there is definition in my waistline. I just need to get through this process to enjoy the body. Will try to take more pics in a few days. Thanks for all the support luvs....

My snapchat

I have a lot of stretch marks on my booty. I am going to buy bio oil.

Day 11

Hello Ladies
Today is day 11. I feel rather well. Still have bruising and swelling, but I can see that it is getting better. I had my post-op appt yesterday with Tami and UGGGH. SEROMA! I kinda figured as much, because there was a lot of swelling in my lower ab and it felt squishy. And to my dismay it needed to be drained. Let me just say I am TERRIFIED of needles and PAIN. So for me this was terrible. I read people have these drained all the time and they do not feel a thing. That was not the case for me. It HURT. She drained about 300cc of fluid and the swelling went down immediately. Hopefully it wont fill up again. But she stated NO MASSAGES for me, because it would fill up from that. I wanted to take pics at the office in front of their big mirror and the lighting is good, but of course my camera would not work. UGGGH I will have one of the girls take pics and post them tomorrow. I received my stage II garment and was told to start using it week 4 without anymore foams. Yayyyy the positioning of the foams were a little challenging for me.
That is all for now. Happy Healing Luvs.....

Day 11

I am loving what I see and I am still swollen.

Day 16

Hey Luvs
Today is day 16. Overall, I am feeling pretty good. The bruising is getting much better and the swelling is better (still comes and goes). I drove a little yesterday for the 1st time with the BBL pillow and a small pillow behind my back, it was pretty uneventful. Last night I actually tried on some clothes and I must say.... I am loving what I see. I will take some pics this weekend. I only have a few more days before I return to work.... getting a little anxious, but I'm sure I will be fine.
I do get weird sensations/pains/stinging/tingling/numbness feelings in the areas where the lipo was performed. It usually comes and comes very quickly.
This is an experience like no other. In the end, I know I will love my results... but this road is a little bumpy.

Stage II garment/ Week 4

Hello loves
I have been super busy. So I am so sorry that I have not posted anything recently. I had issues with my camera on my phone and then I went back to work (2 jobs) and I am in Grad School... Soooo I slacked off on you ladies. Forgive me.
Going back to work during week 4 was a bit challenging especially on my fulltime job because I sit all day. I had my booty buddy, but honestly I was not very comfortable. My thighs burned and the lower portion of my abdomen was uncomfortable sitting on the cushion. I switched out the chair in my office several times and I know a few people are pissed wondering what happened to their chair. I have a 1 1/2 hour commute on an express bus and it took some maneuvering the pillow for the ride. So these are the pics from week 4 (4/18/2016)

Post op visit 5/6weeks

I had my post op visit with Dr. S 5/11/16. I thought this would be week 6, he said next week would be week 6. I was counting days 44 and Dr. S said.... 1 more week.
I feel pretty good overall. I still have swelling in my back (Dr. S pointed out) and my lower abs. From time to time I get the weird sensation in the areas where the lipo was performed. My scars are healing nicely and overall I am happy with my results.

Photo Shoot!

I was able to hold my daughter down long enough to take a few pics. I wore that black dress New Years, my behind did not look like that at all. LOL
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