26 Years Old, No Kids, Ready to Achieve My Dream Body :) 2017

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I am always at the gym because I enjoy working out...

I am always at the gym because I enjoy working out. For the last couple of years I have struggled with my weight since high school. I was never obese or extremely overweight but I have always been thin prior to this. Due to the fact that I suffer from hormonal issues my body is constantly changing. I have had 2 surgeries to cure a disease that I have called Cushing's. Which is when your body produces excessive cortisol which is a stress hormone. My last surgery was in March 2016 and since my surgery I have been healthy and also take steriods to keep my cortisol levels on the normal range.
I would love to have my BBL done in August or September of 2017.

I will be Alvarez Doll for sure :) May 2017

I made my decision to go with Dr.Alvarez. I love his work and the fact that he makes his patients look very natural. I personally do not want to have a BIG FAT BUTT its not my style at all. My ideal body is type is a small waist and perky booty not too big and not too small. I want my butt and thigh ratio to correlate. I was given a quote of 4,500$. 550$ to add a "cell saver" option which is a blood transfusion to help heal faster. And also 400$ to add a additional area of liposuction. I would like to liposuction my arms as well. In total my whole surgery would be 5,850$ which is still not bad. If I add the Cell Saver and 2 additional areas of liposuction. I plan to book my surgery for May 2017. I'm so excited for new body!!
Sergio Alvarez, MD

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