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I have my consultation on the 22nd of this month...

I have my consultation on the 22nd of this month August and very nervous was also wondering if anyone has had bad credit and been approved for financing or do I pay cash I am going to post pics been trying to lose weight am about 188 the last time I check I will be checking my wieght Agian I just had two baby's two years in a row and it took a toll on my body

Just got my wieght

So my consultation is next week I don't know why I feel so nervous also I checked my weight and I am now 184 from 205

Went to my consultation

So I went yesterday for my consultation and got there really nice building across the street from Central Park once i walk in in felt good about it and I was happy nervous when we walked in was greeted by javonica one of the secretary who is really nice and welcoming she doesn't give u that snotty feeling and by the way beautiful body and perfect booty lol there's coffee and treats while you wait I waited less than two hours and the whol time someone is walking in every 10 mins with the nicest Bodys i was called sat down asked me a couple of questions basic ones like smoking how much I weight allergy a etc etc he said ok let's see I think put my pants down and then underwear looked at my back then turned around he siad he would take out from sides and stomach and that I will need a tummy tuck and he siad Iam a good candidate and he will take care of me he was nice respectful didn't feel like awkward had my pants down for like less then 30 seconds then he was gone lol really fast and the girls coming in that had already had the surgery there bodies were amazing I have nothing bad to say now it's to figure out about the financing to see for how much I can get a loan for ..

Almost there

So since my consultation I have been trying to get approved for financing and finnaly succeeded with consumer care finance spoke to them today ask for a 8500 dollar loan and since its 100 % approval you have to pay 1500 down so I'll be making that payment tommrow and also the lady I spoke to siad it takes a month which I need to figure out why didn't ask so hopefully my the beginning of October I will be doing the procedure I will be paying the rest cash

Feeling so anxious and overwhelmed

So today I woke up feeling anxious I hate that I have to wait so long to see if all went through but at the same time grateful because I thought I was fucked there's no way I could come out of pocket for the whole surgery I have three boys and bills up the ass I feel so fat and ugly that I am feeling desperate I have been hating my self for so long so many tears in the showers while I look down at my body I just want to feel good i don't even want to buy supplies because I feel like what if I don't get approved but it's 100 percent approval lol my head is just messing with me I don't know what to do should I start because the minute they say yes I want to do it same month October in the ending I have kids I can't be out of Service November and December every time I shop I don't even buy nothing my husband sometimes takes me to the mall and he Says you got this amount to spend and I end up buying like two or three things such as mostly Victoria's Secret sweats and like panties and he says why is it that you never buy anything and I'm telling you can buy whatever you want so
On the way home I was thinking and when we got home I told him before I say this my husband is my a bad looking person he handsome and fit tall skinny so he doesn't know and understand what am feeling I told him while trying to hold back my tears that you know why I don't what do you want me to do if every store I go to I feel like Iam to fat for everything and no offense but a lot now is crop top Bu this time I am balling crying saying Iam so fat and ugly crawled into a ball and just cried I try to dress up for him he says oh how sexy I look but I don't see that girls let me know how you feel should I just go for it and start getting ready since its 100 percent aproval

Been about a month since don't even know if there is a difference

I been really trying to lose weight everywhere I go every one says how much Skinnier I am but I have not yet to check the scale Iam really scared everyone I go up in weight from losing it I kinda get depressed I really want lose more stomach I hate this flap but I promise you it's was worst before I don't want to be stuck with this I have one chance at this i don't even know if I see a difference even tho a lot of stuff fits bigger on me than usual

Almost there

Hey girls haven't been in here for a while but I wanted to update I had mentioned earlier in the other post that I needed to wait a month as you can see it's been longer but more due to a mistake due to my end it has taking this long for me to get approved anyway I got approved for 4,000 and I asked for 8,000 and it was going to get paid yesterday and I was going to get a date but i decided to wait till all 8,000 is approved I believe medloan and carecredit will split the payment in half 4,000 from care credit and 4 from medloan yeah it's a lip sketchy that it's hard to find anything in this consumer care finance but candance the Cordinator is getting it done I had no other way to do this I took a shot even if maybe it was a scam and now that i know for sure that it's foreal Iam so grateful I found this because for a second I gave up there's a couple more things can't write about but if you more questions hit me up I'll gladly answer u on why it took longer
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