22 Year Old, Final Doing This - New York

So I've been wanting to do this forever and I...

So I've been wanting to do this forever and I recently decided enough was enough and I was going to do it. My whole life my friends and family would say you don't need it, you're beautiful. I don't think I per say need it but I really want it and I think it'll really improve the quality of my life. So I'm taking the plunge.

Going under

He's doing Sedation for the procedure, so I'll be breathing on my own. Anyone have any words or advice or anything comforting to say about not being conscious, would be r ally helpful for me

Before photos

Love everything else about my face and body, my nose really bothers me though

Before pics

Before pic

I just always feel like my nose has been too big for my face, I just really want a more narrow bride, and more definition

So appreciative of Real Self

Watching other people's transitions And reading other people's stories really helped me in finally making this happen. I'm so grateful for the people who share their experience, it's really comforting. So I feel indebted and honored to share my experience too !!

Pretty anxious

I've been really anxious, I'm still excited though but anxiety is terrible. I've decided to get a silicone implant, i love how the doctor customizes them and they look great. Freaked out by how sometimes they can get infected but I'm going to ask more questions about it. Would love some feedback from you guys


Having really bad anxiety about the surgery . I've been super miserable.


Thinking about rescheduling my surgery for December. I definitely want to have more consultations and ask more questions with my options. But I love the doctors work so I still want to go with him.

So I rescheduled for December

I feel a lot better rescheduling


Kind of want to reschedule the surgery for
Sooner, want to really enjoy my results I'm pretty excited

Sleep apnea

Anyone else on here have sleep apnea ? If so how did it impact our surgery/recovery ?


Exactly a month until surgery, how did some of u guys shake off the nerves ? I'm not worried about the results just the surgery itself

3 more weeks, more before pics, how dealing with anxiety

Excited but very very anxious, the whole concept of risk of surgery is frightening to me. I've had a blood test done, a sleep study, and I even went to see a cardiologist just to give myself peace of mind but there's still no guarantee that complications wont occur and that's the scary part. How did you guys deal with anxiety before surgery ?

Exactly 14 days away

I'm pretty anxious, I just want to breathe better and have my dream nose. I keep googling stuff that aren't helping my nerves.

This is my nose with a snapchat filter

Just so you guys get an idea of what my face looks like.

With the snapchat filter

The surgery is fast approaching just want you guys to see my face more

More pics

Without filter

Paid in full today

Paid the rest of the balance for my surgery and it is a week from today, got some stuff what else do I need ?

Feeling under the weather

Feeling a bit sick, I have a cough and body aches, hope I get better by Thursday for my surgery. Still pretty nervous hope I can shake these nerves
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