39-years-old, 2 Kids, Breast Reduction Will Hopefully Alleviate Neck and Back Pain

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My bra size is 38DDD. My breasts are massive and...

My bra size is 38DDD. My breasts are massive and hang down to my waist. I have not always had large breasts. In fact, I was a C cup before I had my daughter 18 years ago. Then I went to a D cup. Things when downhill when I got pregnant with my son 4 years ago. When I was breast feeding him I was a 38G! Afterwards I went down to my current size, 38DDD.

I have excruciating neck, shoulder and back pain. I have mild scoliosis and an MRI showed that I have arthritis in my lower back. I get spasms on my lower back. I can't work out, even walking long distances is painful. My PCP referred me for physical therapy and I have been going to a chiropractor for physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments twice a week. It helps for a time, but the pain returns a day later.

I went for my first consult with Dr. Blechman today and already have my surgery date!! November 10. I am so excited. I hope there are no glitches with my insurance, United Healthcare, but Dr Blechman and the medical assistant seemed to be confident that I would get approved. He said he never has problems with my insurance. Should hear back from insurance in a week or two.

He said he'd be able to take about 2/3lbs off each breast! I want to be a full C and he said that can definitely be achieved.
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I was referred to Dr Blechman by Dr Urmeni Desai, whom I found here. Dr Desai is not in my insurance's network, so he referred me to his associate Dr Blechman. Had my first consult with Dr Blechman today, 10/17/16, and walked out with my surgery date. I was pleasantly surprised at just how fast he and his medical assistant Mirsis work. So competent! Mirsis had already spoken to my insurance before I got there and they confirmed that my plan covers breast reduction. She said she'd submit my paperwork and pictures today and hopes to hear back from them in a week or two. She and Dr Blechman seemed confident that I would get approved. Dr Blechman has the best bedside manner. He listened to me intently and explained in detail what the procedure would entail. 3 hours of surgery in an outpatient facility and I would be home the same day and walking around. I was concerned about the fact that I am overweight and he said the size of my breasts is proportionate to my weight, therefore he won't tell me to lose weight first before having the surgery and he doesn't believe the insurance will either. He did explain the risks that I face after surgery though because of my weight, like the fluids not draining properly and the risk of a blood clot in my leg. He emphasized the importance of being ambulatory from day one post surgery. By the time I left, Mirsis had set up a surgery date for me and they gave me a letter for my PCP for the blood work I need. I went straight to my PCP after the appointment with Dr Blechman and got my blood drawn. I don't want to waste any time. Wednesday I will go for a mammogram. Seeing Dr Blechman again on 10/31/16 for a pre-op appointment. I'm so excited.

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